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MILF Makes You Gay For BBC
Featuring Star Nine

Mommy found your stash of BBC cuckold porn & calls you into the living room for a little chat. You fidget uncomfortably as she moves in and out of yoga poses talking about BBC and speculating as to whether you might be gay. Mommy's talk about the superiority of BBC makes your little white dicklet hard. She goes into how important it is to always make sure to please a woman as she slips her running shoe off and pushes her toes towards your mouth.

Flipping around she peels off her tight yoga pants and encourages you to stroke your tiny white dick as she talks about getting railed by BBC. You can't believe how into this you are & neither can she. Suddenly she backs away, worrying aloud that BBC has made you gay. She decides to turn you into a little cumlicker, training you to lap up the hot black cum from between her legs. She moans in pleasure as you eagerly eat up every imaginary drop. She cums as she yells for you to be gay for BBC.

As you continue to stroke, Mommy repeats "Cum for black cock" over and over in a mesmerizing voice. If you weren't gay for BBC at the start of this conversation, you will be by the end.

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Includes BBC, taboo, mesmerize, forced bi, cuckold

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19 minutes



Peeping Piss
Featuring Star Nine

I know all about perverts like you. Lurking in alleyways, waiting for some poor unsuspecting girl to empty her bladder in front of you. You disturb me midstream. I jump up & berate you, first trying to scare you away, then pleading with you, then finally giving in. My bladder is busting & more pee trickles out as I try to shoo you away. My friends are waiting in the uber & you won't be dissuaded for your perversion. Finally I squat and finish, berating you as my golden nectar pours out.

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Includes pee, desperation, toilet fetish, toilet humiliation, humiliation

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9 minutes



Ivy's Special Flower
Featuring Pepper Kester & Star Nine

Ivy is developing something in her lab which has amazing implications for infiltrating and destroying capitalism, but also has the side effect of creating an exquisite crystal flower with unknown hypnotic powers. Catwoman of course must possess such a rare and beautiful item. Ivy's vines alert her & wrap around Catwoman as she is staring at her prize, transfixed.

Ivy walks in & Catwoman snaps out of it. She accuses Ivy of it being a trap, how else could she have gotten here so quickly. Ivy is confused, her vines alerted her 15 minutes ago, shouldn't the thief be gone by now? Catwoman goes to move & realizes the vines are wrapped all around her. She makes some threats. Ivy muses about what a shame it is that Catwoman is so brainwashed by capitalism, so easily pleased with shiny things, so greedy. If only she would use her powers to destroy mankind.

Catwoman is resistant & Ivy gets a gleam in her eye - her pollen will take root in Catwoman's brain & allow them to join forces! She blows her pollen & Catwoman begins to laugh. Why don't you call off your vines Ivy & I'll show you a good fight. Ivy is confused. Catwoman explains that her dusty old plant parts won't work on her. Batman loves to lose track of his utility belt when they tangle & she got her claws onto some of his nasal spray.

Ivy steps in & begins to tease Catwoman about her intoxicating kisses. She teases quite a bit, talking about how much Batman loves her kisses & angering Catwoman. Her anger gently subsides as Ivy begins to kiss her & she kisses back voraciously, telling Ivy to call off her vines so that she can show her how she likes to bat her playthings around.

Finally Ivy takes the crystal flower out of Catwoman's hand & is stunned by it's calming hypnotic powers. She peers more closely at it & can't take her eyes off of it. Lost in the sacred geometry of the crystal lotus flower she has completely forgotten about Catwoman & her vines have too.

As the vines fall away, Catwoman jealously looks at the crystal lotus but decides against it, leaving Ivy enthralled in it's gaze.

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Includes superheroine, mesmerize, kissing, super villain

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12 minutes



Stocking Assassin
Featuring Star Nine

You wake up to me getting dressed. The view through the tangled sheets shows me sexily putting on my stockings & lingerie. You can't quite recall the previous night, but of course you assume the best. I notice that you're awake & start thanking you for last night. Your ego swells and then falls as you realize I'm thanking you for giving me the information you should have protected. You're a sucker for stockings, you really never stood a chance. I stand to go. Of course, I can't allow you to stop me. You start to struggle, only now realizing the nylon tying your limbs to the bed. I straddle you & choke you to death with another vintage seamed stocking. A fitting end don't you think?

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, stocking domination, vintage stockings

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11 minutes



Standing Pee
Featuring Star Nine

Star stirs in her sleep, nude except for her toe rings, watch and anklet. She wakes from her afternoon nap and rushes to the toilet where she doesn't have time to sit down. She pees standing up, a strong & steady stream of piss shooting into the toilet.

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Includes pee, all natural, toe rings, watch fetish

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3 minutes



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