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Wonder Girl Eliminated
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Wonder Star hears of an up and coming heroine & breaks into her house to capture her in her civilian disguise. She plans to examine this new Wonder Girl & drain her of her powers. Surprising Wonder Girl, Star is easily able to dominate her, stripping her out of her civilian clothing, groping, gagging & fondling her.

Wonder Star leaves the room to prepare a special formula that will strip Wonder Girl of her powers & turn her into an ordinary girl. Slowly regaining her strength, Wonder Girl puts on her costume. She rushes Wonder Star when she returns, but is easily overpowered. Star toys with Wonder Girl, examining & groping her in her costume before dragging her over to a chair. She rolls Wonder Girl's head from side to side, promising to turn her into something perfectly ordinary. She ties the aspiring heroine to the chair as she prepares the exam table.

Wonder Girl lays on the exam table as Wonder Star drains her of her powers. She takes her time enjoying her conquest as she strips the now ordinary girl of her super heroine costume, groping her at will as she goes. Star strips down as well & tries on the Wonder Girl costume before leaving Melody on the table naked, powerless & ordinary.

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Includes superheroine, sleep fetish, limp fetish, lesbian domination

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62 minutes



My Stepmother's A Vampire!
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star catches her stepdaughter, Arielle, trying to sneak out of the house at 2am. Arielle bristles at being caught & wonders why she never sees her stepmother during the day, but here she is lurking & spying on her at night.

Star uses her mesmerizing powers to confuse her stepdaughter, rooting her in place while suggesting she go ahead and leave. Mesmerized Arielle takes on an innocent glow & Star lovingly brushes her hand across her face causing Arielle to flush, her essence rushing to the surface of her skin & making Star lusty.

Pretenses of motherhood temporarily put aside, Star toys with Arielle. She has her stepdaughter strip for her, she pinches her nipples and smacks her ass. Her teeth come in & she almost bites before shoving Arielle away. Arielle turns & sees her teeth - the shock rips her from her mesmerized state, but rather than horrified, Arielle is delighted. She begs Star to turn her.

Star refuses, but Arielle tempts her, shoving her neck, her tits in her face. She pulls down her panties and sits legs splayed, tempting Star with the arteries running through her thighs.

Star bites, Arielle moans orgasmically as her stepmother drains her. She breathlessly asks if she is a vampire yet. Star pulls away just in time & pulls a blanket over her weakened stepdaughter on the couch. She won't be trying to sneak out again tonight!

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Vampire, Lesbian Domination, Magic Control, Mesmerize, Aliens & Monsters, Biting

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13 minutes



Homewrecking Vamp
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

Gigi arrives home from a weekend away at her nieces bridal shower. Her husband is nowhere to be seen, but a young blonde is! He must have invited her in. Gigi is enraged at the site of of the little slut in her home & demands to know where her husband is.

The vampire smiles coldly & advises Gigi she may wish to check the bedroom. Gigi opens the door and begins to scream. She turns back in terror and shock. The vampire reaches out to calm her, glamoring her into a tranquil, submissive state.

Her husband was such a large feast, the vampire is not hungry yet. She toys with her next meal, having her strip and wait. Gigi sits, obediently waiting. The vampire returns and instructs her glamored prey to bring the blood to the surface. She feeds, draining her completely.

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Vampire, Mesmerize, Home Wrecker, Woman Following Orders, Aliens & Monsters, Older Woman/Younger Women

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7 minutes



Burglar Interrupted
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

The Burglar finishes pulling on her nylon mask & rubs her breasts through her encasement suit. Chloroform in hand, she exits the bathroom with her little bag of tricks.

Returning to her room, mobster Gigi Lyn hears the intruder. She reaches into her bra & is ready waiting with knock out spray when the burglar appears. Star falls to the ground and Gigi digging through her bag, decides to have a little fun using all her toys against her. She ties up the burglar with her own pantyhose and straps on her black cock. She knocks the burglar out with her own chloroform when she begins to stir.

Positioning the limp burglar on the couch, Gigi rips a hole in her pantyhose and fucks her doggy with her own strap-on. When the burglar stirs, Gigi knocks her right back out and continues fucking her. When she's finished, Gigi calls in her goon to carry the body away.

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Sleep Fetish, Nylon Encasement, Limp Fetish, Pantyhose Encasement, Lesbian Domination, Older Woman/Younger Women

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11 minutes



Unbreakable Part 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Selene Drake & Star Nine

After months of abuse, The Tamer (Selene Drake) finally gets the upper hand in Part 2 of this sequel to 2015's Tamed & Sold & 2016's Taming The Tamer. Don't miss last week's Unbreakable Part 1

Stressed to almost breaking, The Tamer (Selene Drake) is carried back indoors by The Buyer (Ashley Lane) and her slave (Star Nine). Ashley now believes that The Tamer is fully broken, and she can't resist the urge to gloat. She toys with her limp property. The Tamer's eyes snap open when Ashley leans in for a kiss. She's made a huge mistake. The unrestrained Tamer has her now. Alone. Skin to skin, and Ashley will not be able to resist. Soon, the arrogant Buyer is begging to strip, begging to be fucked. When it's all over, the Tamer will walk away unscathed leaving her captors broken and alone.

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Submissive/Slave Training, Sleep Fetish, Forced Stripping, Erotic Magic, Magic Control, Lesbian Domination

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41 minutes



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