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Catwoman's Orgasm Tease
Featuring Star Nine

After days of struggling in her ropes, Catwoman returns to relentlessly tease you, making herself cum right in front of you while reminding you that you'll never be able to fuck this kitty. Post orgasm she threatens to go out and find a real man to fuck while you watch tied up and helpless.

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Includes super villain, femdom pov, tease & denial, orgasms

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5 minutes



Teacher Loses Control
Featuring Star Nine

English Professor, Star Nine, finds herself in a humiliating situation when a student comes across some risque photos of her online. Since she can't allow the photos to get out, Star agrees to go along with her student's humiliating orders.

The next day she receives a package in the mail containing clothing that she is ordered to wear to class. She gets dressed in the black pantyhose, high heels, sheer white shirt and tiny mini-skirt. When she looks in the mirror she is horrified to see her nipples clearly through the thin white shirt. Star tries to strategically pull her long hair in front to cover her nipples, but as she delivers her lecture to the class her nervous fidgeting inadvertently exposes her nipples for all to see.

Star is grateful that the day is over, but she returns home to another package. This one contains a remote control vibrator and instructions to insert it into her pussy and wear it to class the next day in the same outfit. Star is horrified to see that the remote is missing from the package, presumably in the hands of the student who will be controlling it during class!

Star nervously stands in front of the class and begins to discuss the assignment. As anticipated, the vibrator turns on mid-sentence! She stumbles through her lecture trying to ignore the powerful vibrations. She's relieved when the vibration stops, but it only starts again, teasing her. Eventually it's left on and she struggles to suppress her moans and squeeze her legs together to keep from cumming loudly in front of the entire class! She's just about to lose it when she's literally saved by the bell.

At home again, Star lies on the bed in nothing but a pair of sheer brown pantyhose. She pleads with the student that after this it all has to stop. He turns on her hitatchi and teases her a bit before holding it right on her clit. Star tries desperately not to cum but finally succumbs to a humiliating orgasm as the hands of her student.

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Includes woman following orders, forced orgasms, humiliation, embarrassed nude female, blackmail fantasy

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21 minutes



Pantyhose Edging Solo
Featuring Star Nine

Delicious toe curling edging in pantyhose. Watch my nylon feet curl and arch as I bring myself to the edge over and over and then spread my toes wide as I finally release.

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Includes orgasms, vibrator, edging, pantyhose, foot fetish

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6 minutes



Shiny Pantyhose Girls with Daphney Rose
Featuring Daphney Rose & Star Nine

A remastered full video of Shiny Pantyhose Girls 1 & 2 and bonus Shredded Shiny Pantyhose featuring Daphney Rose from 2013 at a reduced price.

Someone left and Star a nice, shiny, present. The box looks like it's been tampered with, but Star & Daphney are easily distracted by the contents - nice, shiny, silky 15 den Gabriellas. The girls immediately shed their boring regular hose & slip into the luxurious, shiny, new pantyhose. They caress each others' silky legs and admire the glossy sheen.

Daphney & Star eventually peel their eyes off of each other's shiny legs and asses long enough to notice what else is in the box . . . two remote control vibrators! They briefly question the wisdom of using vibrators from an obviously tampered with package, but decide to use them anyways - placing them in their pantyhose. They trade remotes and then begin to rub up against each other and kiss. Gliding in their pantyhose with the strong vibrators buzzing away Daphney & Star trib and kiss to multiple orgasms.

Bonus - In all the excitement, Star got a run in her shiny new pantyhose so Daphney playfully helps her shred them completely.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, tribbing, vibrators, orgasms, clothing destruction

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21 minutes



Brain Drained By Catwoman
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope has been stalking her idol, Catwoman, and sneaks into her lair. She's all dressed up for the occasion in a tight leotard and kitty hat. Penelope is nervous and excited when Catwoman catches her. She stumbles over her prepared words, suggesting that they work together, and detailing all the ways that she could be a useful partner. Catwoman has no patience for this nonsense & menaces Penelope with her whip. Catwoman doesn't have "partners", she has minions. Male minions who are easily controlled by their hard cocks.

Clearly Penelope is stupid enough to have stumbled into Catwoman's lair, but not stupid enough to be a minion. Catwoman muses on which of her traps she'll use to get rid of Penelope while Penelope desperately tries to convince Catwoman that she would make a good minion. To Penelope's relief Catwoman, in a moment of inspiration, devises a plan to turn Penelope into a cum drunk mindless drone.

Catwoman collars Penelope and brings her to her knees. Stripped of her costume, Penelope sits on the sybian. Catwoman turns the powerful vibrations all the way up, groping and rubbing Penelope through her first orgasm. With her future minion handcuffed and shackled, her collar attached to her ankles to prevent unwanted movement, Catwoman leaves Penelope to cum over and over again until she is a cum drained, mindless, drooling mess.

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Includes super villain, lesbian domination, sybian, bound orgasms, mental domination, slave training

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20 minutes



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