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Naked Probation
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine is being arrested for embezzling money from work, but has been offered a chance to be a nude slave for a year. She thinks she's getting off easy by skipping prison but the probation starts immediately as she's told to strip her blouse, skirt, lingerie and eye glasses in court. The police officer does a cavity search which embarrasses her as much as the handcuffs being placed on her delicate wrists. She does a naked walk of shame to her new life.

Later, she chats on the phone about how she has a sensor that detects if she puts on any clothes which would violate her probation. It can't get wet, so she has observed showers.

On her way to nude community service, she psyches herself up in her car. Gaining courage, she rings the doorbell. Candle Boxxx was expecting her and sets ground rules for the dinner party that night. Star's house cleaning by scrubbing floors and window cleaning on her hands and knees. She serves lunch to her Mistress as part of her slave tasks. When Star balks at giving a pedicure and foot massage, Candle threatens to report her for insubordination.

Candle is pleased with the table decorations, but it needs Star as a centerpiece. This is too humiliating for Star but Candle confesses to being her boss's daughter and having a deal with the judge. If she doesn't behave, Star goes back to jail! With an apple gags her mouth and her firm ass in the air, Star kneels on the table. Candle threatens blackmail pictures of her in this incriminating position.

The guests arrive and Candle shows off her slave toy!

Includes humiliation, made to strip, femdom, submissive/slave training, embarrassment

KEYWORDS - imposed stripping embarrassed naked female embarrassed nude female ENF female domination eyeglasses eye glasses submissive sluts housecleaning natural blondes redheads yoga pants blackmail fantasies blackmail fantasy blackmail fetish police play

Full Body Cavity Search
Warden Foot Smelling

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20 minutes


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Alison Star Lesbian Foot Domination Part 1
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey and Star Nine are tongue kissing in their lingerie and sheer pantyhose. Their long red fingernails graze each other's nylon legs and Star gives a nylon foot massage.

Star gives nylon worship to the nylon soles and pantyhose toes. Alison moans when her high arches are grazed by the long red nails. Star's toe sucking and foot licking the pantyhose soles. With both pantyhose soles on her face, Star breathes in deeply for sensual pantyhose foot smelling.

As their long legs intertwine, Alison savors the foot sensation play but wants to taste her nylon feet off of Star's lips. Sensual kisses and body caressing end a beautiful lesbian foot worship

Includes foot worship, pantyhose/stockings, kissing, foot fetish, legs

Nylon Worship with Stella
Glossy Pantyhose Play

KEYWORDS- lesbians girl-girl girl girl girlgirl girl/girl moaning fetish foot play foot massage foot licking pantyhose fetish leg fetish lingerie blondes brunettes big tits

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39 minutes


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Casey Dominates Batman
Featuring Casey Calvert

With Casey Calvert!

Batman! you're tied up and helpless as I tower before you in pantyhose with a bikini. I'm confronting you for snooping for dirty panties like a pervy superhero. Turning around, I show you my pink thong over my suntan nylon ass. you're getting hard from my pantyhose ass but my stepdad is coming home soon and he'll give you a beatdown.

We should have a slumber party where I use your slave ass however I want. Licking my red lips and cock teasing you, I'm going to get this sexy red lipstick all over your hard cock. Do you want me to suck your hard dick? Too bad. you can't even do cock control. I'm barely touching you and you're about to explode from my virtual handjob, so I'm going to stop and remove my black ballet flats.

My sweaty pantyhose feet need a good sole smelling. Laughing, I can't believe you're smelling feet like a foot pervert. you're a foot creep but I'm not letting you give a cumshot on feet.

Have you ever had a virtual blowjob? My soft lips wrap around your cock, leaving smeared lipstick on your shaft. I can't believe you came so fast and you have bad tasting cum. My stepfather lasts longer and tastes better.

Coming back later, I can't believe the body busting you got from my stepdaddy! Would some virtual kissing make it better? I'm putting red lipgloss on you to make you pretty and give you more pov kisses.

If you want another virtual cocksucking, you have to beg for the dick sucking. Kidding, I only kiss winners! But you can give more pantyhose worship to my stinky feet.

your cock and balls need to suffer from virtual ballbusting. you're still horny after the virtual ball busting? Eww, you cum like a disgusting freak.

I'm done with you loser!

Includes pantyhose domination, humiliation, female domination, sensual domination, brat girls

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18 minutes


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Stepdaughter Foot Smother
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra James' stepdaughter, Star Nine, is prostrated in front of her for humiliating boot worship while the evil stepmother withdrawals the last of her money online. The findom boot humiliation continues as this Femdom MILF uses Star as a footstool for her over the knee boots.

Debooting, it's time for boot smelling! Kendra pushes her barefoot against the boot sole before receiving smelly foot sniffing. Toe nose pinching makes Star gasp for air.

On her back, Star can't escape the dirty feet of her MILF Mistress. Foot licking dirty soles and toe sucking is so embarrassing.

Kendra holds the chastity caging key and taunts how she could unlock her at any moment but will keep her horny and desperate!

Includes foot worship, boot fetish, humiliation, submissive/slave training, taboo

KEYWORDS - female domination femdom sensual domination lesbian domination older woman younger woman submissive sluts foot smothering foot fetish foot slave training foot domination foot humiliation foot smelling dirty feet smelly feet sweaty feet foot sucking foot gagging boot worship boot domination human furniture verbal humiliation leather fetish clothing fetish clothes leather corsets corset fetish micro bikinis chastity belts big tits long leather gloves tall woman tall women blondes kink

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9 minutes


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Nylon Sole Worship
Featuring Star Nine

you found your happy place at my toe wiggling nylon soles. One foot is in black nylon, the other is nude nylon and you desire my pantyhose soles. you are begging for more, but be thankful to be able to gaze at your Mistress' feet as the delicious scent wafts to you.

Don't fuck it up by being demanding. It's not your place. My Divine feet can't be defiled by your drooling. you don't deserve my powerful feet but you can listen to the nylon rubbing.

you don't have permission to stroke your dripping cock. What are you going to do with that sexual energy? Can you cum in your pants without touching as I give an orgasm countdown?

Includes Goddess worship, foot worship, slave training, female domination, pantyhose

KEYWORDS - Star Nine pantyhose fetish pantyhose domination smell fetish foot smelling foot fetish foot domination pov foot worship foot slave training foot humiliation wrinkled soles wiggling toes wiggling feet joi pov femdom pov sensual domination female supremacy ASMR gooning verbal humiliation orgasm denial cock tease & denial tease and denial cum countdowns blondes tall women tall woman kink

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11 minutes


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