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Lara Croft Bean Defeat
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Lara Croft (Chrissy Marie) just loves to sneak around the jungle, taking things that don't belong to her. Today she's made the grave mistake of stealing from the Jungle Queen. She refuses to give up the treasure, but the Queen knows that Lara's weakness lies hidden under her leather boots.

After trading some blows, the Queen gets Lara down on the ground and removes her leather boots and knee high socks. She massages Lara's petite feet, draining her strength with her special touch. As Lara gradually weakens, the Amazonian puts her through several wrestling holds, all of which give her continued access to Lara's sensitive feet which she continues to lick and suck.

Lara still won't give up the treasure though, so the Amazonian leads her to a special tub filled with Lara's number one weakness. Beans! She tosses Lara head first into the tub and Lara desperately struggles to get out. Her bare feet slipping and sliding in the pit of beans, she ends up completely coated in the vile substance.

Finally, Lara manages to climb out of the pit, but she's too weak to stand. She whispers the location of the treasure into the Queen's ear as she loses the last little bit of her strength. Victorious, the Amazonian Queen licks Lara's bean coated feet.

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Includes wet & messy, foot worship, female fighting, sploshing

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21 minutes



Newspaper Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie stuffs Star's mouth with newspaper and secures the stuffing with a microfoam cleave gag. She lowers Star to the newspaper covered floor and completes her hogtie before receiving her own newspaper stuffing gag. Chrissy's elbows are tied tightly and her wrists pulled up into a chicken wing before she joins Star hogtied on the floor.

Chrissy & Star struggle in their hogties on the newsprint mat. Eventually their stuffed newspaper gags are traded out for tight ball gags to enhance their drooling.

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Includes bondage, struggling, rope bondage, ball gag, gagged women

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23 minutes



Stella's Foot Worship Orgasm
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Watch as I skillfully tease Stella's sensitive feet, licking & sucking until she erupts in orgasm.

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Includes barefoot, orgasms, foot worship, foot fetish

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13 minutes



Stella Loves Feet
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

Stella absolutely devours my feet after a dry quarantine. It's been over a year since she last had access to beautiful feminine feet and almost two years since she last had mine!

She starts off expertly worshiping my feet in pantyhose, removing and smelling my high heels first. By the time she peels my nylons off my feet are absolutely soaked. Totally foot drunk, Stella continues to ravish my sexy bare soles until I gently point out that she's being a bit selfish ;)

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Includes barefoot, pantyhose, foot worship, foot fetish

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12 minutes



The Slayer's Fall
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel before Me, a failed slayer. you've given in to temptation, to the seduction of your vampire Queen. I recount every lurid detail, how you came to surrender yourself completely to Me. Silly slayer, you never had a chance. From our first meeting I've been in your head. Even as you prepared to meet Me, I instructed you without your knowing on how to dress up for Me, how to behave. There was never a question how you would hand Me your stake, how you would follow Me home to My coffin and make love to Me for hours. your slayer nature never had a chance against my mesmerizing kisses, my silky voice, my erotic powers, and now your prepare to give yourself over willingly to My bite. you are Mine forever.

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Includes mesmerize, magic control, femdom pov, cosplay, super villain, vampire

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28 minutes



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