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Stocking Fantasy Therapy
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx saunters in her office with her highly arched pumps and black vintage nylons. She wore a sexy pencil skirt, button down blouse and wide belt specifically for your therapy session.

She's shoe dangling her shiny black pumps while confirming that you want to quit having her as your therapist. How did you cure your obsession with garter belts and silky stockings?

A flash of light and she drops the dangling stiletto off, revealing her reinforced toe stockings. Wearing one shoe, she uses the other foot to rub her nylon legs before kicking them off for shoe licking. You can't avert your gaze as she's doing shoe worship like a blowjob. Another flash of light and you're back to reality and her full fashioned stockings are back in their high heeled stilettos. She adjusts her eyeglasses when she scolds you for masturbating, but accepts your suggestion that her prescription needs to be updated.

Pen sucking, she wants to know how you cured yourself of a nylon addiction. She realizes that sucking pens is bothering you and replaces it with sucking the stem of her eye glasses. In your fantasy world, she holds the stems in her red fingernails and cockteases.

Noticing that you are sweating, she hands some tissues and wants to dive into your method of mantra mind control. Finger sucking, and playing with her stilettos heels, she signals her approval just as you go into your fantasy world. With her legs spread wide and her dangling heels, she pulls out a big dildo. Sliding the shaft into the thigh of her FF stockings, she knows your desires. Dildo sucking the head and deepthroating the cock, she wishes she was giving you a blowjob.

Back to reality, she's trying to get your attention and confronts you for having your cock out. She pushes forward and wants to see if your mental control tricks work. If it does, she will release you from her psychiatric care.

She starts a sensual strip tease, releasing her chignon and unbuttoning her blouse. Standing and kicking off her skirt, she shows off the garter belt and stockings while encouraging you to start stroking.

She doesn't want you to cum just yet, and continues her striptease seduction by peeling off her panties and revealing her full bush. The front opening bra reveals her large breasts.

Whipped cream is applied to her big boobs and she starts licking it off. Unstrapping one garter belt strap, she does nylon teasing and shoe teasing. Peeling the nylons down her long legs, she leaves it partly on while foot teasing you.

Giving jerk off encouragement, she's pleased that you give a facial. Grabbing the whipping cream, she puts it on her toes for some self foot worship.

Unhooking the other garter, she strips the other black nylon down her leg and encourages another big load. It looks like your mantras didn't work and you will be under her care for a long time. Calling you closer, she admits that she loves mindfucking you. It makes her cum to manipulate you. Now go set up your next appointment with her nurse.

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Includes garter & stockings, mind fuck, joi, cock tease, sensual domination

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30 minutes



Doctor KO
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Superheroine Star Nine tells Dr. Candle Boxxx about her heroic misadventures, not knowing that she is a Supervillain. Star thinks there is a spell blocking her memory. The doctor suggests a medical exam and her stethoscope causes lightheadedness. An eye check triggers her previous training and Candle recounts her KO exploits in a series of vignettes.

The medical professional "accidentally" gives her knockout spray. Star's fluttering eyes cross until she slumps and Candle ragdolls her arms. A neck pressure point knockout causes her to gasp and go limp. A spiked drink causes heavy eyes and she slumps on the exam table. Her tight ass receives a poison dart and her body tumbles from the medical table to the floor.

Candle admits that she bought the sleeping supplies from a villain website to take away Star's memory. She loves groping the helpless superheroine but can't lose her credibility. Now her long red fingernails can grope Star without punishment!

Star complains that it smells like chloroform, and Candle wonders if she has phantom odors that continually drug her even when not given a dose. In a flashback, she's given a chloroform rag.

More knockout treatments ensue with IV drugs, a needle to the neck, and a gas mask, under the guise that they will give energy. Candle gives a mantra to "let go" until her patient goes still.

Stripping Star's clothes, Candle is always amazed at her perfect body and can't stop from tit squeezing her.

Memory spray erases any of the evil doctor's misdeeds and Star happily makes an appointment for next month.

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Includes sleep fetish, limp fetish, medical fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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11 minutes



A Simple Lobotomy
Featuring Star Nine

I'm in a tough position and don't know what to do. My brother has done some horrible things but I'm the best one to take care of him. You are set to testify but I thought I could explain that he isn't made for prison. Uncrossing my long legs, your eyes are glued to my nylons and shiny black high heels.

We find ourselves in my bedroom and you are bound and helpless. you're temporarily paralyzed until I can finish my procedure. It transforms even the most hostile patient into an obedient submissive. It's the same procedure my brother would undergo if you testified.

you need to keep your eyes wide open or I could cause brain damage with this ice pick. Hold very still for a deep puncture.

you must be so confused but don't worry, I'm a trained nurse. Now you don't have a care in the world and are ready to obey.

How will you pay me for this kindness I have given to you? you won't know what to spend your money on, so hand it over to me and I will take care of your basic needs. I could even set up a hospital bed so I can keep an eye on you.

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Includes nurse play, mental domination, femdom pov, submissive/slave training, mind fuck

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10 minutes



Alien Anal Probe
Featuring Star Nine

you've been selected for a breeding program by an alien race. transported from your warm cozy bed to a cold metal table, naked and unable to move. Being bred by hot aliens might sound nice, but your cock is paralyzed by fear. When you fail to get hard on command the seductive alien tries to use mind control to move things along, but your fear block is just too strong. She's able to achieve the desired results by fitting you with a mask of human female pheromones but now she's going to punish you for wasting her time.

She experiments on you, testing your pain response while aroused. Her race has heard about your cultural preoccupation with alien anal probes so for a final mind fuck she penetrates your virgin ass with a long hard beaded dildo that perfectly matches her futuresque bodysuit. Jerking your cock with one gloved hand and penetrating your ass with the hard beaded dildo she is able to retrieve her sample. Finished with you, she transports you back to your bed with memories of a bizarre dream and a sore ass.

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Includes aliens & monsters, femdom pov, medical fetish, female domination, magic control

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17 minutes



Nurse Star Takes Your Balls
Featuring Star Nine

The male libido thrives on obstacles, once a certain degree of arousal occurs there is very little that the male won't agree to in the pursuit of his orgasm.

This is why I knew you wouldn't turn down my little offer, why you wouldn't ask me exactly what it was I wanted in return when you agreed to this exchange.

Your eyes on my white nurses uniform and pantyhose as I handed you the little cup told me all I needed to know about your level of commitment to your own gratification.

Of course the hot nurse will help you get your sperm into the cup. It'll just be between us. Of course you'll do a little favor for me in return.

It's like I was ready for this. I sit on the medical table with my shiny nylon legs crossed as I slowly unbutton my uniform, revealing sexy white lingerie.

It's only after you're rapidly stroking that I reveal my ask, your end of the bargain. Of course you're in no position to deny me.

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Includes nurse play, gelding, medical fetish, pantyhose domination, ball abuse

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10 minutes



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