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Out Of Reach
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie and Star Nine are kidnapped & tied up! Chrissy is on the floor with her wrists crossed behind her back in a box tie & Star is tied to a chair with her hands cuffed behind her back. The kidnapper taunts them with the key before dropping it in Star's tight boot. Will Chrissy manage to rescue the key from Star's tight boot before the kidnapper returns?

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, struggling, boot fetish, escaping, handcuffs

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15 minutes



Booted Robbery
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star is mugged, handcuffed & shackled by Chrissy Marie. Chrissy decides that she also likes Star's boots and forces her to trade for her smelly sneakers. Chrissy tests out the boots by kicking Star repeatedly. Shackled and handcuffed, Star is unable to do much to prevent the blows. A hard kick to the cunt drops her to her knees but Chrissy doesn't stop there. She continues to kick Star with her own boots and then makes her worship them.

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Includes boot fetish, boot worship, beatdowns, handcuffs, shackles, damsel in distress, cunt busting

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16 minutes



Findom Catwoman
Featuring Star Nine

Every henchman needs a little reinforcement, especially one as weak as you. So easily distracted by shiny objects, so easily confused by that pathetic voice inside you. A few calming cues put you back in your place . . . reduced to a purring kitten playing with a ball of yarn & dedicated to laying every bright shiny coin by my feet.

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Financial Domination, Super Villain, Mental Domination, Age Regression, Boot Fetish, Superheroines

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8 minutes



Cashing Out
Featuring Star Nine

It started with something so innocuous, a pair of his & hers life insurance policies.

What a rush to collect on her insurance policy and hand it all over to me. Did you ever imagine you'd have this much to give me?

You wanted this, you wanted to make me happy didn't you? Did it never occur to you that this was the end game?

Now there's just one last little thing, the insurance policy that I have in your name - it's time to collect on that one too. After all I'll be leaving the country, I wouldn't want to leave any loose ends.

Gasping for air, you know it was all worth it. Every moment that brought you here brought you so much bliss.

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Executrix, Financial Domination, Extreme Domination, Pantyhose Domination, Femdom POV, Boot Fetish

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17 minutes



Cuntbusted Queen
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine confronts renowned Dominatrix & corrupt cop, Ashley Lane, regarding the death of her husband.

Ashley taunts the grieving housewife, detailing how she crushed the man's sexy balls with her high heeled boots, how he came from having his testicles crushed and expired from the her expert destruction of his testicles.

Star rushes angrily at Ashley and they trade blows, Ashley dominating with high kicks.

Defeated, Star crawls to Ashley and worships her boots. She tentatively kisses up her legs and begins to lick her pussy. Ashley moans in distracted pleasure. A look passes over Star's face and she goes in for revenge. Star pulls back & punches Ashley in the cunt. She grabs and tortures Ashley's delicate flower, pulling her lips, threating to tear them off. In desperate pain, Ashley falls into a chair, crossing & uncrossing her legs as she grips her tortured pussy.

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Cunt Busting, Female Fighting, Boot Fetish, Beatdowns, Cat Fighting, Boot Domination

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14 minutes



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