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Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy answers the door and is met with a cloth to the face. The man pushes his way in and she stumbles back to the floor as the chloroform fumes flood her senses. He makes a call before throwing her limp body over his shoulder and carrying her away.

Chrissy is brought to a room where Star is waiting, she admires Chrissy and pulls her up by the hair for a kiss. She pays the man and orders him to leave. Happy to have caught her post-workout, Star lifts Chrissy's sports bra & plays with her ample tits. She pulls Chrissy back into her arms and leans around to lick her nipples.

Star reaches for a bottle of sublingual sleep aid and gently opens Chrissy's mouth to dose her. She gets to work stripping, gagging & tying Chrissy spead-eagle on the bed before removing her own clothing. She glides her body over Chrissy's & slowly makes her way down for a taste.

Chrissy moans and cums in her sleep as Star licks and fingers her. Star gets out the hitatchi and pulls another orgasm from Chrissy's sleepy body before leaving the room.

The man comes back, wanting some Chrissy for himself. He hides and knocks out Star before untying Chrissy & throwing her back over this shoulder.

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Includes lesbian domination, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lift & carry

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Nylon Doll
Featuring Chrissy Daniels & Star Nine

A sudden noise wakes Star. She looks up at the strange redhead, confused. The redhead explains that she came in from the balcony. Star isn't sufficiently afraid, she tries to lead the strange woman out through the front door and is KO'd.

Now Chrissy gets the answer to her burning question - stockings or pantyhose? She tastes her limp prize, worshiping Star's nylon feet and ass, rubbing up against her nylon legs. She pulls her limp body up onto the couch and Star begins to stir.

They roll back to the floor in the struggle. Knocked out again, Star is limp as Chrissy strips her down to her bra and pantyhose. She wakes as Chrissy begins to lick, her tongue on the nylon gusset.

Chrissy's not finished yet, but she is running low on CHC13. Kneeling over her limp plaything, Chrissy strips, she wants to see her little nylon doll in stockings. She trades lingerie with Star, dressing her up in her pink stockings and garter. She has just enough chloroform left to knock Star out one more time. She pulls the expensive black pantyhose up her legs, the gusset wet on her pussy, and climbs back out the balcony, vowing to return.

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Includes clothing swap, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, pantyhose/stockings

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Star Doll
Featuring Star Nine & Aliester Crayn

Aliester plays with his new Star Doll. He bends and poses her stiff limbs and marvels at her anatomically correct form.

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Freeze, Wet & Messy, Body Painting, WAM, Real Doll, Sex Doll

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Fuck Doll
Featuring Milf Gigi & Star Nine

Gigi stares at the maid's bubble butt, it's impossible not to notice, encased in inappropriately tight shorts. Star plays dumb when Gigi confronts her.

Gigi calls Star into the living room, pointing out some stains she missed on the couch. If her husband is going to fuck the maid, it's going to be on her terms. She clamps a chloroform soaked rag over Star's face. Star puts up a fight, but quickly goes limp. Gigi rolls her limp head in her hands and gets to work stripping the slut. She mocks her body as she pulls her skimpy clothes off.

When Star comes to, fully nude, Gigi quickly gets her in a choke-hold while she reaches for the chloroform. After knocking her out again, Gigi positions the maid's limp body on the couch, posing her for her husband, planning to let him use her as a real human fuck doll.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Eye Checks, Limp Fetish, Hand Over Mouth, Maid Fetish

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Sex Doll
Featuring Bailey Paige & Star Nine

Star has been watching Bailey. Such a sensual, petite, little thing. She'd make a perfect sex doll for Star's collection. Star creeps up on her while she is napping and pounces with her chloroform rag, knocking the struggling Bailey into a much deeper kind of sleep.

Star strips her limp doll, flopping her limbs around. She strokes Bailey's face and body tenderly when she comes to, only to put her out again. She removes her wet panties and drapes them over Bailey's unconscious face. Sucks on her little doll's fingers to make them nice and wet before rubbing them all over her pussy to make herself cum.

Bailey comes to with Star's orgasm. She asks if she can leave & Star lets her go through the motions before stepping up behind her as she walks away. Star clamps the rag down over her face one last time. She cradle carries Bailey's limp form back to the couch until she can transport her new sex doll.

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Limp Fetish, 3X Chloroform Knockouts, Lesbian Domination, Lift & Carry, Hand Over Mouth, Limp Masturbation

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