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Diapered Sisters
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star's little sister, Chrissy Marie, comes home for a visit. Star & Chrissy are sitting on the couch catching up when Chrissy's eyes fall on a pile of baby stuff - diapers, wipes, toys, pacifiers. She squeals in delight, thinking that she has become an aunt!

Star laughs and crawls over to pop a pacifier in her mouth. She's not having a baby, she is the baby! Chrissy freezes in horror as Star drops her pants to reveal her puffy pink diaper. Chrissy thinks that Star must be joking, but her big sister makes it clear that this in not a joke, in fact, she was hoping Chrissy would take care of her while she's visiting!

Chrissy is disgusted but agrees to go talk about it over some ice cream. Star just needs to pee first, but instead of heading off the the bathroom she proceeds to wet her diaper right there in front of her sister! Regressed, she demands that her little sister change her.

Later, when Star is down for a nap, Chrissy gets curious. She unfolds a diaper and takes off her pants. Chrissy experimentally lowers her pussy onto the diaper and rocks back and forth. It feels good! She gets lost in the moment and doesn't notice her big sister behind her snapping photos.

Soon Chrissy is in a matching diaper & breastfeeding on the couch. Star calls her mom & lets her know that everything has gone according to plan. Mommy has two baby girls now!

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Includes diapers, diaper fetish, abdl, diaper humping, breastfeeding

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14 minutes



Star's Underwater Ear Bubbles
Featuring Star Nine

An intimate look at Star's sexy ears submerged in the tub, air bubbles releasing as she tilts her head back & forth underwater.

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Includes ear fetish, bubbles, underwater, wet look, bathtub fetish

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Vampire POV
Featuring Star Nine

There are some things you didn't notice about me before you came back to my lair. My seductive nature, my red lips, my tight sexy dress & cleavage - these things you definitely noticed. My long black nails, claws really, your mind didn't process them before. Was it all the blood rushing to your cock, your cock that led you here? Or did you really just not see them, dark in the night.

I draw your attention to them now, as I slide my sharp claws over my tight dress and sexy body, tossing my hair. Long, sharp, perfect for shredding. I teasingly rake them across your chest, you gasp in shock as they slice into your skin. Your cock is out, as hard as it has ever been. Clearly at least that part of your body isn't recoiling in terror, but what about your mind? Are you staying rooted in place due to that relentless male drive towards orgasm, or is my voice doing something to your mind?

My long claws wrap around your exposed flesh as I lower my red lips to your massive erection. My mouth is just as soft, warm, and wet as you imagined. You gaze into my big eyes as I suck up and down your shaft. I pull back, teasing you, wondering if you're scared. You should be. I snarl and reveal my big sharp teeth. You've had every opportunity to leave, but now you must surrender to your fate. Just one little bite seals our connection and you become my prey. Soon you will be completely drained, an empty husk of a man, like all the others.

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Includes vampire, executrix, long nails, pov blowjob, biting

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Foot Stomping Sabotage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane lines up behind Star in a long cattle call for a modeling gig. Ashley flexes her toes an exhales, she's not used to wearing high heels off set and her toes ache. Star looks down at Ashley's feet over her shoulder as Ashley flexes her sore feet.

Star smiles deviously, she has an idea to amuse herself in line and to take out the competition. Ashley is standing close behind her. Star lifts her foot and stomps down hard on Ashley's toe. She pretends it was an accident as Ashley squeals in pain. Ashley rubs her sore toes. A minute later, Star does it again. And again. Ashley's complaints get more and more heated, but Star just shrugs them off, rolls her eyes, and continues to stomp Ashley's foot.

Finally Ashley has had enough, her toes are swollen and she runs off to get some ice, leaving her high heel. Star grins and removes a vial of cum from her purse, emptying it into Ashley's shoe.

Ashley returns just in time for her name to be called. She puts her shoe on and runs into the casting, only to run off again humiliated when the casting director asks her to remove her shoe, exposing the wet cum on her pantyhose.

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Includes stomping, pantyhose, foot torture, foot domination, humiliation

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Diapered Escort
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane sits alone at home in her dipey scrolling through diaper porn on her phone. She sighs in frustration, nothing is doing it for her. She wants a real Mommy.

Ashley nervously dials an escort service. She's delighted when she hears that they can accommodate her fetish and asks them to send a Mommy over.

Star enters and puts her diaper bag down. She grabs Ashley's crotch and asks if her diaper is wet. Ashley nervously admits that it is. Star turns her around and gives her diapered bottom a smack ordering her to reply with yes Mommy.

She leads her little girl to the changing table and begins to change her into a pink diaper. Halfway through she realizes that she herself is wet. Ashley is confused as Star drops her pants. She explains that as an escort she offers both sides of the abdl experience. Ashley laughs, Mommy has un-potty trained herself.

Ashley doesn't want to play with a Mommy in a wet diapey so she asks Star to finish changing her and then she changes Star.

Both girls in fresh diapers, Star leads Ashley to the couch and begins to breast feed her while rubbing her diapered crotch. Ashley is in heaven as she wets herself. Mommy changes her again & then their time is up.

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Includes diaper fetish, abdl, breast feeding,

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