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Mesmerized Heroine
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie is a perky new superheroine just starting out. She doesn’t have a costume but is naive and wants to make a name for herself.

Deciding to investigate the rash of crimes involving kidnapped women in the area, she visits the most recent victim (POV) who is actually the perpetrator.

She sits down in her belly baring tank top, daisy dukes and pantyhose with boots. Innocently taking a spiked drink, she talks about the drugging, gassing and hypnotizing of missing women in the crime report.

Chrissy gets sleepy with heavy eyes and tries shaking it off. Dizzy, she confronts you before standing. Her eyes rolling back and she falls back on the couch.

When knocked out, you do POV limp checks and start boob grabbing ber big natural tits.

Awakening alone, rope bound with her arms behind her back and legs together, she sleepily struggles to escape the rope bondage. The bondage rope is too tight and she questions if the victim did this due to her hypnotism, still not realizing she's the Baddie.

As she's escaping her binds, she activates a motion sensor and a sleeping gas enters the room. Her rolling eyes get heavy and she realizes she's in a gas chamber before passing out. Rousing again, she knows that she needs to stop this sleepy torture or she will be sold off in the slave trade. The POV perpetrator wears special glasses that destroy her focus as she's drawn into an induction spiral. Helpless to the hypnotizing magic, she acquires glassy eyes. A snap of the fingers and her head drops and arms go limply to her sides as she's entranced in a hypnotic sleep.

Coming to and realizing she's stripped nude, she tries covering herself but a finger snapping makes her become a docile slut who can't fight the pov tit squeezing.

Snapping fingers, her head droops and she will be ready for the next shipment of sex slaves.

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Includes superheroine, mesmerize, damsel in distress, bondage, sleep fetish

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10 minutes



Teacher Loses Control
Featuring Star Nine

English Professor, Star Nine, finds herself in a humiliating situation when a student comes across some risque photos of her online. Since she can't allow the photos to get out, Star agrees to go along with her student's humiliating orders.

The next day she receives a package in the mail containing clothing that she is ordered to wear to class. She gets dressed in the black pantyhose, high heels, sheer white shirt and tiny mini-skirt. When she looks in the mirror she is horrified to see her nipples clearly through the thin white shirt. Star tries to strategically pull her long hair in front to cover her nipples, but as she delivers her lecture to the class her nervous fidgeting inadvertently exposes her nipples for all to see.

Star is grateful that the day is over, but she returns home to another package. This one contains a remote control vibrator and instructions to insert it into her pussy and wear it to class the next day in the same outfit. Star is horrified to see that the remote is missing from the package, presumably in the hands of the student who will be controlling it during class!

Star nervously stands in front of the class and begins to discuss the assignment. As anticipated, the vibrator turns on mid-sentence! She stumbles through her lecture trying to ignore the powerful vibrations. She's relieved when the vibration stops, but it only starts again, teasing her. Eventually it's left on and she struggles to suppress her moans and squeeze her legs together to keep from cumming loudly in front of the entire class! She's just about to lose it when she's literally saved by the bell.

At home again, Star lies on the bed in nothing but a pair of sheer brown pantyhose. She pleads with the student that after this it all has to stop. He turns on her hitatchi and teases her a bit before holding it right on her clit. Star tries desperately not to cum but finally succumbs to a humiliating orgasm as the hands of her student.

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Includes woman following orders, forced orgasms, humiliation, embarrassed nude female, blackmail fantasy

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21 minutes



Supergirl's Dark Master
Featuring Star Nine

Supergirl tracks down and confronts the Dark Master (POV). She's heard rumors about how easily you is able to defeat superheros and she's about to find out why. From the moment of confrontation Supergirl is quickly distracted by the tick of a metronome. Her mission fades from her mind as her eyes follow the swinging arm as it ticks back and forth. With a snap of your fingers Supergirl is eager to please as she performs a sexy dance and jerk off instruction at your command.

When you pause the ticking of the metronome Supergirl freezes in place & when you increase the beat she moves according to it.

Supergirl is overjoyed when you order her to pleasure you. She quickly drops to her knees and strokes your cock to the beat until you cum all over her stomach. She gleefully uses your cock to rub the cum into her belly.

One more snap of your fingers & Supergirl obediently walks over to view a spinning spiral on your laptop. With her hands on her hips in her best heroine post, Supergirl mindlessly repeats "I will be further brainwashed for Master's pleasure" as she continues to stroke your cock.

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Includes woman following orders, superheroine, mesmerize, magic control, freeze fetish

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12 minutes



Sailor Venus' Submission
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Sailor Venus (Chrissy Marie) kneels before her new Queen, she's been worn down and tempted by the Dark Moon's glamour and she can no longer resist as Esmeraude positions her in her lap. Venus' new Mistress showers her with blown kisses and Venus sighs and closes her eyes with each kiss. Esmeraude ever so slowly leans in and plants her lips on Venus', she kisses her new slave & then lights up her alluring cigarette to draw her in even deeper with her smoke. All hope of Venus ever returning to the Sailor Scout she was before has vanished. Now Venus is dressed up just like her queen. She giggles and poses, repeating after Esmeraude as she gloats that there is no hope. She is now completely, joyfully, enslaved.

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Includes mesmerize, lesbian domination, smoking, cosplay, super villain, woman following orders

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Sailor Venus' Conversion
Featuring Star Nine

Esmeraude knows exactly which buttons to push to turn Sailor Venus into her mesmerized minion. Sailor Venus easily falls under the spell of Esmeraude's mesmerizing voice and enchanting smoke. She sways and poses for the villainess enraptured by her smoky kisses. Sailor Venus lights up and takes the smoke directly into her lungs, completing her conversion.

Transformed after a carnal night of bliss with the villainess, Sailor Venus is set loose on her mission to convert the remaining sailors to the dark moon, utilizing twisted logic and mesmerizing smoke to rid them of their powers and gain their worshipful allegiance.

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Includes mesmerize, magic control, smoking, cosplay, super villain, woman following orders

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28 minutes



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