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Supergirl's Self-Defeat
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

The Villainess controls Supergirl with a kryptonite soaked collar, forcing her to strip from her costume and serve her in a french maid uniform. She taunts Supergirl, telling her that she knows all about her secret submissive side. She shows off a special acquisition of hers, a small box containing golden kryptonite with the ability to take away her powers permanently and leave her an ordinary girl. Will Supergirl be able to resist the ultimate temptation? Will she open the box?

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Includes superheroines, slave training, lesbian domination, french maid

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22 minutes



Pool Rescue CPR
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Star hears a loud splash and runs outside. Hannah floats face down in the pool. Star runs in, fully clothed to save her friend. She turns Hannah over and discovers that she isn't breathing! Star breathes into Hannah's mouth. Hannah's chest puffs up in the water but there's still no breath.

Star drags Hannah out of the pool and performs CPR. After several rounds of compressions and mouth-to-mouth with no result, Star rushes for the defib. Hannah's body bounces with the shocks. After several shocks, Hannah finally comes back to life, spitting up water as her relieved friend cradles her wet body.

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Includes CPR, medical resuscitation, underwater

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11 minutes



Hannah & Star Makeout in Pantyhose
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Watch Hannah and Star tease each other in their sheer to waist pantyhose in this messy makeout session that leaves lipstick smeared all over both of their faces.

Includes kissing, sheer to waist pantyhose

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9 minutes



Hannah's All Natural Herbs
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Hannah offers her stressed out roommate a massage. Star rolls her eyes as Hannah mentions the class she took . . . you watched a video, but she accepts. Hannah rubs Star's shoulders for a minute before she decides to try out something from another video she watched . . . She plays with her limp roommate, flopping Star's arms around My name's Star and I don't know how to relax!.

Hannah hands Star a glass of water, it's important to hydrate after a massage.

Star is suspicious when she wakes up. She finds a bag in the corner of the living room full of sketchy stuff! She decides to get Hannah back, offering her a massage. Star injects Hannah in the neck with a syringe she found in the bag, lolling her head back and forth as her eyes roll. Next she drugs Hannah with crushed up sleeping pills from the bag. She strips her limp roommate and tries to get back to work.

Upset about being drugged, Hannah fights back. The girls go back and forth with chloroform, knock out spray & sedative injections. Finally they call a truce. Collecting their clothing, they soon realize that the suspicious bag belongs to their other roommate . . . Hannah's initial KOs of Star were all natural.

Includes limp fetish, hand over mouth

26 minutes



Birthday Cake Crush
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Hannah & Star are bored office workers blowing off work in the conference room. A small birthday cake sits on the desk in front of them. They speculate who such a lame little cake could be for & decide it must be your birthday - you know, that quiet, creepy guy, what's his name?

Star lounges back in her chair, placing her well worn heels dangerously close to your cake. She slips her shoes off revealing charcoal pantyhose with a reinforced toe. Hannah removes her shoes as well. Star teases her foot near your cake, coming away with some blue frosting on her hosed foot. Hannah thinks this is hilarious and scrapes a bit of frosting off with her hosed foot as well.

Your cake soon lays in ruins & this is when you enter and catch the girls. You stutter as they notice you & begin to humiliate you to your face, offering you the chance to eat what's left of your cake of their feet. When you don't budge they eventually grow bored & remove their cake covered pantyhose, leaving those as a to go container for you as they leave the room.

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Wet & Messy, Food Crush, Foot Domination, Food Fetish Humiliation Office Domination

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9 minutes



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