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Bondage Shoe Store
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine is excited by the high end shoe store and Arielle Lane helps remove her red heels to try on the different pumps. The shoe sales woman is impressed with Star's high arches showcased in white pantyhose. Star is uneasy as Arielle's red fingernails caress her nylon soles and tries to leave, but Arielle has other plans.

Chair bound in one heel, Star can't believe that Arielle is cleavegagging her mouth. Now Arielle has real doll for foot play! They do foot measuring with the Brannock Device. Star mmphs as Arielle's long red nails adjusts her narrow feet, ogles her highly arched feet and ignores her gag talking.

With proper foot measurements, Arielle can now worship feet and loves the white nylons and puts classic black pumps on her size 9 feet. Admiring and then removing the classic pumps, she's foot kissing and foot rubbing!

Arielle has a pair of shoes that will be perfect for her live doll and runs off to get them, giving Star the chance to escape. It's time for this pervy shoe saleswoman to be in chair bondage!

Star removes Arielle's highly arched heels and measures her size 7 feet. She's pushing on Arielle's red toenails in the sheer suntan pantyhose, and tsks that she has flat feet.

It's shoe trying on time, and Arielle balks at the stripper platform shoes and Star realizes that her pointed toes are sexy. Taking the shoes, she leaves Arielle to struggle until her boss finds her in this embarrassing situation!

Includes bondage, shoe fetish, pantyhose/stockings, female domination, foot fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS- rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID escape fetish cleavegagged woman cleave gagged women femdom sensual domination pantyhose fetish one shoe fetish high heels stilettos foot worship foot domination foot humiliation brunettes blondes tall woman tall women

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10 minutes


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Lesbian Pantyhose Tryst
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

I can help Arielle Lane take care of her sexual desires and my hands graze her black pantyhose legs. Leaning in for deep kisses, her long red nails pull me closer as we have intertwined legs. Climbing on top, we're dry humping. Pushing her down, she moans as we're tribbing.

Telling her to roll over, I'm stripping her black nylons, revealing her tight ass and wet pussy. I'm licking pussy and pussy fingering as she begs to cum.

As she scrambles to get redressed, she's embarrassed that she had lesbian sex. Her husband can't find out about her infidelity. I'm amused and masturbating as she runs off in shame.

I reconnect with her later, scolding her for leaving my sexual needs unmet. She nervously returns my kisses and secretly loves as I'm stripping her clothes as my hands dive beneath her shiny pantyhose. Finger sucking her pussy juices off my fingers proves she wants a good lesbian fucking.

Commanding her to satisfy me, she removes my classic black pumps for some pantyhose foot worship. Working her way up my nylon legs, she's pussy licking over my suntan pantyhose. She gives me a good orgasm, but I need more.

In the bedroom, I'm teasing her against the wall before pushing her on the bed. She likes the face down tribbing but I'm ready to teach her the joy of a large strapon. Pantyhose ripping reveals her hairy bush and I dive in for a taste before sliding my huge dildo inside.

She wants to cum from my big dick, but I want her to have some pussy control and stop so she can feel pussy to pussy grinding. Demanding sexual satisfaction I cum while facesitting. The oral servitude did the trick and with intertwined legs, I tell her we both deserve pounding orgasms!

Includes lesbian domination, tribadism, pantyhose domination, lesbian, strap-on

OTHER KEYWORDS - sensual domination girl-girl girl girl girl/girl GG kissing lesbian scissoring pussy eating pussy finger fucking oral sex female orgasms face sitting pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish moaning fetish home wreckers homewreckers homewrecking home wrecking cheaters cheating high heels female domination femdom sex toys roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy blondes brunettes tall women tall woman kink lesbians slut training submissive sluts body worship

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34 minutes


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Star Ties Arielle Super Tight
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Rigging by Damon Pierce!

