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Gremlins Bukkake 3
Featuring Star Nine

Newcaster Star Nine reports a new story while being held hostage by blood thirsty creatures that are raping and killing the women in the building. They use aphrodisiacs to make the women more orgasmic.

The monsters enter and Star continues reading the news as they're groping and rubbing their hard cocks on her. Blouse ripping and cumming huge loads on her pantyhose doesn't stop her even as she reads about their poisonous semen.

As they are tasering her, she's crying in shrieks. It gets worse as they're vibing her. After her orgasm, she learns that she will be raped and murdered on camera.

The evil creature fucks her in missionary and doggystyle and manages to have more cum to spray on her dying body as she begs for death. Soon she has glazed eyes and lays dead in a pile of jizz.

Includes death fetish, aliens & monsters, bukkake, rape fantasies, damsel in distress

KEYWORDS - Star Nine aliens and monsters bukakke groping pantyhose fetish pantyhose/stockings male domination maledom hitachi magic wands vibrators female orgasms imposed orgasms made to cum forced orgasms strap-ons moaning fetish DID clothing destruction clothes destruction kink blondes tall woman tall women

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22 minutes


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Feature Cumslut
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine wants the feature dancer, Candle Boxxx to audition and the Diva is humiliated that she would have to do something so common. Star is not putting up with this cunt and injects a needle into her neck. Candle's eyes widen and roll to the back of her head. Like a frozen statue, she can't move except to fall stiffly onto the sofa.

Groping her prey, she explains how the new plan will work. From now on, her name is Candy because Star knows she hates that name. They're going to make a home movie showing the arrogant woman before she's broken down from brainwashing and prepared for a sex slave auction.

Putting on a big strap-on, Star's ready to rape her captive. Flopping her limp body to the ground, Star shoves the dildo in her mouth for some cock sucking. She doesn't care if it's a wet dick and the blowjob stops for the strap-on fucking in doggystyle and missionary. Candle's body ragdolls from the banging, but Star chloroforms her for the next round of submissive training.

Candle's in a brain fog as she struggles in her bondage cuffs on a bondage table. The sensory deprivation from the blindfold enhances the effect of the IV drugs used for mind control. The hitachi magic wand will cause the hypnotic induction to imprint on her mind once she's had a forced orgasm.

Candle tries to fight the mantra indoctrination and refuses to submit to the high powered vibrator that bears down on her sensitive clit. Unable to fight the hypno-mind fuck, Candle recites her inductions mindlessly and cums hard from the bondage orgasm. Star rides on top of the electric massager, pussy grinding it harder into her new mind washed slave. Candle's ready to suck cock and fuck strangers just as they have a simultaneous orgasm together.

The whore training continues and the orgasms get more intense as she arches, bucks and she has curled toes in her platform stilettos.

Later, "Candy" is dragged in by a leash and collar and ordered to dance for the slave buyers. She's been given a blonde wig and mind control glasses that keep her docile and tame. Star activates her pavlovian training by putting the vibe on her clit.

Candy begs to cum and uses her black gloved hands to her mouth in desperate need until Star face fucks her with her strapon cock. She stops sucking as she cums hard and falls backward, ready to continue being a fuck doll.

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Includes submissive/slave training, lesbian domination, female training, slut training, mental domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS - female domination femdom sensual domination freeze fetish woman following orders mesmerize mindfuck verbal humiliation electric massager strap-ons bondage device bound orgasms forced orgasms blindfolds struggling fetish clothing fetish clothes pvc/vinyl masks mask fetish blondes redheads kink

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29 minutes


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Gremlins Bukkake 2
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane is a news reporter informing about the monsters that have attacked the city. She's shocked as the creatures enter the newsroom and start groping her. When they rip her blouse open for tit grabbing she gasps but tries to maintain composure.

Dick rubbing her nude torso, they get aroused and start blowing big loads on her breasts and pantyhose feet. She's humiliated by the monster bukakke but tries to read the news with a smile until they start tasering her. Her body convulses in horror. The Hitachi Magic wand is placed on her clit and she's surprised as she cums despite her best intentions at pussy control!

