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Hand Domination 4
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed has been fantasizing about how deliciously frustrated I left her after our last encounter. She nervously dials My number and sets an appointment. She's left her door unlocked as instructed and I quietly creep up behind her in My tight latex dress and short leather gloves.

Quickly clamping one gloved hand over her mouth I begin to dominate her with My leather gloves, alternately covering her mouth and nose, roughly grabbing her tits, and spreading her mouth open wide with My fingers. I allow her to kiss and worship My gloves before moving My attention to her wet, eager pussy.

Penelope arches and moans as I rub her pussy roughly with My gloves. I wrap my long legs around her to keep her legs open and continue to handle her with My gloves until she's right on the edge & then stop. Feeling around behind her I find her vibrator - perhaps placed there so that she could get herself off after I leave? There will be done of that. I position My pussy right at eye level and use her vibrator on Myself, making her frustratingly watch Me cum before absconding with it - leaving her hot & frustrated just like she wanted.

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Includes leather gloves, lesbian domination, hand domination, tease & denial, orgasm denial, groping

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24 minutes



Brain Drained By Catwoman
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope has been stalking her idol, Catwoman, and sneaks into her lair. She's all dressed up for the occasion in a tight leotard and kitty hat. Penelope is nervous and excited when Catwoman catches her. She stumbles over her prepared words, suggesting that they work together, and detailing all the ways that she could be a useful partner. Catwoman has no patience for this nonsense & menaces Penelope with her whip. Catwoman doesn't have "partners", she has minions. Male minions who are easily controlled by their hard cocks.

Clearly Penelope is stupid enough to have stumbled into Catwoman's lair, but not stupid enough to be a minion. Catwoman muses on which of her traps she'll use to get rid of Penelope while Penelope desperately tries to convince Catwoman that she would make a good minion. To Penelope's relief Catwoman, in a moment of inspiration, devises a plan to turn Penelope into a cum drunk mindless drone.

Catwoman collars Penelope and brings her to her knees. Stripped of her costume, Penelope sits on the sybian. Catwoman turns the powerful vibrations all the way up, groping and rubbing Penelope through her first orgasm. With her future minion handcuffed and shackled, her collar attached to her ankles to prevent unwanted movement, Catwoman leaves Penelope to cum over and over again until she is a cum drained, mindless, drooling mess.

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Includes super villain, lesbian domination, sybian, bound orgasms, mental domination, slave training

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20 minutes



Gremlins Bukkake
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Newscaster Chrissy Marie is broadcasts live from the Clamp Center where monsters have taken over, brutally raping and killing every woman in the building. As Chrissy reads the horrifying news, two of the creatures pop up behind her and begin groping her. As she continues to report, the creatures rip open her blouse and begin to jerk off and cum all over her, drenching her in their monster sperm.

Chrissy continues to read the reports as the come in, the monsters forcefully handing her report after report on all the terrible things occurring throughout the building. As Chrissy reads the reports, the monsters brutally tase her all over & then force her to cum.

Chrissy reads her final report, announcing that newscaster Chrissy Marie has been raped and killed live on the air. One of the monsters throws her to the floor and she begs and cries as the monster fills her with it's toxic semen. In her death throes the monsters cum on her face one last time leaving her lifeless body covered in cum.

This deadly clip is also available via direct payment, email the address below for options.

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, monsters, bukkake

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21 minutes



Erotic Tentacle
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is modeling for a phtooshoot when a monster tentacle creeps into frame! At first she is frightened when the huge tentacle wraps around her neck, but it soon becomes interested in other parts of her body. She loves the strong, wet, suctiony tentacle touching her all over and making her cum.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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11 minutes



Ultragirl's Biggest Fan
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ultragirl arrives to save the day, she frees the hostage who turns out to be her biggest fan. Of course it was a trap, and as Ultragirl answers Star's fan girl questions, she surprises the heroine, pinning her arms behind her back and clamping her hand down hard over her mouth.

Ultragirl has now traded places with her biggest fan. Her legs are tied spread to the chair and her boots and powerbelt are missing. Star teases her, removing her heel and rubbing Ultragirl's crotch with her nylon foot. Star straddles Ultragirl, groping and kissing her but Ultragirl resists so she gags and blindfolds her and leaves her for the night.

In the morning, Ultragirl has had some time to think her way out of her predicament. She knows what she has to do, but is still reluctant. As her biggest fan fondles her, Ultragirl promises to treat her like the huge fan that she is if she'll untie her. She return's Star's kiss and Star eventually unties her.

Ultragirl asks about her powerbelt, but lets Star lead her by the hand to the bedroom where she allows Star to guide her hands over her body. As Star becomes more aroused she hands Ultragirl her hitatchi and finally lets her know where her powerbelt is as she is close to cumming.

As Star recovers from her orgasm Ultragirl cuffs her. Star tells her it was all worth it & she's still her biggest fan. A look of confusion and self doubt washes over Ultragirl's face as she leads Star away.

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Includes superheroine, bondage, lesbian domination, foot fetish, HOM, ball gag

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16 minutes



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