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Bondage Shoe Store
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine is excited by the high end shoe store and Arielle Lane helps remove her red heels to try on the different pumps. The shoe sales woman is impressed with Star's high arches showcased in white pantyhose. Star is uneasy as Arielle's red fingernails caress her nylon soles and tries to leave, but Arielle has other plans.

Chair bound in one heel, Star can't believe that Arielle is cleavegagging her mouth. Now Arielle has real doll for foot play! They do foot measuring with the Brannock Device. Star mmphs as Arielle's long red nails adjusts her narrow feet, ogles her highly arched feet and ignores her gag talking.

With proper foot measurements, Arielle can now worship feet and loves the white nylons and puts classic black pumps on her size 9 feet. Admiring and then removing the classic pumps, she's foot kissing and foot rubbing!

Arielle has a pair of shoes that will be perfect for her live doll and runs off to get them, giving Star the chance to escape. It's time for this pervy shoe saleswoman to be in chair bondage!

Star removes Arielle's highly arched heels and measures her size 7 feet. She's pushing on Arielle's red toenails in the sheer suntan pantyhose, and tsks that she has flat feet.

It's shoe trying on time, and Arielle balks at the stripper platform shoes and Star realizes that her pointed toes are sexy. Taking the shoes, she leaves Arielle to struggle until her boss finds her in this embarrassing situation!

Includes bondage, shoe fetish, pantyhose/stockings, female domination, foot fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS- rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID escape fetish cleavegagged woman cleave gagged women femdom sensual domination pantyhose fetish one shoe fetish high heels stilettos foot worship foot domination foot humiliation brunettes blondes tall woman tall women

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10 minutes



Wiggling Deeper
Featuring Star Nine

you crave about my feet hidden in my red stilettos. That foot aroma tempts you as I'm foot wiggling in these red pumps. Shoe dangling reveals my delicate arches and nylon feet with red toenails.

Cock teasing in one shoe, you want to worship feet so badly. A shoe dangle teases more until it drops off revealing nylon soles. you love the high heels, but stocking feet more. Foot smelling is the same as pussy smelling or armpit smelling. It's all pheromones but you probably don't get any female smells because women aren't attracted to you.

you crave toe sucking on your Mistress's nylon toes to seek connection. Stare at my wiggling toes, listening to my voice as you fall deeper into your foot addiction.

Stripping my control top pantyhose, I'm giving you a chance to do barefoot worship. you don't need nylon foot worship or that pantyhose feet smell. your foot Goddess knows best and you need foot sniffing from the source.

Be my devoted foot slave. Submit, give in and let go. Obey my feet and tribute my toes like a good paypig.

Includes Goddess worship, pantyhose domination, foot fetish, mesmerize, submissive/slave training

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination love addiction verbal humiliation pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish nylon worship foot play pov foot worship foot slave training foot domination foot wiggling feet soles foot humiliation foot smelling smell fetish toe fetish toe wiggling sexual rejection pussy denial mental domination mind fuck gooning financial domination money fetish blondes tall woman kink

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18 minutes



Relap$e Therapy
Featuring Star Nine

It's funny that you used the word relapse because I was under the impression that you were too broke to serve your Findom Mistress. How long did it take before you missed sending me money?

Shoe dangling my classic black pumps off my reinforced toe pantyhose, I reinforce your need for insecurity. Being MY paypig makes you feel alive. In one shoe, I'm heel dangling and promising connection.

you need risk and can't give up your Findom Goddess. It must have been painful to stop serving and obeying your Money Goddess. I'm the most valuable thing in your pathetic life.

There's no point in having money if you are miserable. It's funny that you need permission to do what you want to do. Are you afraid of how good it's going to feel?

you weren't meant to live without your Money Mistress. Listen as my suntan pantyhose legs rub against each other. I want you to be making the same noise when wearing them.

I have a slave task to get you back in the pay pig habit. Don't fantasize or think. Just tribute and it will give you the rush you crave. Submit as my wiggling feet imprints the suggestion.

