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Blackmailed By The Boss
Featuring Star Nine

You've been squirreling all that money away, haven't you? All those sales bonuses. I like to know what makes my employees tick & I finally discovered your little fetish. I set up cameras everywhere & gathered mountains of evidence. I have large glossy photos of you looking under desks, hoping for a glimpse of nylon feet. I even followed you on your lunch break, watching you eat out of your brown paper sack, watching you watch your coworkers walking in their stocking feet in the park. I really think it would be best if you just signed over that fat seven figure 401K to me. Think about it, your fetish wouldn't be exposed. You can always earn more money.

You try to resist, you've worked so hard, all those long hours, all those difficult sales calls, but I prop my nylon feet up on the desk & you lose all control. I strip down to just my sheer to waist pantyhose, posing, demanding a decision and you inevitably cave. Don't worry, you can always earn more money.

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Pantyhose Domination, Blackmail Fantasy, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Domination, Financial Domination, Femdom POV

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12 minutes



Strict Pantyhose 1
Featuring Star Nine

You nervously enter my office, uncertain what we're meeting about. To your horror I bring up your nylon leg & foot fetish, I've been counting the seconds you've been stealing from me in unperformed labor. All those minutes that tick by everyday as you stare at your coworkers' sexy nylon feet.

I should fire you & you beg me not to. There is one other option, I doubt it will work, but it will amuse me to try it. I offer up a little contract, just between you & me - you will submit to at least three, progressively harder, nylon foot worship & corporal punishment sessions. You eagerly sign despite my warnings of what the sessions will entail & how strict I will be. Be in My office first thing tomorrow morning for our first session . . .

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Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Femdom POV, Foot Slave Training, Foot Domination, Blackmail Fantasy

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11 minutes



Toilet Takeover
Featuring Star Nine

The memory stings. The way I slowly broke you down, took over the company you'd built form the ground up. How I used your proclivities against you & put you in your place, a human toilet.

It must have been such a relief, to be able to go to work every day without worrying about Me taking advantage of you.

you'd thought you'd escaped Me. The humiliation, the lack of control, the poor decision making, the experience of being mentally dominated, being the boss only in title.

I know you loved every minute of it. It made you question yourself, whether you could even call yourself a man having your desires so easily used against you.

My greed knows no bounds, we're not here to "negotiate". You know I always get what I want & while subcontracting your company for this contract would be mutually beneficial, I don't see any reason why I shouldn't just buy your company outright.

your only true purpose in life, your only role is to be a human toilet & it gives Me so much joy to put you in your place & use you as you're meant to be used.

We both know that the second I unbutton my pants, the second I unbuckle my expensive belt, you'll be on your knees drooling in anticipation.

Remember what happened when you tried to resist last time, how I had you on your hands and knees at the board meeting? On your knees unable to control that uncontrollable hunger for my superior exquisite shit.

Beg for it. Beg for Me to give you what you want in exchange for everything you've built and everything you have.

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Toilet Fetish, Toilet Slavery, High Heels, Office Domination, Mental Domination, Blackmail Fantasy

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14 minutes



Forensic Accounting
Featuring Star Nine

Very clever, the way you covered your tracks, of course not clever enough to fool me. So much to lose. Your company, your money, your freedom, your family. You probably shouldn't have hired someone as skilled as me. What did you risk it for, your company was successful, your compensation already obscenely high. You did it for the rush, didn't you. Already so far at the top of your game, you wanted to feel more powerful.

Now you're powerless. When I first walked into this room, you thought you would get away with it, you thought you'd get an easy meeting with some eye candy. You though you could keep the money, have me, all that power. Even though you lost, you still feel that rush, because you're above the rules, aren't you? You aren't going to suffer any real consequences - you're just going to pay me off.

We're renegotiating my compensation package right now. That reward for successfully following the paper trail - you're going to quadruple it - and that's just the money you're giving me on paper. So confusing - giving me your money, so much money, it's even more exciting than accumulating it for yourself. A stronger rush than you've felt in decades. However will you top it?

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Financial Domination, Blackmail Fantasy, Femdom POV, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Office Domination

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10 minutes



Left Penniless
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is tricked into signing away her inheritance when her stepmother exploits her masochistic tendencies.

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Lesbian Domination, Submissive/Slave Training, Forced Orgasms, Mind Fuck, French Maid Fetish, Blackmail Fantasy

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