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Lesbian Pantyhose Tryst
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

I can help Arielle Lane take care of her sexual desires and my hands graze her black pantyhose legs. Leaning in for deep kisses, her long red nails pull me closer as we have intertwined legs. Climbing on top, we're dry humping. Pushing her down, she moans as we're tribbing.

Telling her to roll over, I'm stripping her black nylons, revealing her tight ass and wet pussy. I'm licking pussy and pussy fingering as she begs to cum.

As she scrambles to get redressed, she's embarrassed that she had lesbian sex. Her husband can't find out about her infidelity. I'm amused and masturbating as she runs off in shame.

I reconnect with her later, scolding her for leaving my sexual needs unmet. She nervously returns my kisses and secretly loves as I'm stripping her clothes as my hands dive beneath her shiny pantyhose. Finger sucking her pussy juices off my fingers proves she wants a good lesbian fucking.

Commanding her to satisfy me, she removes my classic black pumps for some pantyhose foot worship. Working her way up my nylon legs, she's pussy licking over my suntan pantyhose. She gives me a good orgasm, but I need more.

In the bedroom, I'm teasing her against the wall before pushing her on the bed. She likes the face down tribbing but I'm ready to teach her the joy of a large strapon. Pantyhose ripping reveals her hairy bush and I dive in for a taste before sliding my huge dildo inside.

She wants to cum from my big dick, but I want her to have some pussy control and stop so she can feel pussy to pussy grinding. Demanding sexual satisfaction I cum while facesitting. The oral servitude did the trick and with intertwined legs, I tell her we both deserve pounding orgasms!

Includes lesbian domination, tribadism, pantyhose domination, lesbian, strap-on

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34 minutes



you Woke Up Like This
Featuring Star Nine

What a dream, your body transformed into that of a Goddess. your legs long and shimmering in shiny pantyhose, your small curves gently hugged in white lingerie. But was it a dream? you gently open your eyes and it's still going. If this is a dream it's certainly a lucid one. Running your hands over your toned smooth legs, you can feel the silky nylon. your beautiful Goddess body flexes and moves at your command. Instead of a cock you have a tight smooth pussy peaking out around the gusset of the pantyhose, so much more sensitive than your normal hairy cock. What is this bliss? Do you have the courage to get up and go to work in this body, to be this beautiful and sensitive forever? Or do you just roll over and go back to sleep, breaking the spell?

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Includes gender transformation, goddess pov, pantyhose, goddess worship

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13 minutes



Ashley Lane's Foot & Ass Tease
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane spreads her ass while squatting in her ponygirl costume, teasing you with her ass before sitting down to taunt you with her high heels. She makes eye contact as she licks the soles of her heels with her pink, wet tongue and sucks the stiletto heel.

She cuts holes in her sparkling stockings exposing her coral toes. She sucks on them, putting her mouth where you wish yours was.

Later, she's dressed up for yoga. She kneels down and lowers her tight yoga pants to give you a great spread shot of her hairy pussy and ass. Just imagine burying your face in there . . . in your dreams. She rolls over and sucks her toes before stripping naked, taunting you with one toe in her mouth. Look at you, just begging for a taste.

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Toe Sucking, PonyGirls, Hairy, Foot Fetish, Ass Spreading, PonyPlay

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10 minutes



Patch of Pheromones
Featuring Star Nine

It must have been terrible for you - a month without me. I got you a souvenir, something new to worship, a good month's growth. Soft fur in my moist fragrant pit. You smell that? Take a good big whiff. That smell, that aroma that's making your cock throb? That's the smell of pheromones. Sweet damp goddess sweat. My natural odor is intoxicating. Sniff and stroke.

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Hairy Armpits, Armpits, Femdom POV, Smell Fetish, Femdom, Goddess Worship

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8 minutes



Disciplining AnnaBelle
Featuring Annabelle Lee & Kymberly Jane

Kym flips through the folders her assistant has left on her desk. Unsatisfied with her work, Kym calls her into the office & drops the folders all over the floor. AnnaBelle looks on in horror.

Another horrible day at work. AnnaBelle drops to her knees and begins to pick up the scattered papers.

Kym is tempted to fire her, but she likes how quickly AnnaBelle dropped to her knees to clean up the mess.

Kym begins to dangle her high heel from her nylon foot. She tells AnnaBelle that she was thinking of letting her go. AnnaBelle stutters something about her student loans. She really doesn't want to lose this horrible job.

Kym grins at AnnaBelle on her knees & orders her to worship her feet. If she does a good job she can stay.

AnnaBelle sucks and licks her boss's nylon toes and soles attentively. Kym has already decided to keep her around before AnnaBelle starts on the second foot. She rewards AnnaBelle for taking her punishment so well, ordering her to lock the door and sit on her desk. Kym hikes AnnaBelle's skirt up revealing her sheer pantyhose. She presses the hitatchi up to her hairy pussy and doesn't stop until AnnaBelle is stuttering again.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Orgasms, Office Domination, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish

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12 minutes



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