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Bypassing Aura's Defenses
Featuring Ashley Lane , Casey Calvert , Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Aura (Casey Calvert) wants to brand herself to be a bigger superheroine within the Agency and uses the PR Department to make marketing videos. Unbeknownst to her, the Magician (ProVillain Tim Woodman) works there and has been secretly capturing super heroines for the slave trade. He's using her promotional video as filler for his documentary on being "SuperVillain Of The Year" as you are filming it.

She finds it strange that he's using his cell phone, and he's annoyed that his magic app isn't weakening her like it did all of the other caped crusaders.

Switching tactics, he uses a drugged drink for their interview. She explains the special technology woven into her clothing that creates aura force fields and contacts that prevent hypnotism.

She's getting light headed with fluttering eyes and sleepy talk. Realizing she's been drugged, it's too late to get an antidote in her tool belt before she passes out.

The Baddie gropes her curvy body to sample merchandise and tries stripping her clothing, but it's stuck to her body. Tit grabbing will suffice and he goes to Plan B.

Bound, cleave gagged and unconscious, he continues the interview just as Ashley Lane enters in her daisy dukes, tight tank top and knee boots. She start a confrontation but he snaps his fingers and she falls unconscious to the floor. He explains their history and she agrees to do anything her Master requires.

When he returns to his bound captive, he's confused that she's escaped his rope binds. He grabs the used cleave gag in frustration and returns to his mindless slave Ashley.

The lights flicker and Aura has freed Ashley by spraying an anti-hypnotism spray. The tall blonde loses her glassy eyes and is confused and angry.

Behind his back, he turns on the sleeping gas and Aura feels the effects by yawning. She assumes it is a residual effect and is confident that her super powers will protect her. Ashley feels groggy and tries to start fighting, but she's woozy and the whites of her eyes show as she slumps to the ground.

Awakening in naked bondage they're embarrassed and humiliated. Aura had fail safes to prevent assisted stripping. They try to help each other escape, but it's futile.

The Magician enters and says that Ashley has been his pawn for a while which she refutes. With a finger snapping, she's KOed.

He dares Casey to give eye contact and she's cocky at first, but scared when he admits to removing her magic contacts. Her resistance breaks and she's under his magic spell. She's mesmerized by an invisible spiral and knocked out, lying on Ashley's nude body.

Now he has two superheroines to sell in the slave market!

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Includes mental domination, mesmerize, male domination, superheroine, sleep fetish

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OTHER KEYWORDS - limp fetish superheroines supervillains erotic magic control female training woman following orders mind fuck gagged woman gagged women rope bondage rope classic bondage damsel in distress DID submissive sluts submissive/slave training maledom glove fetish brunettes blondes tall woman tall women

15 minutes



Sleepy Belly Worship
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine is lying on the sofa when Ashley Lane walks by in a belly baring shirt. Her slim waist looks so good and needs belly worship.

Star's red fingernails start probing her deep belly button and caressing her taut tummy, surprising Ashley with a chloroform rag. She struggles in Star's arms until KO'ed and held close for belly button fingering.

When completely knocked out, Star brings her to the sofa for belly button probing. Stripping her black high heels on her limp doll, Star drapes Ashley's long legs on her shoulders to peel off her short skirt. In her t-shirt and panties, Ashley gets belly licking and belly tonguing like a metaphorical cock giving a belly fucking.

Awakening she loves the stomach worship but wants to give Star some sensual domination and tummy worship. French kissing, they get hot and bothered before she uses the chloroform bottle on the white rag.

With her long legs wrapping around her, Star's ready for sleepy play as Ashley's French manicured nails are tummy fingering her tight abs. With extended eye rolling, Star finally gets her KO, limp in Ashley's arms. Navel poking and stomach rubbing is better after removing her pants and white socks. The lacy thong stays on and Star's limp body rolls over for belly button licking and belly poking.

Star awakens to her stomach worship and gives Ashley a chloroform dose while belly fingering her. When limp, Star strips her top for some sexy stomach fingering, stomach licking, and tongue fucking her core leaves a spitty belly button.

