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Conflicting Orders
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Such a cruel game Stella & I have in mind for you. Red light/green light, but with two Dommes, conflicting orders & different consequences. Good luck keeping track of when to stroke and when to stop - you'll be far too busy entertaining us with the humiliating tasks we make you perform when you fuck it up.

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Includes joi games, double domination, cbt instruction, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, humiliation, foot domination

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15 minutes



Used Up
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

We were your whole world. We trained you to be exactly who We wanted you to be, but now you're worthless to us, all used up. However would you survive without us if We were to release you? Better to just end it all now. Are you afraid of your world closing in? Beg Us.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, double domination, extreme domination, pantyhose

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11 minutes



Candid Humiliation
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

you're so desperate to be included but you're completely useless to Us, totally disposable. you watch Us in the company lounge, aching to get a word in as We discuss lunch. you dare to imagine walking with Us, sitting with Us in the warm summer air as We sip wine and eat vegetables. Impossible dream. you stare stupidly as We slip our soft nylon feet out of our high heels & begin to massage each other's high arched soles. Eager words fly out of your mouth before you can stop them. No We do not want a foot massage from you, gross, We would never let you touch Our feet. Shouldn't you be working instead of bothering Us? your cock throbs as Our conversation drifts to the general uselessness of men as We begin to nibble each other's perfect nylon toes. you linger as We stand to leave, your pathetic desires illustrated by the bulge in your pants.

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Includes pantyhose, female supremacy, verbal humiliation, humiliation, foot fetish, double domination, foot domination

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10 minutes



The Keys
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

You wake up with two gorgeous women thinking you must have had a wild night. Sadly you can't remember a thing, but you assume the best & suggest that we go at it again. That's when you notice the cage on your cock.

You feel emasculated as we laugh at you, but you try to play it cool. First joking, then demanding, then begging that we remove the metal cage.

The key that you're begging for is right under your nose. We both display our anklets with keys on them & offer to play a game - if you guess the correct key then perhaps freedom, no guarantees . . . however if you guess the wrong key you will remain locked up forever and sent to a brutal male reprogramming facility.

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Includes chastity, double domination, femdom pov, female supremacy

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13 minutes



Nylon Takeover
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Anastasia Pierce & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie thinks she's about to put me out of business, that we're meeting to sign the papers for her to takeover my company. Her trusted assistant Anastasia Pierce has set everything up. Chrissy arrives & she's impatient to sign, she's been gunning for me for years & is thirsty for victory. What she doesn't know is that Anastasia is also my girlfriend, that she has already transferred all of Chrissy's businesses and assets to me leaving her ruined.

Anastasia & I gleefully let Chrissy in on the secret as Anastasia grabs her arms from behind. I forcefully kiss her & then slap her hard across the face. Anastasia shuts her up with her hand over her mouth.

We strip her down to just pantyhose and heels, forcing her to her knees & making her suck and gag on our strap-on cocks. Once she's shown off her oral skills, we put her to work worshiping our nylon feet before dragging her off to the bedroom. I've been wanting to get my mouth on her petite nylon soles for years & Anastasia & I have our way with her feet in the bedroom before packaging her up for delivery. We encase her head to toe in pantyhose - she's to be rented out as a sex slave, with all of the profit going to me.

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Includes lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, foot worship, nylon encasement

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31 minutes



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