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Belly Button Distraction
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine stare at the wall in detention. Bored, Star begins to play with her belly button. She unbuttons her shirt, and then her jeans in order to get access to her deep, sexy, belly button. Ashley hears the rustling of clothes and glances back over her shoulder. Star fingers her belly button and spits onto her stomach, contracting her muscles to guide the spit down to her sexy belly hole. Ashley creeps over for a closer look as Star fingers her wet belly button, moaning in ecstasy.

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Includes belly button fetish, belly fetish, spit, school uniform, adult school

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11 minutes



Stocking Peril
Featuring Star Nine

It took several months for me to gain your trust and now it will only take 30 minutes for your whole life to go boom.

You come to as I finish securing you to the chair. Your questions muffled behind a tightly stuffed gag. Of course you thought we were going to have sex. You were so excited after all those months of teasing in the office that you didn't even notice when I slipped something in your drink.

You turned out to be a nice guy, I almost feel bad about taking all your money. Bad enough to give you a little goodbye present anyways.

You can't budge an inch in the tight ropes, but your cock manages to stir as I strip down out of my sexy office wear. Your eyes run up my silky vintage stockings to my pink garter belt as I bend over removing my skirt.

I kneel before you, all big eyes and wet mouth as I give you a goodbye bj. Your bliss turns to terror as I set the bomb, your cum still dripping off my tits. Picture my perfect body luxuriating on a beach as the timer counts down to your demise.

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Includes executrix, vintage stockings, femdom pov, strip tease, blowjob pov

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17 minutes



Dumb Schoolgirls, Odd Insertions
Featuring Casey Calvert, Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Slutty schoolgirls Casey Calvert, Star Nine & Ashley Lane are all wet and horny from the sultry weather, but there's not a dick in sight! Too dumb to know anything about sex toys, the three little schoolgirl sluts desperately use anything they can get their hands on to try to cum.

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Includes schoolgirls, school uniform, odd insertions, dirty talk, masturbation

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32 minutes



Ashley's Execution
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane pleads for her life, claiming her innocence, but it's too late. The time for appeals has passed & her execution begins. Gas slowly seeps into the chamber as she desperately holds her breath. Eventually she is forced to gasp. The poison fills her lungs as she begins to convulse. Eventually she begins to foam at the mouth. Her long hair whipping back and forth into the mess. Her convulsions slow as she expires.

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Includes death fetish, wet & messy, damsel in distress, limp fetish, struggling

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11 minutes



Serena's Promotion
Featuring Serena Blair & Star Nine

In a humiliating meeting, Star announces that Serena is receiving the promotion you had applied for. After detailing the concerns that kept you from being appointed to the position, Star demonstrates the benefits of having a private office. You watch uncomfortably as Star & Serena kick their heels off and stretch their nylon feet. The meeting hasn't been officially closed, but you get the strong sense that you aren't wanted as they begin to massage, then worship, each other's nylon feet. They look over in disgust that you are still sitting there, but you are glued to your seat. All your fantasies of what goes on between your female colleagues behind closed doors play out before your ayes as Star moves her wet nylon foot back and forth between Serena's legs.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, tribbing, foot worship

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11 minutes



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