Includes Goddess worship, submissive/slave training, financial domination, mental domination, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine money fetish female domination pov femdom pov love addiction verbal humiliation gooning mesmerize mind fuck men following pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish nylon worship foot fetish foot play pov foot worship foot slave foot domination crossed leg fetish blondes tall woman kink

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21 minutes



6th Month Chastity Relief
Featuring Star Nine

How was my stepbrother's doctor appointment? Did they notice your cock cage? It's a good thing you're well trained for your Mistress stepsister because I've been too busy with my internship with our Stepfather.

your quarterly milking is way overdue and I dangle your cage keys to tempt you. Do you even want release from that chastity cage? you've forgotten what it's like to cum and I bet you have an impotent dick. Can you get hard after being in that metal cage?

Get on your knees and look as my dangling ballet flats fall off my nylon feet, revealing reinforced toes. Giving pantyhose foot play, I confront you about how you've been avoiding my pantyhose feet. Remember where I used to let you cum?

Get hard looking at my high arches so we can break you forever. your big stepsister is the only woman you want. Feel my long legs cock squeezing but I don't want you cumming too fast from my pantyhose legjob.

Explore my nylon legs as you get closer to my perfect pussy barely covered by a pantyhose gusset. Getting in doggystyle position, I need your cock between my ass cheeks.

Maybe I will leave you locked up for a decade? Do you think I would reward you with the privilege of stepsister fucking? No, but you can give pussy worship by rubbing your cock between my stocking foot and nylon thighs. What would you do if someone walked in right now and caught us? Are you going to have a long awaited orgasm or be locked up?

Cum on my gusset and I expect you cum swallowing so you don't leave messy evidence. Did you forget what eating cum tasted like?

I see you're anxious to get caged but it looks like you have a smaller dick from being unused for so long. I'm keeping your keys safe in my cleavage, and we'll see when your next milking will be.

Includes chastity, foot fetish, joi, pantyhose domination, taboo

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine caging and keyholding orgasm control orgasm denial cock tease and denial tease & denial feet joi foot joi jerk off instruction jerk off encouragement masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction dirty talking CEI cum eating instruction female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination Goddess worship submissive/slave training foot domination pov foot worship foot slave training pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish pantyhose domination nylon worship verbal humiliation brat girls blondes tall women tall woman kink

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14 minutes



Giantess Snack & Swim
Featuring Star Nine

I catch you staring at my pink toenails and splash water on your little body. Are you a creepy foot pervert trying to see my pretty toes? I could crush you under my big feet. Are you so desperate for Giantess feet, that you would interrupt my sunbathing?

Reaching for you, I hold you high above the ground, taunting you with a possible fall from such a high height. Should I eat you like a snack? you can have a final meal of my wiggling toes. Foot cleaning is a good task for your tiny body.

Can you swim if I throw you in the water? It doesn't matter because you wouldn't be able to escape this massive body of water. Continue your giantess foot worship, inch by inch while submerged! If you give a proper sole cleaning, I may pull you out. Are you getting sore and tired from your underwater foot worship?

Lifting your helpless body out, I'm sensually licking lips with my sexy tongue. I allowed you to play with my wet feet and now you're going to be my feast. My salivating mouth drools on you with a big spit stream.

Belly rubbing, I put you near my belly button as foreshadowing of your demise. With a wide mouth, I hover your little body over my extended tongue. Placing you on my spitty tongue, I feel your squirming before swallowing you down my throat.

Laughing, I'm pleased with my yummy meal. Is it everything you dreamed of to be inside your Giantess Mistress? I know you can still hear me as I'm digesting you in my stomach. Swimming, I'm belly rubbing my firm abs, feeling you kicking in my gastric juices. you didn't make my flat tummy expand, but you tasted good and I'm gut rubbing and navel playing to remind you of my dominance.

Includes giantess, humiliation, vore, female domination, underwater fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine amazons tall woman tall women height humiliation swimming fetish wet look pov femdom pov female supremacy Goddess worship verbal humiliation foot fetish foot domination foot humiliation pov foot worship foot slave training foot play toenail fetish toe fetish belly fetish belly button fetish outdoors outside bikini fetish scolding fetish confrontation brat girls blondes kink

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13 minutes



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