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Sensitivity Test
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx can't feel tactile sensations and came to me (Star Nine) for medical help. Stripping down to her bra and panties, she lies down and is oblivious as I use the stethoscope from her chest down to her groin. Medicine will help and she finds it strange as my long fingernails graze her skin.

Awakening in a rope bondage spreadeagle, she's confused as I explain that I need to see if she's regained sensitivity. She's shocked when I'm nipple licking and bucks when belly licking, emphasizing her pronounced ribcage. Going further down, her inner thighs react well to the treatment.

She assumes she's cured, but she needs feather tickling. Armpit tickling, tit tickling, and belly tickling are done with the soft side and the poking base of the feather causes sensual gasps, grunts and giggles. The stomach tickling causes her to do deep belly sucking to avoid contact.

There's no escaping the tease and denial pussy tickling. Edging her leads to her clenching her red toenails in a tickling orgasm!

Includes tickling, sensual tickling, medical fetish, bondage, belly fetish

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Sex Change
Featuring Star Nine

A car accident got you in my ER and you injured your penis? It's not normal to have a wife operate on a husband, but since this is the emergency room, I will save your dick.

Prepped in the exam room, I gasp at your ruptured testicles. Opening the scalpel, it looks like I won't have to use it, but will have to suture balls because I need those in our personal life! Things look stable and you will need to have iced balls for a while. I pull out the drill to work on your fractured penis.

During the operation, a phone call interrupts surgery but I learn that your fiance you've been hiding is worried about you. There's no hope in saving your balls since you're a two timing loser. Let's remove the sutures and castrate testicles. you don't deserve nerve endings when I turn your penis into a shiny new pink pussy, so let's drill your cock off. How's your anesthesia?

Let's close up that stump where your big beautiful cock used to be and tell girlfriend about your sex change operation!

Includes gender transformation, cbt instruction, gelding, penectomy, cheating

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine castration penectomies medical fetish medical exam med exam medical clinic doctor fetish scolding fetish confrontation female domination POV femdom POV cheating fetish homewreckers home wreckers home wrecking homewrecking blondes tall women tall woman kink mask fetish masks gloves glove fetish hot wife hot wives verbal humiliation

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14 minutes


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Prison Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

your medical exam looks normal and I just have to put this chastity cage on you before releasing you back to the Warden. All prisoners are required to be caged in chastity for your safety as well as the female guards, although they will still be in control of your cock.

you men are so sensitive about your precious little balls. Dangling the keys, I assure you there is nothing to worry about. you'll find this chastity caging comfortable once you acclimate to decreased hard ons.

Despite being locked up in a maximum security prison, you're concerned about having access to your chastity cage keys? you'll learn to pee sitting down and be grateful that your depraved cellmates will be locked up too.

Feel that metal cage digging into your flesh as I cocktease you with my long legs. Welcome to your new helpless world as a criminal without access.

Includes chastity, humiliation, female supremacy, female domination, tease & denial

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine keyholding caging fetish orgasm control orgasm denial cock tease and denial pov femdom pov sensual domination medical fetish medical clinic doctor fetish stethoscope prison play verbal humiliation leather fetish leather skirt shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothing shiny clothes pantyhose/stockings pantyhose domination blondes tall woman kink

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Castration Sentence
Featuring Star Nine

I'm Dr. Star Nine and you've been properly restrained for this invasive procedure to remove testicles as ordered by the Court. It's important that you're immobilized because we don't want to accidentally do a penectomy. Although the castration is an appropriate punishment for a naughty boy.

My long fingernails graze my deep plunging silk blouse as I explain the painful procedure. There will be ball bondage using this metal clamp. We hope to keep your disobedient cock far away because this sharp scalpel allows me to make the incision.

I would love to remove all of your Manhood, but legally I am unable. I can demonstrate how I will be slicing the ball sac, popping the testicles out and removing excess flesh, stitching you up. you don't need your testes to live and they're easy to remove.

your victims will watch your ball torment. you claim it wasn't your fault, only those slutty women taunting you with their flesh. your hard on is reacting to my cleavage and long legs. After your castration surgery, you won't get a hard cock. Stripping my satin blouse and tit grabbing, I'm cock teasing about how you will become impotent to such sexual stimulus. The testosterone will be gone and you will be left with a smooth void between your legs where hanging testicles used to hang.

There will be no acting on your sexual urges and it makes you more vulnerable. you will never be as superior as a woman. After your ball removal, they will be burned and can never be reattached.

I will be doing a topless castration procedure because I need you hard. you can also look at my full fashion stockings if you have a leg fetish. A flaccid dick gets in the way. So no soft dicks before I clamp and slice.

you should be looking forward to your new life as a compliant castrated male.

Includes gelding, humiliation, cbt instruction, female supremacy, medical fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - orgasm control orgasm denial chastity medical clinic Doctor fetish BDSM instruction verbal humiliation female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination scolding fetish cock tease & denial cock tease and denial garter and stockings vintage stocking pantyhose/stockings eyeglasses eye glasses fetish clothes fetish clothing shiny blouses shiny fetish shiny clothing shiny clothes blondes tall women tall woman kink

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Doctor KO
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Superheroine Star Nine tells Dr. Candle Boxxx about her heroic misadventures, not knowing that she is a Supervillain. Star thinks there is a spell blocking her memory. The doctor suggests a medical exam and her stethoscope causes lightheadedness. An eye check triggers her previous training and Candle recounts her KO exploits in a series of vignettes.

The medical professional "accidentally" gives her knockout spray. Star's fluttering eyes cross until she slumps and Candle ragdolls her arms. A neck pressure point knockout causes her to gasp and go limp. A spiked drink causes heavy eyes and she slumps on the exam table. Her tight ass receives a poison dart and her body tumbles from the medical table to the floor.

Candle admits that she bought the sleeping supplies from a villain website to take away Star's memory. She loves groping the helpless superheroine but can't lose her credibility. Now her long red fingernails can grope Star without punishment!

Star complains that it smells like chloroform, and Candle wonders if she has phantom odors that continually drug her even when not given a dose. In a flashback, she's given a chloroform rag.

More knockout treatments ensue with IV drugs, a needle to the neck, and a gas mask, under the guise that they will give energy. Candle gives a mantra to "let go" until her patient goes still.

Stripping Star's clothes, Candle is always amazed at her perfect body and can't stop from tit squeezing her.

Memory spray erases any of the evil doctor's misdeeds and Star happily makes an appointment for next month.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, medical fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS - medical exam medical clinic Doctor fetish superheroines super villains gas mask fetish sensual domination female domination femdom roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies pantyhose/stockings eyeglasses braids pigtails ponytails redheads red hair blondes kink tall woman tall women

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