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Diaper Relationship
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star snaps when her younger girlfriend, Ashley Lane, refuses to get pregnant. She throws the fact that Ashley is no gold star lesbian, having had sex with plenty of men before. in her face before deciding that she's going to have a baby girl one way or another. She orders her girlfriend to strip down out of her big girl clothes, threatening to throw her out of the house if she doesn't.

Ashley is disturbed, but follows Star's orders as she diapers her up and makes her breast feed.

After the breastfeeding, Star and Ashley are making out and Ashley asks to take her diaper off so that she can go to the bathroom. Maybe Ashley thinks this little game is over, but it's definitely not! Star makes Ashley pee in her diaper and then changes her, puts her in a onesie, and prepares to put her down for a nap. Ashley's eyes widen in disbelief as Star drags a playpen into the living room.

Day 2 and Ashley is still in diapers. Star is trying to get her out of the house to go run some errands & Ashley wants to stay home, she looks ridiculous with the thick diaper showing under her pants. Star informs her that she can't leave her home since she's a baby now & threatens to make her go out in her onesie if she doesn't stop complaining. Ashley relents.

As they return home Ashley is whining about her wet diaper. Star gets her out of her clothing to change her, but Ashley won't stop complaining so Star makes her sit in it instead. Frustrated in her playpen, Ashley begins to scheme.

As Star finally changes her out of her wet Diaper, Ashley threatens to call Star's mother & best friend to tell them all about what Star has been up to. With this threat Ashley is able to get even, forcing Star into a diaper, making her wet it & then taking her our to run errands in the wet diaper.

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Includes diaper fetish, breast feeding, lesbian domination, mental domination

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25 minutes



Shiny Pantyhose Girls with Daphney Rose
Featuring Daphney Rose & Star Nine

A remastered full video of Shiny Pantyhose Girls 1 & 2 and bonus Shredded Shiny Pantyhose featuring Daphney Rose from 2013 at a reduced price.

Someone left and Star a nice, shiny, present. The box looks like it's been tampered with, but Star & Daphney are easily distracted by the contents - nice, shiny, silky 15 den Gabriellas. The girls immediately shed their boring regular hose & slip into the luxurious, shiny, new pantyhose. They caress each others' silky legs and admire the glossy sheen.

Daphney & Star eventually peel their eyes off of each other's shiny legs and asses long enough to notice what else is in the box . . . two remote control vibrators! They briefly question the wisdom of using vibrators from an obviously tampered with package, but decide to use them anyways - placing them in their pantyhose. They trade remotes and then begin to rub up against each other and kiss. Gliding in their pantyhose with the strong vibrators buzzing away Daphney & Star trib and kiss to multiple orgasms.

Bonus - In all the excitement, Star got a run in her shiny new pantyhose so Daphney playfully helps her shred them completely.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, tribbing, vibrators, orgasms, clothing destruction

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21 minutes



Pissing Villainess
Featuring Ashley Lane

Villainess Ashley Lane has you tied up in her lair. She taunts you, you call yourself a superhero when she is obliviously so much stronger, smarter, and sexier. She knows that deep down under all of your ethics and morals you really just want to fuck her. The villainess begins to grind on her pillow, aroused by her power. She grabs her vibrator and continues to taunt you, spitting and moaning as she gets herself off right in front of you. Her costume grows wet from her squirt.

As she was moaning and grinding you managed to get your hands free and now you surprise her with an electrical shock. She releases a torrent of piss before falling face down on the bed. More urine leaks out from her costume as she lies there.

Ashley recovers and angrily berates you. As she's furiously detailing how she plans to destroy you, you interrupt her with an uppercut and she flies back onto the bed, her face landing in a puddle of piss.

She sits up, face and hair covered in her own piss and begins to crawl away. You reach out and shock her ass and then slide the devise under her convulsing body. As she shakes from the electrical charge she pisses herself again and is left a wet & drooling mess.

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Includes pee fetish, pissing, super villain, squirting, solo masturbation

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16 minutes



Stella Loves Feet
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella absolutely devours my feet after a dry quarantine. It's been over a year since she last had access to beautiful feminine feet and almost two years since she last had mine!

She starts off expertly worshiping my feet in pantyhose, removing and smelling my high heels first. By the time she peels my nylons off my feet are absolutely soaked. Totally foot drunk, Stella continues to ravish my sexy bare soles until I gently point out that she's being a bit selfish ;)

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Includes barefoot, pantyhose, foot worship, foot fetish

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12 minutes



Back in Diapers
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane comes home from university and immediately gets herself in trouble with her step-mother. Ashley had resolved to stand up for herself & resist obeying her step-mother's strange house rules, but her bratty attitude gets her nowhere. Star swiftly pulls Ashley over her knee and gifts her a hard spanking until Ashley promises to be good. Star orders Ashley out of her trampy alcohol scented clothes & lays her down on the changing table. While under her roof, Ashley will be wearing diapers.

Ashley complains that she's hungry but instead of a snack, her step-mom nurses her. After burping Ashley she sets her down in front of the tv whlle she does some housework. Ashley quickly needs to pee after her nursing, she contemplates using the restroom, but she knows she'll just get in more trouble. She wets her diaper and fusses until Star comes and changes her.

Put down for a nap, Ashley tosses and turns, unable to doze off. Her hands drift down towards her thick diaper and she begins to pleasure herself. TTo her frustration, Star returns and leans in, offering to help! Ashley insists that she can cum on her own, but her step-mom drops her pants revealing a strap-on cock! Star swiftly plucks the pacifier out of Ashley's mouth & replaces it with the dildo. Ashley obediently sucks. Star pulls Ashley's diaper down and eats her pussy before bending her over the couch and fucking her hard. Afterwards she rediapers her obedient little girl, Ashley's attitude is much improved from the fucking & she squeals gleefully when Star pops her binky back in her mouth.

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Includes diaper fetish, otk spanking, strap-on, pussy eating, lesbian domination

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24 minutes



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