Rousing, she offers Star another round with standing. Star's arms are like ragdolls when she removes Star's top, and she places Star on her back causing a pronounced ribcage. With her ass in the air like she's in doggystyle, Ashley gives Star ab worship, and it isn't long before Star's twitching awake and sucking in and exhaling deeply.

Ashley's hand is over her girlfriend's as Star is chloroforming her and she goes out. Deep belly button tonguing is hot and she comes to ready to reciprocate. Star tries hard to savor the white rag and loves when it overcomes her with its sleepy fumes.

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Includes belly fetish, belly button fetish, sleep fetish, limp fetish, licking

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OTHER KEYWORDS- knockouts real doll fetish eye rolling body worship blondes kink tall woman tall women

22 minutes



Heroine Tales
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Amateur heroines Ashley Lane & Star Nine are tricked by a "fan". Mesmerized into an obedient state, they flashback to several of their early misadventures for the so called fan's amusement as they recount their experiences being gassed, knocked out & violated.

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Includes woman following orders, sleepy, superheroine, pigtails, limp fetish

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13 minutes



Supergirl in a Box
Featuring Star Nine

Supergirl is trapped in a metal box with a kryptonite crystal. Normally she could easily punch through the walls, but not with the kryptonite weakening her. She tries to plan a way out, but there are no options. The green crystal taunts her. She gingerly picks it up and tries to throw it away from her, but it burns her hand and she only manages to toss it a few inches away. She paces her weakened body around the metal cell, tired and stumped. Suddenly she hears a hissing noise. Gas enters the chamber. She shouts out proudly that Supergirl is impervious to gas, but quickly finds that's not the case in her weakened state. She takes a desperate gulp of air as the gas continues to fill the room. Her eyes bulge as she tries to sustain herself on that one breath, but eventually she fails and begins to choke and cough on the smoke. She falls to her knees as her hands desperately claw at her throat. She falls into involuntarily convulsions. As the gas stops her eyes glaze over, the final image burned into her retinas is the kryptonite crystal.

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Includes superheroine, death fetish, struggling, limp fetish

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9 minutes



The Encasement Suit
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is excited to receive her new remote control encasement suit in the mail. She quickly slips it on and tests it out. She relaxes as the suit gentle pulsates in massage mode & then tries out the vibrate mode. She moans in pleasure as the suit targets the most sensitive parts of her body. Suddenly the vibration gets more intense, too intense. She tries to turn it down, but the suit just tightens up, continuing the vibrate her sensitive pussy.

Star desperately tries to remove the suit, but the zipper has disappeared. Suddenly the suit wraps around her wrists and then her ankles, restraining her. She cries out, but the suit quickly gags her & then the mask tightens. Star struggles to breathe as the suit takes over.

Possessed by the encasement suit, Star enters her roommate's bedroom. She searches through the draws and finds worn pantyhose and a strap-on dildo. She waits for her roommate, Ashley Lane, to get home & surprises her. She struggles with Ashley on the bed. Once she's gained control, Star has her way with her.

As she removes Ashley's white panties the possessed Star is delighted to discover a hole already cut in her pantyhose. She worships Ashley's nylon legs and feet, her tongue pressed up against her mask. Flipping Ashley over onto her stomach, she binds her wrists with worn nylon before sliding her cock deep inside of her.

As Ashley begins to resist, Star shoves more worn nylon in her mouth and continues to thrust away. She flips Ashley over onto her back and licks her breasts through her nylon mask. She handgags Ashley as her thrusting picks up speed.

While Star is cumming, Ashley manages to free her hands. She tries to make her escape, but Star wrestles her back down onto the bed and pulls pantyhose over her head to subdue her. The phone rings and the encasement possessed Star gleeful invites Ashley's friend over anticipating a new encasement victim.

You may enjoy the more deadly version available at nicheclips.

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Includes struggling, nylon encasement, sleepy fetish, limp fetish, lesbian domination

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28 minutes



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