I'm pussy rubbing my girlfriend Arielle Lane over her PVC pants as we're kissing. Her red fingernails graze the top of my lace topped stockings and she's excited when I suggest we try some bedroom bondage play. She submissively puts her wrists out, ready to play like a good bondage bunny.

On the bed, she tightly rope bound with a tight white cleave gag. I test the crotch rope to make sure it's hitting her clit and am pleased with her strict bondage. She gag talks to let me know this is tight bondage!

Removing the tight cleave gag, she confesses that she thought it would be less stringent bondage. Wrapping my black pantyhose legs around her, I love that she's immobilized and give bondage kisses.

I want to see her attempt a bondage escape because I get wet from erotic bondage struggling. Her frogtied legs allow her to go in helpless circles but her tied elbows together are not escaping their binds.

Pulling her down to her back, my long fingernails graze her crotchrope and she moans in pleasure. She's surprised when I shove a huge ballgag in her mouth and gagtalks in discomfort.

She's not completely helpless, so I wrap microfoam gloves around her red nails so she can't pick at the ropes. She needs a microfoam over ballgag, so I can see her lip outlines. Arielle's my little bondage slave and belongs to me!

Peeling the microfoam gag off and regagging, she's wraparound tape gagged. I'm pulling on the pussy rope and she's pussy grinding toward orgasm, aroused by the idea of a bondage orgasm.

Removing the microfoam wraparound gag, she's confused when I tell her that I'm leaving her bound in rope. She begs for a mouthpacking gag and I'm pleased to secure the mouth stuffing with wraparound microfoam gag. I leave her in orgasmic pleasure as she's crotch grinding like a good bondage slut!

Includes bondage, lesbian domination, submissive/slave training, female domination, gagged women

OTHER KEYWORDS- Star Nine rope bondage rope struggling cleavegagged woman cleave gagged woman ballgagged woman ballgagged women gags gag talking immobilization fetish submissive sluts moaning fetish femdom sensual domination pantyhose fetish pantyhose/stockings pantyhose domination nylon catsuits pvc/vinyl fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny fetish shiny clothes shiny clothing eyeglasses eye glasses brunettes

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30 minutes


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Batman's Soiled Undies
Featuring Arielle Lane

Batman (viewer) sits tied to a chair awaiting his fate. His eyes widen as Arielle Lane walks in wearing nothing but a skimpy black leotard and sheer pantyhose. His eyes are naturally drawn to her big, red, lips. Arielle poses and teases Batman as she details her evil plan. Her mob boss boyfriend is going to want to make a deal with Batman, but she doesn't want that to happen. She intends to get Batman to soil his underwear with loads of cum so that when her boyfriend walks in he goes blind with jealousy.

Batman, of course, thinks that he'll be able to resist temptation, but then Arielle pulls out a special red lipstick she got from Poison Ivy. When she plants her lips on Batman's lips he will become extremely horny and weak. Doomed to fill his superhero undies with loads of cum as she relentlessly teases and strokes him with her hands, her nylon feet, and her seductive red lips.

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Includes kissing, female domination, femdom pov, foot domination, super villain, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes


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Bondage Afterhours
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Star stops by the office afterhours to pick up some paperwork and is shocked to see Arielle Lane still slowly cleaning. She suspects Arielle of snooping through her files and chastises her as usual. Arielle is tired of Star's constant scolding and takes advantage of the fact that they are all alone to teach her a lesson! She pulls Star's arms behind her back and ties her wrists! Star is in disbelief and continues to scold Arielle as she ties her with more and more rope, finally shutting her up with a nylon otm gag.

Star struggles on the couch as Arielle leaves the room in search of duct tape. She manages to escape and hide before Arielle returns. As Arielle looks at the pile of rope on the floor in disbelief Star pounces on her from behind, pinning her arms behind her back with one hand while covering her mouth with the other. Star doesn't make the same mistake Arielle did, she makes sure the ropes are nice and tight before stuffing a worn nylon in her mouth and gagging with the other stocking. She leaves Arielle to struggle through the night.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress

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20 minutes


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