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Ivy's Gift
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

A plant delivered to Batgirl's fanmail box leads Ivy right to her lair. She sings to her plant as she waits for Batgirl's return. The happy little vine grows for her.

Batgirl does a doubletake when she discovers Ivy lounging on her couch. She tries to alert her security system, but Ivy blows pollen in her face confusing the Bat.

Ivy compliments Batgirl on how well she has cared for her plant. Her baby must love her cool dark cavernous apartment.

Batgirl tries to get her wits about her. She reaches for the belt she has already removed. She tries to speak to her security system but Ivy presses her fingers to her lips & follows with a toxic herbal kiss, numbing Batgirl's mouth, causing her to lose speech.

Ivy pulls Batgirl into the lush bed of her plant. She teases her, cooing at her about how she cannot resist her natural urges as she arches above her and runs her fingers down Batgirl's body.

The plant wraps around Batgirl's limbs as Ivy distracts her.

Batgirl, sober now, struggles against the tightly wrapped vines. Two of them curl up and take root in her temples. Ivy mocks her, nature is planting root in her mind, soon she will be a slave to nature, a tool to destroy her precious Gotham. The evil, filthy city, the cement will crack with the plants growing out of it as Batgirl does nature's bidding instead of trying to save filthy man.

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Superheroines, Super Villain, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Mental Domination, Woman Following Orders

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11 minutes


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Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Evangeline & Star are having a girls night in, reading each other's tarot cards. Eve is much more familiar with the cards than Star is . . . she's always harbored a secret obsession with the occult. Star turns over Eve's cards, not noticing the excitement that glimmers in her eye as the devil comes up. Eve pays close attention to the cards as they are placed, vigilant. She can't believe it's finally happening.

As Star turns over the final card and sits back, Eve knocks her out with a punch to the head. Eve arranges her unconscious friend on the floor & then sits back to wait - she's making an offering to the devil.

Eve is disappointed, nothing happens, and Star wakes up. She must have done it wrong. She punches her friend back out and arranges her limp body again, this time stripping her. Eve grows more and more frustrated as her offering continues to be rejected. She knocks her friend out again with a sleeper hold, again with a truncheon. As dawn nears, Eve mumbles and paces. Exhausted & frustrated, Eve finally trips over her unconscious friend, hitting her head. Stumbling, she loses consciousness and crosses her body over Star's on the floor.

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Pantyhose Domination, JOI, JOI Games, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Domination, Dangling

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14 minutes


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Baby Slayer
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Star Nine is a wannabe slayer stalking the neighborhood vampire. She peers in through the window hoping for a glance of the rumored bloodsucker. She gasps as the vampire crosses through the lobby before her very eyes. Star watches her pass & then gently opens the front door, which creaks loudly despite her efforts. She creeps across the lobby and fishes in her pocket for a small round mirror before confronting the vampire. Evangeline rolls her eyes at the intrusion and continues on her way.

Confused, but not shaken, Star trails Evangeline at a distance. This time, when the vampire turns to face her, she brandishes a cross. Evangeline lets her know that won't work either and Star makes a hasty retreat.

Later, Star knocks on the vampire's door. She's been to a special magic shop and is feeling more confident. She pretends to apologize for her earlier behavior and Evangeline invites her in. Star professes her curiosity before brandishing her enchanted weapon which is quickly used against her. She begs the vampire to turn her as she is drained from the breasts.

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Toilet Slavery, Extreme Domination, Hand Domination, Toilet Fetish, Jeans Fetish, Office Domination

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10 minutes


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My Boyfriend's into Choking!
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Star chats with her friend Eve about the weird sexual stuff her new boyfriend is into. He asked her to choke him! Star is curious & wants to know whether it's safe or not. Star & Eve test it out, taking turns with their hands on each other's necks observing the physiological changes.

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Choking, Throat Fetish, Neck Fetish, Breath Play, Breath Control, Smother

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6 minutes


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Breath Holding Contest
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Eve & Star discuss the travel show they're watching. Rich adventure travelers free dive with no equipment on the screen. The girls banter about who could hold their breath longer & decide to have a contest.

Star sets a stopwatch and Eve goes first. Star gets Eve to laugh before she runs out of air. Then Star goes, clamping her own hand over her mouth and nose. She doesn't last long. Eve tries again, but Star questions whether she's actually holding her breath and has her start over. This time Star clamps one hand over Eve's mouth and uses the other to pinch her nose. Eve makes it to almost a minute.

Finally, Eve clamps her hand over Star's mouth and pinches her nose. Star concedes Eve's victory and they return to watching the show.

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Hand Over Mouth, Hand Domination, Hand Fetish, HOM, Breath Play, Breath Control

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7 minutes


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