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Wicked Sybian
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

The Wicked Witch has Dorothy (Alison Rey) confined in a magic box. Dorothy tries to escape but the electric force-field keeps her on her knees as the witch taunts her. Desperate for release, Dorothy agrees to trade her shiny red slippers for her freedom. Of course, the Wicked Witch never said anything about keeping her word. With a snap of her fingers Dorothy's dress magically disappears. Another snap of the fingers & Dorothy's embarrassed flush is replaced by arousal as she lands on the sybian and goes for long, orgasmic, ride.

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Includes lesbian domination, cosplay, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, magic control

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Mesmerized Heroines

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Mesmerized Heroines
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

You snap your fingers & Wonder Star angrily charges you. She jumps back in shock as she is not able to penetrate the protective circle. You explain your plan, how you're going to use her to capture Super Chrissy. Wonder Star proudly tells you that she knows all of your tricks & she won't be falling for them.

You begin to play a mesmerizing song. Wonder Star stars to feel the effects but is able to snap out of it and cover her ears. Your produce the spinning wand, her hands slip away from her ears as she gazes, captivated by the lights but again she is able to regain control.

Now her ears are covered, her eyes squeezed tight, but you have one more trick up your sleeve. You spray her down with a powerful aphrodisiac. Soon Wonder Star is reduced to a mesmerized, masturbating slut. Completely under your control.

Cue Super Chrissy to the rescue! Will she be able to awaken Wonder Star from her mesmerized slumber? Or will she too be reduced to a drooling, cumming, super slut?

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Includes woman following orders, superheroine, mesmerize, magic control, orgasms

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Creeping Cables
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane sits down at her desk and opens the drawer. She gazes longingly at her dildo collection, but sighs & puts them away. There's too much work to do. She begins to work at her computer, but soon falls asleep.

As she sleeps, the office wiring comes alive. Several cables creep towards her feet and work their way up her thighs. More wires come and wrap around her waist and inside her shirt. Her mouse and keyboard unplug themselves and wrap around her hands. A hdmi cable jumps up into her panties and slips inside her pussy.

She is startled awake. Her eyes go wide as she struggles with the cables. They slowly pull her under her desk. The wires around her legs pull them into a frog tie and the hdmi cable slips out from her panties and begins to undress her. A long telephone cable wraps around her tits and begins rubbing her nipples.

Ashley gasps in horror as her desk drawer opens and the dildos inside hop out, creeping up to her and penetrating her ass and pussy. She hears someone coming but before she can cry out another dildo jumps into her mouth.

The dildos pump away in every hole until they finally cum inside her. Cum drips out her holes as one of the dildos rubs on her tits and cums on her nipples.

Finally released, a shaken Ashley begins to creep away, but a cable jumps up and wraps around her leg, pulling her back for more.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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The Slayer's Fall
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel before Me, a failed slayer. you've given in to temptation, to the seduction of your vampire Queen. I recount every lurid detail, how you came to surrender yourself completely to Me. Silly slayer, you never had a chance. From our first meeting I've been in your head. Even as you prepared to meet Me, I instructed you without your knowing on how to dress up for Me, how to behave. There was never a question how you would hand Me your stake, how you would follow Me home to My coffin and make love to Me for hours. your slayer nature never had a chance against my mesmerizing kisses, my silky voice, my erotic powers, and now your prepare to give yourself over willingly to My bite. you are Mine forever.

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Includes mesmerize, magic control, femdom pov, cosplay, super villain, vampire

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Curiosity Leads To Regression
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is house sitting for a strange woman who claims to have created clothing & even furniture that can provide extreme pleasure but can also regress an adult back to a much simpler state. Star thinks the woman is more than a little insane. Poking around the house, Star enters a room containing a play pen & a table with a few items of clothing on it. She sees the sign "Pleasure Hose & Regression Testing Area". She laughs as she investigates the shiny pantyhose & leotard & oversized pacifier on the table. She knows the woman is crazy, and suspects the clothing of being dirty, but somehow the promise of unimaginable pleasure has worked it's way into her mind. She decides to try on the pantyhose & leotard, vowing to stay away from the play pen.

As Star pulls the shiny hose up over her bare legs she begins to notice a pleasurable sensation, she never imagined that pantyhose could feel so good, of course this pair is particularly silky & shiny. As she zips up the leotard the pantyhose are pressed firmly against her pussy. She grabs the pacifier & places it in her mouth. Overcome with pleasure, Star rocks side to side on her back, extending her long nylon legs in the air. The pleasure indeed reached a level she has never experienced before. Not wanting to take any chances, Star quickly goes to remove the pacifier, pantyhose & leotard after she cums. She finds it impossible. None of the items will budge. She can't pull the pacifier out of her mouth, the zipper on the leotard is stuck firm & she is unable to rip off the pantyhose.

In a panic, she stands up, desperate to avoid any possible regression. In her panic she trips and falls backwards into the play pen. Star struggles, pressing her hands up against the mesh, her legs kicking in the air as she cries out for help. She continues to moan in pleasure as she tries to fight the process, but soon her demeanor calms, her legs kick rhythmically and she gazes blankly up at her nylon feet.

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Includes pantyhose, age regression, struggling, magic control, leotard

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