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Appropriate Treatment
Featuring Star Nine & Veektor

Star pokes around the creepy office, full of medical curios, waiting to see the doctor. The antique anatomy posters, taxidermy, and the creepy, dusty, metal exam chair make her nervous, but she's had a hard time finding a family doctor and her best friend just raves about this one.

The Doctor startles her, standing too closely behind her. She didn't hear him come in. She explains her search & her ailment to him. His face is stony, cold, nonreactive. Is this the same man her best friend referred her to? He instructs her to change into a gown, even though the issue is with her elbow, and leaves the room.

Star frantically calls her friend, this doesn't seem right. Reassured she puts on the strangely short gown. The Doctor's behavior continues to be erratic when he returns. He touches her inappropriately. Star protests, but doesn't stop the examination in her confusion. He clamps a white rag down on her mouth. A light sedative he explains as she struggles and loses consciousness.

This was her friend's plan all along, she wanted Star to be punished. The Doctor thoroughly examines her body, playing with her breasts, pushing his fingers in her mouth, stripping her. Once his examination is complete he begins her treatment wrapping her neck, face, and arms in bandages. She comes to now and tries to cover her body. He quickly puts her back out & moves her to the couch to finish his work.

She is bound in bandages and on display. He documents his work. Her body betrays her, her unconscious pussy glistening, clit huge.

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Limp Fetish, Lift & Carry, Bandage Bondage, Limp Play Medical Fetish 2X Chloroform KOs

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59 minutes