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Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star thanks the doctor for agreeing to see her on such short notice - she's just been through a terrifying episode, coming to from having fell asleep at the wheel. She racks her brain, trying to figure out whether this has happened before.

The doctor thinks she may be narcoleptic. She passes out mid conversation. He waves his hand in front of her eyes, snaps his fingers, slaps her awake.

Oh no, did it just happen again?

Their conversation continues, she passes out again. This time he shyly gropes her breast, curiously lifts her hand & drops it, curiously lifts her hand and rubs it against the crotch of his pants. He gets hard, gets into it, but it occurs to him he doesn't know when she's going to wake up! He reaches up to her mouth, prods it with his fingers before gently shaking her awake again.

He tries to ask her how long she usually passes out for, but she has no idea.

He looks at his watch. She's not passing out now. He's getting impatient. Why did he wake her up! He begins to pace as he talks. Trying not to end the appointment just yet, trying to keep talking so that she has to stay and pass out again.

Frustrated he begins to fidget with a drawer where he keeps a sedative for emergencies. He asks if she's tried any alternative therapies . . . meditation, acupuncture, as he paces behind her and jabs the needle into her neck.

Now he knows precisely how long he has. He strips & molests her limp body. He rubs himself through his pants with her hand before positioning her limp limbs, ass up in the air. He gently brushes the hair out of her face before penetrating her. Fucking her limp body from behind.

It's quite the struggle to get her back into her bra and dress. Once he's brought her back around he reminds her to wear loose clothing for tomorrow's sleep study.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, Limp Play, Groping

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23 minutes



Kym in the Asylum
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Kym yells gibberish as she struggles in her straitjacket against the bare wall. The nurse comes in to calm her down with a shot, she's disturbing the other patients. Kym's eyes cross and flutter shut. The nurse returns as she wakes. It's time for her treatment. The nurse relieves Kym's nerves, applying the Hitachi to her sensitive clit while holding her mouth open with a dental gag. The patient becomes agitated and needs to be sedated again. The day's treatment continues. The patient is sedated over and over again as she reacts poorly to treatment. Finally she is gagged with a butterfly gag and subjected to electrotherapy with the violet wand.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, StraightJacket, Hand Over Mouth

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11 minutes



The Anesthesia Scheme
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Glee spreads across Star's face as she stands beside the doctor gazing down at the hospital bed. Her business rival Cupcake SinClair lays there, hooked up to the IV, unconscious. Star suggests the doctor may want to leave the room for insurance purposes. He reluctantly complies.

Star crawls on top of the hospital bed, lifting Cupcakes limp limbs and mocking her. She cuts off the flow of the IV drip, waking her victim as she shoves a gloved hand inside her body. Cupcake gasps in terror as Star mocks her, one hand inside and one clamped over her mouth. She increases the IV flow knocking Cupcake back out.

It's time to pay off the doctor. He thumbs through the envelope as Star continues to gloat. This isn't what they agreed on. Star brushes it off, suggests he could make some money renting out the limp patient. The doctor has another idea, he plunges a syringe into Star's neck and she goes limp in his arms. He strips her down to her pantyhose and secures her limp limbs in a straitjacket. She is not pleased when she wakes up. Yelling and struggling to get to her feet, Star tries to wake Cupcake to free her. She's making too much noise. The doctor returns and knocks her back out, draping her limp body atop Cupcakes on the hospital bed. Now he has two limp girls to make money off of.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, StraightJacket, Hand Over Mouth

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14 minutes



Dixie & The Chiropractor
Featuring Dixie Comet & Nate Liquor

Dixie's starting to think that having to see the chiropractor over and over is a scam. She doesn't think he's helping that much & rolls her eyes at his use of the word adjustment. She's a huge brat and his hands linger longer on her shoulders, he's feeling the vertebra in the neck, trying to remember something he leaned not to do in school. She calls him out on his pause & he makes a quick movement, knocking her out.

Admitting his creepiness, he unbuttons her blouse to take a look and a grope. He tosses her limp arms around, pulls up her skirt, and removes her sexy lace panties to reveal her smooth, shaved pussy. He plunges his fingers in, adding spit for lubrication, commenting on his professionalism. He prods around in her tight pussy - there are adjustments that can be made in there, but they've fallen out of fashion for some reason. Dixie is quickly turning into his favorite patient. He moves up the table, unzipping his pants and dropping them to the floor. He bounces his hard cock on her face before wrapping her limp fingers around his cock and beginning to stroke. He digs in her open mouth for spit and fucks her limp hand until he cums all over her exposed torso. He pulls her clothes mostly back together - plausible deniability, and silently prays that he'll be able to wake her back up. He carefully readjusts her neck and she wakes right back up. Didn't even notice she was out.

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Limp Fetish, Sleep Fetish, Medical Fetish, Medical Clinic, Groping, Limp Play

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12 minutes



Chemically Castrated
Featuring Star Nine

I seductively take your vitals. You seem excited. I lean over to press my stethoscope to your chest, giving you a good look at mine. I whisper in your ear. You want to fuck me, don't you?. I drop the otoscope, I look back at you over my shoulder as I bend over to pick it up. My short white uniform rides up. Enjoying the view? That gown leaves little to the imagination . . . it looks like you have a thing for nurses. I lean into you as I unzip my dress I can make your fantasy come true, would you like that? Would you like to fuck me right here in the exam room?

Oh, don't worry . . . the doctor is always running late. I wouldn't expect him for at least another half hour . . . besides, he has his own indiscretions to worry about.

Just lie down, let me do all the work -

You just have to promise me one thing - promise you won't fuck any other women after me.

You're drooling, gasping, you'd promise me anything right now.

I fuck you in multiple positions, the best you've ever had. I let you cum in my tight ass hole. You're completely spent, exhausted.

I climb off & you watch me dress. I tell you I have a little surprise for you.

I prepare the syringe. Remind you of your promise. I plunge the needle into your ass. Chemical castration. It's irreversible. You'll thank me later. Men are so much better off without their constant, pathetic urges.

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Gelding/Stockings, Nurse Play, Virtual Sex, Medical Clinic, Medical Fetish, Uniforms

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