Covered in cum and crying in shame, the Monster gives Ashley breaking news covering her imminent death that will be seen by viewers world wide. Poisonous ejaculate from the creatures will be the cause of her dying. Screaming and falling to the floor, she struggles to escape as he's pantyhose ripping.

Raping her, he sometimes does hand over mouth to keep her quiet, but sometimes likes her screams as her bouncing tits keep rhythm with each pounding. Pushed to doggystyle, she grunts as he's ass smacking her before standing and spraying a big load. Her struggling slows down until she completely dies from their poisonous cum!

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, rape fantasies, aliens & monsters, bukkake

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OTHER KEYWORDS- aliens and monsters rape fetish bukakke humiliation electric massagers vibrators sex toys imposed orgasms made to cum forced orgasms struggling dildo fucking dildos DID peril male domination blondes tall woman tall women kink

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21 minutes


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JOI Interview
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane answers fan interview questions and looks so sexy in her button down blouse and crossed legs. She loves bukkake, getting messy with pantyhose squirting and being a helpless bondage damsel. The dark death videos are fun because of the taboo rape scenes.

She wants to have a little fun after the Q&A, and grabs her vibrating wand while watching her favorite monster video. Describing the action, she loves that you are hard while watching them groping and hair pulling the actress.

Ashley moans as she's clit vibing and she wants you to masturbate while watching. Edging herself closer to orgasm, she encourages you to stroke your cock while listening to the crying girl.

Ashley gets horny watching the scared girl get bukkaked in alien cum, writhing in orgasm. Her eyes roll back and she pushes the vibe harder against her pantyhose gusset so it absorbs more pussy juices.

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Includes joi, masturbation encouragement, interviews, solo female, masturbation

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OTHER KEY WORDS- candid dirty talking electric massagers vibrators sex toys solo female masturbation solo masturbation female orgasms moaning fetish cock tease joe jerk off instruction jerk off encouragement masturbation instruction pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish crossed legs fetish tall woman tall women blondes kink

The name Will is used briefly.

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16 minutes


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Sleepy Belly Worship
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine is lying on the sofa when Ashley Lane walks by in a belly baring shirt. Her slim waist looks so good and needs belly worship.

Star's red fingernails start probing her deep belly button and caressing her taut tummy, surprising Ashley with a chloroform rag. She struggles in Star's arms until KO'ed and held close for belly button fingering.

When completely knocked out, Star brings her to the sofa for belly button probing. Stripping her black high heels on her limp doll, Star drapes Ashley's long legs on her shoulders to peel off her short skirt. In her t-shirt and panties, Ashley gets belly licking and belly tonguing like a metaphorical cock giving a belly fucking.

Awakening she loves the stomach worship but wants to give Star some sensual domination and tummy worship. French kissing, they get hot and bothered before she uses the chloroform bottle on the white rag.

With her long legs wrapping around her, Star's ready for sleepy play as Ashley's French manicured nails are tummy fingering her tight abs. With extended eye rolling, Star finally gets her KO, limp in Ashley's arms. Navel poking and stomach rubbing is better after removing her pants and white socks. The lacy thong stays on and Star's limp body rolls over for belly button licking and belly poking.

Star awakens to her stomach worship and gives Ashley a chloroform dose while belly fingering her. When limp, Star strips her top for some sexy stomach fingering, stomach licking, and tongue fucking her core leaves a spitty belly button.

Rousing, she offers Star another round with standing. Star's arms are like ragdolls when she removes Star's top, and she places Star on her back causing a pronounced ribcage. With her ass in the air like she's in doggystyle, Ashley gives Star ab worship, and it isn't long before Star's twitching awake and sucking in and exhaling deeply.

Ashley's hand is over her girlfriend's as Star is chloroforming her and she goes out. Deep belly button tonguing is hot and she comes to ready to reciprocate. Star tries hard to savor the white rag and loves when it overcomes her with its sleepy fumes.

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Includes belly fetish, belly button fetish, sleep fetish, limp fetish, licking

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OTHER KEYWORDS- knockouts real doll fetish eye rolling body worship blondes kink tall woman tall women

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22 minutes


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