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Best Pranks
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

I (Star Nine) invited Candle Boxxx over for revenge on a mean prank she played on me. She wore an expensive outfit and is bragging about her practical jokes, oblivious to my hurt feelings.

Stripping my conservative blouse and skirt and revealing a black corset and classic garter and stockings, she thinks we are going to be playing games. She's confused when I pull out a collar and leash and start cropping her ass, but start doing pony play. her Full Fashioned stockings start heel popping her highly arched stilettos. She reveals her reinforced sole stockings as she's crawling.

I command her to wear one shoe and leave the other one off as she's bent over me for otk spanking. Peeling off her panties, she's surprised by the stinging ass smacking. She's humiliated and embarrassed as I have her redress (off camera) and crawl out of the room.

As Candle's standing bound with arms overhead, I punish her with dildo sucking. Grabbing her collar, she apologizes but it's too late and I rip her button up blouse, causing buttons to go flying! She's shocked when I start snipping her skirt off but it's fair after her humiliating joke.

Since she won't shut up, I shove a big black ballgag in her mouth, but she continues gag talking through it! At least it muffles her bitching as she stomps her highly arched pumps. Cutting clothes off of her is satisfying as she whimpers.

Tying a vibrator on her clit, something looks wrong, so I start undoing her garter belt, causing one of the FF stockings to fall down her legs. Disheveled, I leave her alone to struggle. She cums hard and kicks off her one heel and stocking while completely demoralized.

Includes lesbian domination, humiliation, bound orgasms, clothes destruction/burning, female domination

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28 minutes


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Bobby Socks Get You Off
Featuring Star Nine

you are salivating over my white bobby socks pulled over my calves and want my crossed legs to uncross so you can get another otk spanking like last time. Looking down at my white bobbysocks while I was ass smacking gave you a hard on. Dangling my black penny loafers off my socked feet, I suggest that we play sock games as a foot tease.

Do you like the black loafers and taut socks pulled high like knee socks? Imagine the texture as you are in a sock tease and denial game. They're so close, but you can't touch.

Do you prefer when I put on saddle shoes with scrunched socks? The stiff leather shoes sound good as I pull them on and the laces hit the sides. What does your perverted little cock think of that? Do you remember when you stole socks from me and jerked off with them? you love stealing socks for sock masturbation!

Is your cock harder with the scrunchy socks or the taut socks? I see your precum, but that's because you're excited about getting an ass beating.

Removing the black and white saddle shoes, I do sock scrunching before toe pointing and putting on the black leather loafers.

Do you like the folded down socks with the black shoes like a cheerleader? I know this makes you horny.

Giving you a brief foot JOI, I want you to masturbate for my shoes and socks. As soon as you cum, I'm bending you over my lap with your cock on my wool skirt, facing my socks and shoes as I'm hairbrush spanking you.

Look who came immediately.

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Includes socks, babysitter, shoe fetish, cock tease, BDSM instruction

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6 minutes


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Back in Diapers
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane comes home from university and immediately gets herself in trouble with her step-mother. Ashley had resolved to stand up for herself & resist obeying her step-mother's strange house rules, but her bratty attitude gets her nowhere. Star swiftly pulls Ashley over her knee and gifts her a hard spanking until Ashley promises to be good. Star orders Ashley out of her trampy alcohol scented clothes & lays her down on the changing table. While under her roof, Ashley will be wearing diapers.

Ashley complains that she's hungry but instead of a snack, her step-mom nurses her. After burping Ashley she sets her down in front of the tv whlle she does some housework. Ashley quickly needs to pee after her nursing, she contemplates using the restroom, but she knows she'll just get in more trouble. She wets her diaper and fusses until Star comes and changes her.

Put down for a nap, Ashley tosses and turns, unable to doze off. Her hands drift down towards her thick diaper and she begins to pleasure herself. TTo her frustration, Star returns and leans in, offering to help! Ashley insists that she can cum on her own, but her step-mom drops her pants revealing a strap-on cock! Star swiftly plucks the pacifier out of Ashley's mouth & replaces it with the dildo. Ashley obediently sucks. Star pulls Ashley's diaper down and eats her pussy before bending her over the couch and fucking her hard. Afterwards she rediapers her obedient little girl, Ashley's attitude is much improved from the fucking & she squeals gleefully when Star pops her binky back in her mouth.

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Includes diaper fetish, otk spanking, strap-on, pussy eating, lesbian domination

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24 minutes


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Babysitter Trouble
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Star's new babysitting gig quickly gets out of hand. First of all, her new client is an adult baby, but if that isn't bad enough, Alison is insistent that she doesn't want to be judged & that her babysitter must also wear diapers! Star is resistant, but Alison reminds her of how much she is being paid and soon Star is on the changinf table getting a pink diaper. Alison says it's time for her feeding, but Star reaches for her clothes. Alison quickly grabs them and throws them in the trash. Star threatens a spanking, but Alison quickly pulls her over her knee and gives her some hard smacks. Star thinks that she's getting things under control as Alison calmly sucks at her nipple. Star notices that Alison has wet her diaper and Alison quickly slips into baby mode, freaking out and demanding a change. Star gets her to the changing table, but once she's removed the wet diaper Alison demands that she eat her out! Obviously the baby sitter is in over her head. She eats Alison's pussy as Alison contentedly sucks her thumb. After Alison cums Star asks to use the bathroom but Alison insists that she go in her diaper. Now it's time for Star's changing & orgasm. She thinks Alison will just lick her pussy and is shocked when she gets out a big strap-on cock. Freshly fucked, the babysitter finds herself on her knees sucking her client's cock.

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Includes abdl, diaper fetish, otk spanking, strap-on, pussy eating, lesbian domination

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20 minutes


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Submissive Escape
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

In the shocking conclusion to Mesmerizing Counter Offer & Twin Slaves, Ashley Lane turns the tables on her captor.

Star is frustrated with her slave's poor behavior and ingratitude - walking instead of crawling, wearing a fancy dress instead of nothing at all, talking back, not saying thank you for her punishment . . .

Star spanks her slave & fondles her, pinching her nipples and telling her that her breasts & ass belong to Star, she is Star's property. Fed up, Star cuffs and collars her slave, lecturing her about how hopeless she is, what a shitty, worthless submissive.

Ashley apologizes for her ineptitude, explaining that she just doesn't know how to be a good submissive. She reaches out her cuffed hands to caress Star. Star pushes her insubordinate hands away & agrees that perhaps modeling the proper behavior would help her slave do better.

Star uncuffs her property, reminding her of who is in charge, before leaning over the dresser & presenting her shiny latex ass. Ashley takes a couple of tentative swats at it. Star encourages her & Ashley pulls down her top, groping her and swatting her ass. Star is apparently enjoying this & Ashley suggests that she strip. Star hesitates, but agrees to give Ashley just one more lesson in submission.

Now that Star is nude, Ashley collars & cuffs her. Star begins to protest when she crams a giant ball-gag into her mouth, but by then it is too late. The tables have turned & Star accepts the maid outfit when Ashley presents it to her, after all, it is what Star recommends for submissives, isn't it?

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Lesbian Domination, Submissive/Slave Training, OTK Spanking, Spanking, Latex, Spanking F/F

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28 minutes


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