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Schoolgirl WAM Pies
Featuring Star Nine

Star wants you to be her messy boy in this hot after school JOI WAM pie video. Star pies herself in her school uniform while telling you exactly how to pie and jerk yourself for her. That final icing pie goes right in her face as you cum for her.

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Includes wet & messy, school uniform, whipped cream fetish, JOI

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10 minutes



Golden Heist
Featuring Caroline Pierce & Star Nine

A golden female nude (Caroline Pierce ) stands on a pedestal in the middle of the art gallery. Suddenly the statue opens her eyes and begins to move around, changing her pose. She freezes when she hears a woman enter the room.

Star admires the statue, and takes out her phone to shoot some video of it. She receives a phone call & leave the room. The statue begins to move again. The woman returns, having dropped something. She stares at the golden figure. Did it move? A voice comes over the loudspeakers, the museum is closing. Star shakes her head and walks out.

The statue begins to stir on the nighttime security feed. She opens her eyes and looks around before swiftly stepping off her pedestal, removing one of the portraits off the wall, and walking out.

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Includes WAM, wet look

Don't miss the rest of my gold paint clips

13 minutes



Swampy Sneakers
Featuring Star Nine

Intoxicating. My scent, My foot stench, My well worn sneakers. These beauties were already ripe before I brought them on vacation. Now they've been marinated in my delicious sweat and fermented to an intoxicating vinegar.

You're just dying to smell it for yourself aren't you? Don't miss out. Never have I sweated so much in a pair of shoes. Search for Star Nine's Stinky Barefoot Sneakers on ebanned for a chance to experience the stench for real.

Includes sneakers, foot smelling

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3 minutes



Honey Plug
Featuring Star Nine

Star drenches herself in five pounds of golden honey. She pours it over her head and her pink negligee, enjoying the thick warm syrup. She pulls down the cups of her slip coating her pale breasts with the thick golden liquid before stripping entirely. She turns to pour it over her firm rounded ass. Her soft pink pussy glows golden.

Picking up a pyrex plug, Star moistens it with her mouth before coating it with honey and popping it into her ass. The plug stretches her, fills her, and the honey both lubricates and stings. Star writhes in the honey mess, pouring more over her clit and pressing in on the plug as she rubs her pussy, moaning as she cums. She pours more honey over her face and reaches for her other toy. She rubs the bumpy glass dildo over her honey coated clit, cumming again before relaxing in the syrupy mess.

Includes WAM, wet & messy, butt plugs, solo masturbation, wet look

11 minutes



Pie Fantasy
Featuring Kelsey Obsession

Kelsey eyes the pies she's prepared for the bake sale. She thinks about how she's always been a little curious about getting pied in the face. She can't help herself, all those pies lined up in a neat row like that.

She tentatively picks one up, raises it, and smashes it in her face. The creamy topping trickles down her chest. Her dress drops to the floor, she pies her bare breasts. The cream covers her slim torso, she runs her hands over her body, moaning.

Two more pies, she smashes one into her pussy, rubbing the creamy mess into her panties, intensifying her pleasure. Finally she pies herself in the face again as she cums.

Includes wet & messy, WAM, pies, sploshing, masturbation

7 minutes



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