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Melody Mark's Lethal Injection
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Melody Marks waits for the elevator and chats on the phone with her coworker Ashley Lane. She's had a long day and can't wait to strip off her tight skirt, button down blouse, nude pantyhose, and closed toed pumps.

She gasps when she hears a crash and runs off only to awaken in chair bondage next to Dr. Star Nine in her laboratory. Panicing and struggling in her rope binds, she assumes it is a prank show and fear becomes anger.

The doctor asks Melody to recount what happened. Melody remembers seeing a trembling girl soaked in green goo, then getting grabbed and chloroformed after she ran away.

Star explains that the building is overrun by creatures that feed off fear, female orgasms and death. These gremlins were raping the girl with finger fucking and giving her imposed orgasms before the elevator turned into a gas chamber. She would slowly suffocate with their green cum all over her but it crashed before they finished.

Star plays a video of Melody's friend, Ashley choking to death. Melody's horrified and crying to see Ashley slowly suffocating and offers to die in her place.

Grabbing a vibrating wand, the scientist masturbates and encourages Melody to watch her dying friend. A verbal step by step breakdown of the painful torture edges Star closer to cumming and she cums when Ashley dies.

Melody begs for mercy and Star Nine gropes her helpless body while telling her that the building is in lockdown. The monsters are attacking women and giving imposed orgasms. Besides the creatures raping women and killing women, Melody should worry about the IV in her arm. It's a lethal injection that maximizes suffering if she climaxes.

Melody insists she has pussy control and won't cum, but Star injects an aphrodisiac and unbuttons her blouse revealing her perky tits.

Star removes her prey's eye glasses and Melody feels the drug hitting her system as Star's fondling her perfect breasts. Grabbing the electric massager and pushing it against Melody's clit, Star gives her a bound orgasm, while explaining the death process. Every nerve in her body will be screaming and her organs will shut down.

This damsel screams and cries as the poison hits her and she cums hard in her ropes. The mad scientst gets off on this innocent girl dying and she did nothing to deserve it.

As Melody is burning inside her skin, Star orgasms as Melody's twitches, perishes and goes limp. During her struggle, one shoe falls off of her pantyhose foot and she lies still with a glassy stare.

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Includes necro fetish, damsel in distress, lesbian domination, bound orgasms, made to cum

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24 minutes



Casey's Deadly Interview
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey Calvert and Dr. Star Nine are sitting in the laboratory about to do a live interview. Dressed in a button down blouse, short skirt, pantyhose and closed toe high heels, Casey is concerned about safety from the monsters, since she would not be able to run away easily. Star confirms they are safe, and they go live.

Starting the webcam show, Casey reports on the blood thirsty monsters as a creature's claw pats her face with a makeup pad. Trying to remain professional, she defers to the scientist who explains why they are raping and killing women who express fear.

The monster talons are caressing Casey and Star says that if she ignores her fear, it will leave her alone. As it's groping her legs and tits, removing her eyeglasses, she tries to control her emotions. She's almost glad her eye glasses are gone when it's big cock gives her a facial. She's disgusted by the big load dripping down her face and fear prevents her from stopping it from stripping her stilettos off.

When it unbuttons her blouse and reveals her bra, Casey protests and asks Star how she knows so much about these demons. Star answers that she created these monsters as Casey's thrown to the floor for a monster rape session on live tv. Pantyhose ripping allows his big dick to slide into her pussy. She struggles and protests as he fucks her, having a forced orgasm as Star humiliates her.

Exhausted from cumming, Casey's chair bound by leg shackles and handcuffs. The ankle cuffs dig into her pantyhose legs and she can't fight his manhandling. Another round of monster cum drips from her face down to her used pussy.

Star shows a live feed of her twin sister, Emily, being tortured in the gas chamber while in chair bondage. Casey observes her cumming and the gas is released for her death. The mission is for every woman in the building to die so her creatures can gain invulnerability.

Casey's crying as a vibrator is applied to her sensitive clit and Star's hair pulling to keep her still. She watches a woman dying before her eyes as she's climaxing. They are the last two women and an alarm rings. Star injects herself with a poison syringe activated by orgasm. Star wants a painful death because they will have more power for torturing women, and masturbates with intensity because she's horny from Casey's fear. Excited by the prospect of a gassing death and the world watching them perish, Star convulses out of her lab coat and falls out of her chair.

The poisonous gas flows and Casey gasps and moans for breath as she's fondled. As she slumps dead, a big cumshot is released on her face.

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Includes forced orgasms, aliens & monsters , damsel in distress, strap-on rape, extreme domination, death fetish

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20 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Hard on your knees before me, pumping your cock. You can't believe your luck, this never happens. You've never gone home with the hot girl from the bar before. You get harder and harder with every movement I make in my tight sexy latex dress. I brought you home because I sensed this, your insatiable erotic energy, almost as insatiable as mine. I could smell it on you. Your nearly constant desire.

You're about to burst when something strange happens, something that never happens when you're home alone with your hand on your cock. I inhale deeply and all that sexual energy you've been building disappears, sucked out of the room. You go from the brink of orgasm back to the beginning as I feed off of you.

This is what you're here for. To be my mindless stroking slave. Brought to the edge and denied again and again as your cock blisters from friction until I've consumed every last drop of your energy.

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Includes orgasm denial, orgasm control, vampire, aliens & monsters, magic control, femdom pov, latex

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12 minutes



Alien Anal Probe
Featuring Star Nine

you've been selected for a breeding program by an alien race. transported from your warm cozy bed to a cold metal table, naked and unable to move. Being bred by hot aliens might sound nice, but your cock is paralyzed by fear. When you fail to get hard on command the seductive alien tries to use mind control to move things along, but your fear block is just too strong. She's able to achieve the desired results by fitting you with a mask of human female pheromones but now she's going to punish you for wasting her time.

She experiments on you, testing your pain response while aroused. Her race has heard about your cultural preoccupation with alien anal probes so for a final mind fuck she penetrates your virgin ass with a long hard beaded dildo that perfectly matches her futuresque bodysuit. Jerking your cock with one gloved hand and penetrating your ass with the hard beaded dildo she is able to retrieve her sample. Finished with you, she transports you back to your bed with memories of a bizarre dream and a sore ass.

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Includes aliens & monsters, femdom pov, medical fetish, female domination, magic control

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17 minutes



Creeping Cables
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane sits down at her desk and opens the drawer. She gazes longingly at her dildo collection, but sighs & puts them away. There's too much work to do. She begins to work at her computer, but soon falls asleep.

As she sleeps, the office wiring comes alive. Several cables creep towards her feet and work their way up her thighs. More wires come and wrap around her waist and inside her shirt. Her mouse and keyboard unplug themselves and wrap around her hands. A hdmi cable jumps up into her panties and slips inside her pussy.

She is startled awake. Her eyes go wide as she struggles with the cables. They slowly pull her under her desk. The wires around her legs pull them into a frog tie and the hdmi cable slips out from her panties and begins to undress her. A long telephone cable wraps around her tits and begins rubbing her nipples.

Ashley gasps in horror as her desk drawer opens and the dildos inside hop out, creeping up to her and penetrating her ass and pussy. She hears someone coming but before she can cry out another dildo jumps into her mouth.

The dildos pump away in every hole until they finally cum inside her. Cum drips out her holes as one of the dildos rubs on her tits and cums on her nipples.

Finally released, a shaken Ashley begins to creep away, but a cable jumps up and wraps around her leg, pulling her back for more.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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16 minutes



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