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Worn Nylon Footjob
Featuring Star Nine

Such a pervy little brother. I caught you stealing my pantyhose again. This time I force you to wear them in front of me. After all, that's what you do with them, right? Feeling the sheer silky nylon on your cock while staring at me in my pantyhose makes you instantly hard. I relentlessly tease you, rubbing my soft nylon feet over your hard nylon cock. After you explode, the torment isn't over as I force you to keep my worn, cummed in pantyhose on!

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Includes pantyhose domination, taboo, footjob pov, humiliation, femdom pov

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10 minutes



Duct Tape Date
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

Naughty party girls Ashley & Chrissy have brought you home for some kinky fun. They ask you to sit in a chair & then bring out a toll of duct tape. Chrissy tightly tapes you to the chair and Ashley leans down to gag you. With you firmly secured to the chair the proceed to tease the crap out of you, seductively stripping each other down. You watch as Chrissy tapes Ashley to a chair across from you. She grinds on her leg, looking back over her shoulder at you & kisses Ashley over her gag. Finally Chrissy wants in on the action, she untapes you so that you can tape both girls up on the bed where they struggle seductively, rubbing up against each other and kissing through their gags.

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Includes duct tape bondage, bondage, lesbian domination, gagged women, pov bondage

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31 minutes



Employee Training
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Watch as I train my scatterbrained assistant, Penelope Reed. Utilizing the tantalizing aroma of my foot odor, I soon have Penelope on her knees at my feet licking and sucking away in complete bliss. I take full advantage of the situation, spreading my legs and pleasuring myself as she services my nylon feet. Once I'm satisfied that she has learned to focus properly, I move on to correcting her choice of wardrobe. Properly attired in a pair of black pantyhose, I bind her wrists and ankles, teasing her pussy by rubbing my wet nylon foot over her gusset. Finally, I tease her with a vibrator before shoving it into her pantyhose and leaving her to struggle and moan.

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Includes lesbian domination, pantyhose domination, foot worship, forced orgasms, mesmerize

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19 minutes



Slave Girl Chastity Tease
Featuring Ashley Lane

your mutual Mistress has handed over the keys to your locked up cock to her new slave girl, Ashley Lane. Ashley has quickly become Mistress Star's favorite slave and this makes you insanely jealous. you imagine yourself cuckolded, and your locked up cock strains against the cold metal bars when you imagine what happens in Mistress' bed.

Ashley knows all this. She walks in wearing stiletto heels and a leather harness with your key dangling from a delicate anklet. She teases you, saying that maybe if you please her she'll set you free. Removing her high heels she allows you to worship her feet. As your mouth wraps around her delicate, french pedicured, toes, she spreads her legs, suggesting she might allow you to worship her pussy as well. you salivate at the thought, but soon she denies you, reaching for a vibrator instead. As usual, all you can do is watch. When she's finished, Ashley dangles the key to your locked up cock in front of your face. Perhaps if you do all of her chores she might let you out for a bit.

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Includes chastity, tease & denial, cuckolding, foot domination, leather harness

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16 minutes



Goddess' Orgasm Tease
Featuring Star Nine

The ultimate tease & denial, the ultimate mind fuck. Watch & imagine, what could possibly be inspiring Me to pause My shoot to get off with My hitatchi? Watch desperately as I bring Myself to the brink, then turn the camera off, you didn't really think you would get the privilege of seeing Me cum?

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Includes tease & denial, pantyhose domination, goddess worship, pantyhose, masturbation, vibrators

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6 minutes



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