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Supergirl vs. Pestilence
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

Supergirl tracks down a new villainess, Pestilence, who has been mysteriously enslaving all the other superheros. Supergirl hasn't been able to find any intel on her techniques, but she's confident that she can stop the new villain whatever her powers.

Supergirl finds Pestilence laying in wait, literally. The villainess lounges in bed as if she's been expecting her. Supergirl demands to know the source of her powers. Pestilence invites her to step closer & look into her eyes. Aha! Hypnotism, Supergirl just knew it was going to be hypnotism! Luckily she can beat Pestilence with her eyes closed. She twists the villains arm behind her back & begins to tie her up. She's just starting on her wrists when Pestilence lets out a raunchy fart.

Supergirl recoils in disgust, but stays focused on the task at hand. She doesn't notice how woozy she's getting as the villainess releases more gas. She tries to ignore Pestilence's commentary as she scrunches her face at the foul odor. Pestilence is asking why she doesn't try to get away from the smell, perhaps she likes it? In fact Pestilence is certain that soon Supergirl will love the smell & won't be able to get enough of her toxic, mesmerizing, farts.

Supergirl insists that the gas is not effecting her, but she realizes she should open a window. She's so woozy that Pestilence is easily able to push her over. She sits above her and farts in her face before spreading her ass and pressing Supergirl's face right between her cheeks. Supergirl weakly tries to resist, but she is slowly falling under the villain's control. Soon she will be worshiping Pestilence as her fart addicted slave.

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Superheroines, Farting, Ass Licking, Mesmerize, Face Sitting, Lesbian Domination

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16 minutes



Bohemian Butt Stuffing Technique
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Prissy cooking show host, Star Nine, is educating her audience on the best way to stuff a turkey. She's interrupted by an eager audience member who asks if she can demonstrate the bohemian butt-stuffing technique. Annoyed by the interruption, but not wanting the audience to know that she has never heard of said technique, Star invites the audience member up to help her demonstrate. Before she knows what's happening, Star finds herself, pants down, having stuffing shoved in her ass. Candle thoroughly stuffs the prissy host & Star begins moaning that she can't take anymore, beginning to make loud farting noises with her mouth. Eventually she's had enough and turns the tables on her guest, telling her that she's missed a key step.

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Humor, Farting, Fart Fetish, Ass Fetish, BDSM Instruction, Femdom POV

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