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Sleepy Belly Button Worship
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star are having a girls night in, lounging & laughing on Star's bed in their pajamas. Star notices Chrissy's belly button ring & experiences a strong urge to lick it. She tongues Chrissy's pierced belly button & Chrissy giggles at the new sensation, it feels kind of good!

Star then asks if Chrissy wants a repeat of the sleepy games they were playing last time they had a sleepover & Chrissy excitedly agrees. The girls go back and forth knocking each other out and worshiping each other's belly buttons, finishing with a double chloroform knockout.

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Includes belly button fetish, limp fetish, sleepy fetish

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16 minutes



In The Belly of the Giantess
Featuring Star Nine

I have a huge surprise for you - a sexy little strip tease until your favorite part of me is exposed - my sexy, taught, little belly button. I know all about your fetish & today we're going to take it to the next level.

I shrink you down to bug size and pluck you up off the ground. I'm going to swallow you whole, but first I tease you with my giant mouth, nipples, toes, and of course, my sexy belly button which you're now tiny enough to fit inside.

I rub my belly with you buried inside my tight hole, so close, but not quite inside until I swallow you whole, rubbing and fingering my belly button with you floating in my belly.

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Includes giantess, vore, belly button fetish

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10 minutes



Monster Breeding
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

A mysterious woman enters Star's room as she sleeps. She unbuttons her shirt, exposing her bare belly & begins to rub her stomach. She places a clear seed in Star's belly button & then moves her hands, chanting, as the seed glows and dissolves into Star's belly.

Star awakes & tries to get up, wondering how this strange woman has gotten into her room. The witch pins Star's arms back with a wave of her hand before returning her attention to Star's belly. She says" grow & Star's belly begins to ripple and distort, painfully expanding with the eggs inside.

Star demands an explanation but refuses to believe that she has been implanted with monsters, that they are growing in her belly. Her stomach expands and retracts as the monsters grow larger and her labor begins. Star begins to feel like she's about to be ripped apart and begs the woman to make it stop but her labor continues until the monsters burst free, ripping her open.

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Includes monsters, magic control, damsel in distress, stomach fetish

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9 minutes



Limp Body Worship
Featuring Kelsey Obsession & Star Nine

Kelsey and Star cuddle on the couch discussing their plans for the evening. Kelsey takes advantage of Star's arm around her to sneak a whiff of her armpit. Star notices, they argue.

Kelsey removes a bottle and rag from the cabinet. She soaks the rag and clamps it down over Star's nose & mouth. Star struggles. Her eyes roll back, she passes out. Now Kelsey has a limp girlfriend. She can enjoy whichever parts of Star's body she wants.

Kelsey sniffs, licks, and plays with Star's armpits and belly button, knocking her out over and over while she enjoys the scent and taste of her girlfriend's body.

Includes 4X chloroform KOS, limp play, body worship, armpit licking, smell fetish, belly button fetish

10 minutes



Star & The Resort Doctor
Featuring Star Nine & Jack Cummings

Dr. Cummings has a pretty sweet set up. An endless parade of female patients complaining of simple things related to being in a different climate. This one feels flushed in the humidity. This one has a racing heart beat . . . a mild bellyache. All simple things to treat, and he utilizes the same treatment in every case. His patients may be suspicious, but they'll be leaving the island sooner or later when their vacations are over.

Today his patient is a pretty young blonde complaining of a rapid heartbeat. He takes her pulse & it is high. He has the perfect thing to calm her down, but first he asks whether she's on anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, drank too much coffee? This one has an attitude on her that almost keeps him from enjoying her beauty. Almost.

She downs the oral sedative he gives her with no questions. He waits for it to kick in, asking her the normal pleasant questions about how she's enjoying the island, her vacation. She isn't. She's well traveled. This place was a mistake. Cultureless.

He questions her, anxious for the sedative to knock her out already. Sick of listening to her, he takes extreme measures, reaching for a rag of chloroform to speed the process along. He clamps the rag over her pretty, bitch, face and she struggles as she goes out.

Finally he can just enjoy her gorgeous, youthful body. He worships his patients breasts and belly button, strips the shirt off her limp body. He flicks his tongue over her belly button like a clit, then moves down to her feet removing her heels and enjoying the flavor of her soft soles.

Finally her moves up to her sweet young pussy, pulling down her panties and inhaling the clean, briney, scent. He manages to take a sample of her pussy juices for his collection before she comes to, confused and accusatory.

Includes medical clinic, medical fetish, foot worship, breast worship, belly button worship, eye checks, limp play, sample collection, trophy collection

15 minutes



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