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Foot Worship Slave
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

My obedient slave girl, Alison Rey, kneels before Me with her hands tied behind her back. Lucky girl is going to get to watch Me cum. I dangle my high heels in front of her eager face as she begins to worship My feet with them still on. After they drop to the floor, she eagerly licks and sucks My soles and toes, her face clearly expressing her pleasure at serving Me.

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Includes leather gloves, lesbian domination, foot worship, bondage, foot domination, foot fetish

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Destroyed By Legs
Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

My office slave moans through his duct taped mouth and I quickly stifle his cries with my nylon foot. It's time for a little game. I remove his cage and stroke his cock with my feet, if he can hold off coming for three minutes he will win his freedom. Of course he can't control himself with my silky feet stroking his cock and cums quickly.

My silly slave still dreams of his freedom. He manages to free his hands from My rope and tries to remove his gag but I quickly wrap around him like a snake, squeezing him tightly.

he's found himself in quite the perilous predicament. The key to his salvation is soaked into the gusset of My pantyhose & he eagerly buries his head there, licking away, desperate to save himself. But will he escape the peril of my dangerously dominant legs?

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Includes executrix, female domination, footjob, pantyhose domination, foot domination, office domination, scissorhold

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Catwoman's Whip & Boots
Featuring Star Nine

You think you've stumbled into the bust of a lifetime, you've caught Catwoman red-handed with her paws in the loot. Silly piggy, your little metal toys are no match for Catwoman's quick whip. With one crack of her whip your pistol goes flying across the floor. You'll never get close enough to her to put those pathetic nickel bracelets on her wrists. Catwoman humiliates you cracking her whip and lashing your right in the cock before knocking you to your knees, a better angle to worship her boots from. You obediently lick every inch of her stiletto booties clean before she cruelly blinds you with her whip, taunting you with a nursery rhyme about blind little pigs as she makes her escape.

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Includes super villain, boot worship, femdom pov, foot domination, whipping, humiliation

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Spy Seduction
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Sexy spy Star Nine has charmed her way into Codey Steele's life. He's an important businessman whose company works with government secrets. As part of his security clearance Codey has received a lot of training in how to avoid being compromised by various means. Star is prepared to meet resistance and employees a number of techniques to get Codey right when she wants him. From greeting him at the door with her intoxicating lips she quickly makes her way into his bedroom, preparing the scene with soothing scents and music as he removes his shoes. Once she has him under her spell she slips away to start downloading files from his personal laptop. His training is evident as she has to pause and return to him halfway though her task. She runs her seductive nylon feet over his bare chest and then places them over his face, pulling him deeper under her spell. Once she has what she needs she makes use of a delicate chain dangling from her ankle and her entrancing bare feet to wipe all memory of her visit from his mind.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, kissing, foot domination, foot fetish

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Card Destruction
Featuring Star Nine

Star is on the phone pacing, unaware that she is trampling all over your pokemon cards. She stamps her foot at something the caller has said and feels something under her high heel. Experimentally she grinds her heel on the floor. Her phone call ends and she looks down at the cards on the ground, perplexed as to how they got there. Star picks up the cards and rifles through them. They mean nothing to her. She removes her heels and shoves some of the cards in between the soles and her feet. With the cards her shoes she resumes trampling on the rest of them, stomping and grinding her high heels trying to tear them apart. The cards are resilient so she takes to puncturing them with her high heels, trying to stack them on like a pin cushion. Others she rips to pieces and spits on until all of the cards are destroyed.

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Includes foot domination, object crush, femdom pov, trampling, high heels

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