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Diapered Sisters
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star's little sister, Chrissy Marie, comes home for a visit. Star & Chrissy are sitting on the couch catching up when Chrissy's eyes fall on a pile of baby stuff - diapers, wipes, toys, pacifiers. She squeals in delight, thinking that she has become an aunt!

Star laughs and crawls over to pop a pacifier in her mouth. She's not having a baby, she is the baby! Chrissy freezes in horror as Star drops her pants to reveal her puffy pink diaper. Chrissy thinks that Star must be joking, but her big sister makes it clear that this in not a joke, in fact, she was hoping Chrissy would take care of her while she's visiting!

Chrissy is disgusted but agrees to go talk about it over some ice cream. Star just needs to pee first, but instead of heading off the the bathroom she proceeds to wet her diaper right there in front of her sister! Regressed, she demands that her little sister change her.

Later, when Star is down for a nap, Chrissy gets curious. She unfolds a diaper and takes off her pants. Chrissy experimentally lowers her pussy onto the diaper and rocks back and forth. It feels good! She gets lost in the moment and doesn't notice her big sister behind her snapping photos.

Soon Chrissy is in a matching diaper & breastfeeding on the couch. Star calls her mom & lets her know that everything has gone according to plan. Mommy has two baby girls now!

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Includes diapers, diaper fetish, abdl, diaper humping, breastfeeding

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When The Cat's Away
Featuring Star Nine

With the Cat away you couldn't resist joining a plot to do the unthinkable. A couple of alley cats convinced you to participate in a redistribution scheme. Stupid sylvester, did you think she wouldn't find out?

Catwoman hasn't been missing, she's been taking advantage of the situation, using the current plague to access some superior loot. you freeze in your tracks as she catches you tiptoeing out with a sack of her top shelf valuables.

A few cruel cracks of the whip and you fall to your knees. Prey to Catwoman's slave reconditioning scheme, she removes her golden necklace and mesmerizes you into giving up your co-conspirators. Of course she knows you're too stupid to plan this all on your own, silly domesticated tomcat.

Next you are allowed the privilege of licking her high heel boots clean. She locks up your disobedient cock in a cruel steel chastity cage before giving you just a little taste of your beloved catatonia.

There's 36 million in unearned cash being released upon the city. you won't be graced with another taste until you place all that money where it belongs, at Goddess Catwoman's feet.

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Includes super villain, superheroine, mesmerize, foot domination, femdom pov, boot domination, mind fuck, chastity

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Spin The Bottle Prototype
Featuring Chrissy Marie, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley, Chrissy & Star sit down for their weekly game night. They enjoy the quiet night in, but they've really exhausted their options. Luckily, Star's cousin works for a game manufacture and has offered to let them test out a prototype. The game is loosely based on spin the bottle & has been upgraded with a special nano-bot lip glass. The girls read the rules & sit down to play. When a player is kissed, she is frozen until the next round. If the bottle lands on her again, she is put to sleep for two spins of the bottle. The girls have fun with the odd twist on an old game, until the end. Star presses the reset button to deactivate the nano-bots & then things go horribly wrong. Both Chrissy & Ashley slowly freeze in place. Star calls her cousin & learns that playing the game has sentenced them to a horrible fate.

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Includes freeze, games, kissing, magic control

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Watch This
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey & Star have just returned from a seminar on a scientific breakthrough - a new watch that has the power to stop & start time. Casey is grumpy that Star purchased one of the watches, it's obviously all a huge scam.

Star begins to rub her high heel against Casey's legs, playfully holding her hand. Casey pulls away, rejecting Star's advances. Star stands to walk away, once out of Casey's sight she taps the watch. Casey is frozen in place & Star whispers in her ear, reminding her just how badly she wants Star - the watches have many applications that skeptical Casey didn't bother paying attention to.

Another tap of the watch & Casey is unfrozen. She reaches for Star & kisses her enthusiastically. Star gets exactly what she wants as Casey strips her down to her pantyhose and kisses and rubs all over her. Casey & Star passionately grind in their pantyhose, tribbing to orgasm multiple times. Finally, breathless, Star freezes time once again. Mockingly agreeing with Casey that it was all bullshit.

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Includes tribbing, pantyhose, lesbian domination, watch fetish, freeze fetish

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Cum Cube 2
Featuring Star Nine

Remove that ball gag & massage your jaw because you're going to be doing a lot of sucking today. A lot of sucking and a lot of swallowing, doesn't that sound delicious? you're going to prove that you know how to use your little sissy whore mouth - you'd better have something very special in your freezer. you're going to pop that cold creamy treat in your little sissy whore mouth & suck until all that cum dissolves in your mouth.

you might think that being a good little whore will earn you an orgasm, but everyone knows that little sissy sluts don't need to cum just because they've been used. you're going to sniff and drip at My feet, all locked up in your cage for another week with your sissy hole plugged up like a good little slut.

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Includes sissy training, cei, chastity, cbt, mind fuck, pantyhose domination

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