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The Surrogate
Featuring Siren Thorn & Star Nine

Siren Thorn is carrying Star's baby and having second thoughts. She's never felt something growing inside of her before, never felt that special bond. She can't imagine giving the baby up and expresses her concerns to Star.

Star is flabbergasted but tries to stay level. How dare this silly girl think she could keep Star's genetic child, she's already been paid & has been living with Star & her partner rent free! Star calmly reminds Siren of her contract. Siren makes the mistake of mentioning that she has already been to see a lawyer. Star calmly says that she hopes Siren will reconsider . . .

Perhaps bondage bed rest will keep Siren from getting too excitable & harming the baby. Star chloroforms Siren and leaves her restrained in the attic bedroom while she visits the doctor who helped her procure Siren in the first place. Star returns to a sleeping Siren. She hugs her baby through the other woman's belly.

Siren wakes up and argues with Star about the situtation. Star has no choice but to sedate Siren with the sedative her doctor gave her - a natural compound that shouldn't harm her child. She molests Siren's bare, pregnant, belly. When Siren comes to again she is more pleading. Star forces her to take some vitamins and discusses the situation with Siren some more until she decides to take care of some errands. Star injects Siren again to prevent her from escaping while Star is out.

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3X KOs, Limp Play, Chloroform, Bondage Pregnancy Captivity

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11 minutes