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Sailors Encased & Transformed
Featuring Lola Fae, Serena Blair & Star Nine

Sailor Mercury (Serena Blair) confronts Silk (Star Nine) about her missing Scout. A slow seduction ensues as Silk traces fingers along Mercury's legs, blowing kisses repeatedly with her long gloves. Mercury is mesmerized and Silk sensually kisses her.

Silk observes that the scouts wear pantyhose and short skirts. It doesn't help fighting and seems like a hidden desire. Mercury confesses it feels sexy. Silk convinces Mercury to give into their pantyhose desires with leg worship.

Silk has Mercury in a nylon cocoon, caressing and kissing her, then leaves her alone in the nylon web. Sailor Mars (Lola Fae) discovers the lightly squirming and weakened Mercury. Mars loses herself the nylon encasement and starts caressing it, lap sitting and slowly kissing Mercury before she snaps free and helps Mercury escape.

When Mercury is out, she seems different - amorous toward Mars. Blowing slow seductive kisses, they start tongue kissing, legs intertwined.

Silk enters, suggesting they relax and give in to their feelings. Mars succumbs, and they give pantyhose worship as their mindless transformation becomes permanent. Both girls are in nylon cocoons and helpless to their new Mistress.

Now submissive slaves, the scouts are in ladybug uniforms kneeling before their Pantyhose Goddess. They won't be saving the universe anymore!

Includes cosplay, super villain, mesmerize, submissive/slave training, nylon encasement

Sailor Venus' Submission
Sailor Doom

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35 minutes


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Red Heel Worship
Featuring Star Nine

Does my subbie foot slut like when my long red fingernails caress my shiny pantyhose and show off these red high heels? you're drooling from my shiny red shoes with their pointed toes dangling off my nylon feet.

Beg your Pantyhose Mistress for the privilege of these 5 inch heels down your slutty little throat. Crossing and crossing my shiny pantyhose legs, I want your slave begging.

you love shoe domination. Are you ready to make a deal with the Devil? I will do shoe mouth fucking in exchange for your soul and you do everything your shoe Goddess demands.

Showing off the spiked stiletto and upskirt flashing, I compel you to do anything I say. Demonstrating the high heel licking and high heel sucking is the ultimate temptation. Shoe smelling weakens your resolve as you become mesmerized by my soothing words and the foot smell.

There will be no spit marks and you are only allowed to lick the high heel soles. you're such a good shoe whore. I hope you have been practicing your deep throating skills because you are going to get a face fucking with tall high heels. Gagging on both pumps is part of your blowjob training. I love your watering eyes as you're high heel sucking.

That's all you deserve. you need more practice giving shoe blow jobs and to send me a tribute. Access to my red toenails and red shiny shoes means being a weak paypig.

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Includes high heels, shoe worship, female domination, submissive/slave training, Goddess worship

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17 minutes


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Featuring Star Nine

An innocent young Star toys with domination and orgasm control, sweetly showing off her legs & getting you to cum on command.

Star shows off her new red heels and long toned legs. Her stretching rubbing bending crossing flexing legs. She allows you to stroke it as long as you don't cum without permission. Imagine them squeezing tightly around you. Her long muscular legs wrapped around you. She orders you to cum. Suddenly. No countdown, no warning. You explode at her command. Was it as amazing as her legs?

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Legs, Orgasm Control, Masturbation Encouragement, Cock Tease, High Heels, JOI

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6 minutes


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Dangerous Legs
Featuring Star Nine

I tease you mercilessly with my long, lean, legs. Pacing and posing in stiletto booties & short shorts, I taunt you. How does it feel to be so obsessed with something you can never have? Can never touch? My perfect legs turn you into a drooling mess.

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Legs, Goddess Worship, Short Shorts, Boots, Boot Fetish, Cock Tease

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30 minutes


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Leg Worship
Featuring Star Nine

This epic 32 minute leg tease video will have you drooling over my long toned legs.

First I tease you, pacing back and forth in my stiletto heels flexing my well defined calve muscles. Later I recline on the couch posing and flexing my legs while reminding you that you will never be able to touch them.

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Legs, Goddess Worship, Tease & Denial, High Heels, Calves, Shoe Fetish

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32 minutes


Also available at: clips4sale manyvids iwantclips


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