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Haunted House Execution
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

You turn the corner in a haunted house & stumble across the gallows. The executioner says that you're just in time. She's about to execute her prisoner. She puts on a show, tying the prisoner's wrists and ankles and gagging her tightly, suppressing her last words. The prisoner jumps off the gallows and pretends to struggle for awhile. The executioner releases her and the two actresses turn to you with a gleam in their eyes. You're next.

You try to pass on the experience, but they egg you on, it's totally safe, after all, she just did it! They tie your hands behind your back, talking quietly. You ask why they're whispering, isn't this part of the show? They gag you and lead you up to the gallows, the executioner ties your ankles and then drapes the rope over your head.

With you fully secured in place, their whispers turn to mocking tones - you're so stupid to have fallen for this. They explain that they're bored. sick of acting out this execution night after night, they want to see what it's like for real. You start to panic but they just mock you, telling you to see if you can get your hands free before they push you off the gallows and watch you kicking, struggling, and swinging in the air.

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Includes executrix, extreme domination, prison play, femdom pov

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16 minutes



Losing Time
Featuring Star Nine

your nylon leg fixation takes over your entire consciousness as you jump from scene to scene, missing time.

There's an important project at work that could result in a huge bonus and you've been teamed up with Star. She sits seductively on your desk as you discuss it. As the conversation continues, your eyes get stuck on her shiny nylon legs until suddenly she's approaching you from behind. How much time has passed, wasn't she just sitting on your desk pumping those beautiful nylon legs?

you try to snap out of it, she's talking about dinner plans that you apparently made. She's changed her outfit, how much time did you lose?

At dinner she refers to an agreement that you've made. you have no idea what she's talking about but you nod and pretend to know all about it. Her legs move playfully under the table.

Suddenly you're in bed, she's above you in a sexy bodysuit. Do you know where you are? She's tying you up with pantyhose, just some light bondage. Then gagging you, teasing you with her long nylon legs. you have no idea how you got here, but you love where this is going. Do you know where this is going? What agreements have you made?

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, mind fuck, office domination

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18 minutes



The Vines 2
Featuring Star Nine

As Star sleeps peacefully a rustling sound approaches. The vines have followed her home. They creep up into bed with her, pulling the sheets and her lingerie away, exposing her body. The vines move into position, crawling over her bare skin before she wakes. Star opens her eyes and cries out. The vines wrap around her wrists and hips restraining her upper body as they pull her legs apart. Her cries are muffled as a vine shoots into her mouth, gagging her. With her limbs restrained and her mouth gagged, the vines creep in between her legs penetrating her ass and pussy. Star moans and arches with all of her holes plugged as the vines have their way with her again.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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11 minutes



Handgagging Ransom
Featuring Star Nine & Codey Steele

Star Nine is captured and held ransom for her husband's debts. Her captor sneaks up behind her and clamps his hand down hard over her mouth. She looses her glasses in the struggle. He tries to reason with her, but every time he takes his hand off her mouth she tries to scream or babbles unintelligibly in shock.

He has her cleave gagged and tied to a chair for the ransom call, his hand at the ready to cut her off if she tries anything.

She wakes up and finds him asleep next to her. She stealthily unties herself and runs for the door but he catches her, pinning her arms behind her and covering her mouth as he drags her back into the room. He puts her gag back in, he menacingly tells her that her husband is never getting her back.

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Includes hand over mouth, sleepy, male domination, struggling, damsel in distress

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20 minutes



Cheating Roommates Turned Sex Slaves
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie have heard that I have a special interest in my hotter female students. They think that this means they can cheat and use their sexuality to get away with it, but Ashley balks when I pull out a collar and ball gag. She threatens to tell everyone what a creep I am but the cheating roommates are already in way over their heads. I take them home and turn them into my little sex slaves with lots of bondage, heavy gagging and tit torture culminating in a strap-on blowjob competition.

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Includes lesbian domination, strap-on, bondage,gagged women, spanking, slave training

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49 minutes



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