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Best Pranks
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

I (Star Nine) invited Candle Boxxx over for revenge on a mean prank she played on me. She wore an expensive outfit and is bragging about her practical jokes, oblivious to my hurt feelings.

Stripping my conservative blouse and skirt and revealing a black corset and classic garter and stockings, she thinks we are going to be playing games. She's confused when I pull out a collar and leash and start cropping her ass, but start doing pony play. her Full Fashioned stockings start heel popping her highly arched stilettos. She reveals her reinforced sole stockings as she's crawling.

I command her to wear one shoe and leave the other one off as she's bent over me for otk spanking. Peeling off her panties, she's surprised by the stinging ass smacking. She's humiliated and embarrassed as I have her redress (off camera) and crawl out of the room.

As Candle's standing bound with arms overhead, I punish her with dildo sucking. Grabbing her collar, she apologizes but it's too late and I rip her button up blouse, causing buttons to go flying! She's shocked when I start snipping her skirt off but it's fair after her humiliating joke.

Since she won't shut up, I shove a big black ballgag in her mouth, but she continues gag talking through it! At least it muffles her bitching as she stomps her highly arched pumps. Cutting clothes off of her is satisfying as she whimpers.

Tying a vibrator on her clit, something looks wrong, so I start undoing her garter belt, causing one of the FF stockings to fall down her legs. Disheveled, I leave her alone to struggle. She cums hard and kicks off her one heel and stocking while completely demoralized.

Includes lesbian domination, humiliation, bound orgasms, clothes destruction/burning, female domination

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28 minutes



Close Encounter
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is busy typing when a magic light envelopes her body and she finds herself on a space ship that replicated her office. She's rope bound on a bondage table with her arms behind her head, taut belly and legs spread. A metallic wand (hitachi magic wand) hovers over her and she calls out for help.

Alien Star Nine walks in and observes her specimen before body exploration with her long red fingernails. Candle squirms and does belly sucking to get away from the long red nails. She's toe pointing and sole flexing as she's mind melded by this creature! Scared and submissive, she follows instructions obediently, but can't help but do bondage wiggling as she receives nipple caresses and breast play. With a deep concave belly and expanded ribcage, she tries to avoid the belly worship. Star is intrigued by her flat tummy and putting her long nails deep in her belly button.

Her squeals stop, when Star uses her fingers to spread Candle's legs wide for pussy worship. Star's finger pressing her clit with such strength!

Star's tongue goes for nipple licking and Candle is disgusted by alien spit before being offended that Star thinks her tit licking tastes funny. The rib cage licking and belly licking disgust this damsel, but she's terrified as that alien tongue gets close to her pussy lips in a game of tease and denial

The vibrator is used on her big boobs, down her taut belly and onto her helpless pussy. Moaning and grunting in pleasure, she's surprised at how good it feels and cums hard from the bondage orgasm.

The light appears and Candle is back at her desk. Was that real or a fantasy?

Per the customer's request, this was shot at only two angles!

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Includes aliens & monsters, lesbian domination, female domination, bound orgasms, damsel in distress

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19 minutes



Winning Drain
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

JJ Graves calls me (Star Nine) after winning the lottery and wants a femdom session but if he's desperate, he will have to pay one million dollars because I don't feel like camming.

He's a weak paypig, and during our web cam session, I humiliate him for contacting me before anyone else after his windfall. He wants to meet in person, but he has to wire transfer the entire amount of his earnings.

Later, in my dungeon, he's chair bound and blindfolded. He can't see my black corset, but he can smell my leather skirt and feel my long fingernails grazing his skin. My nylon legs rub against his and I'm lap sitting in a tease and denial game. He can only touch what I let him touch!

Removing the blind fold, I allow him to see his Mistress, I'm stripping my leather pencil skirt, revealing my garter belt and full fashioned stockings. He offers everything he owns like a good subbie.

Revealing his hard cock, my long nails graze his thick dick. Jerking him off, I ask how much more he has to give. My tongue is a hair away from the head of his cock and he's begging to cum with the privilege of going broke to his Findom Goddess. Draining his dick, and wiping his jizz on his shirt, he's going to have to earn more to see me again!

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Includes handjob, financial domination, female domination, bondage male, forced male orgasm

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18 minutes



Candle Tricked into Tight Bondage
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Poor naive Candle Boxxx. I've asked her over to "help me with something". She's confused by the rope, but she lets me tie her up with with elbows together, a frogtie and a chest harness. Waist rope cinches her belly and connects everything. I ask her to show me how much she can struggle in my super tight ropes. She can barely move a muscle and her long red fingernails can't reach the ropes to escape.

I stuff a big black ballgag tightly in her big mouth, and she tries gagtalking. She's foot wiggling as I wrap her hands up with microfoam tape, ensuring there's no escaping. I squeeze her tight and feel her bondage struggle in my arms before wrapping microfoam tightly around her ballgagged mouth. The wraparound gagging shows off her big lips and the ball gag beneath.

Is it time to reveal my true intentions? I'm going to turn her into my happy little slave girl. She's not in love with the idea at first, but once I start tugging on her knotted crotch rope she gets horny. Removing the wrap around gag, I give her mouth packing and then give her a wraparound vet wrap gag.

She's disappointed when I leave, but amuses herself with hip thrusting against her tight crotch rope till having a bondage orgasm.

Rigging by Damon Pierce.

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Includes rope bondage, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, gagged women

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Includes Star Nine struggling bondage rope sensual domination femdom microfoam gags gag talking ballgagged woman ballgagged women DID damsel in distress groping submissive sluts crotchrope bound orgasms female orgasms big tits nylon clothing fetish clothes fetish clothing sheer yoga pants sheer shirts transparent yoga pants corset fetish corsets leather skirts transparent shirts red toenails red nails moaning fetish milf bondage redheads red hair blondes kink

26 minutes



Admirer Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is surprised that a secret admirer sent her a box with a note hoping that the enclosed suntan pantyhose bring her plenty of pleasure. Her red fingernails caress the suntan nylons and she's pleased when they fit her long legs.

Suddenly the pantyhose tighten and constrict but when she tries stripping them, they are stuck! She doesn't see the evil pantyhose escaping the box, creeping toward her. It's too late and they are wrapping around her arms and she's pantyhose bound. Her kicking legs won't allow escape.

Pantyhose jump in as nylon mouthpacking to shhh her cries for help. Gagtalking through the pantyhose mouth stuffing keeps her quiet but she's cleave gagged over a nylon hood.

Her flailing legs are put in pantyhose bondage and the stockings grab the Hitachi Magic Wand and create a nylon crotch rope.

Her button up blouse and front hooking bra are snapped open, revealing her perky tits. Looking down in fear at the powerful Hitachi vibrator, she's surprised when she's blindfolded.

With sensory deprivation, she moans in terror and pleasure as her body's cumming. As soon as she's done from her pantyhose orgasm, the hitachi is turned off and her pantyhose binds are released. Spent and happy, she removes the pantyhose hood and removes the pantyhose mouth packing.

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Includes pantyhose encasement, aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, bondage, bound orgasms

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18 minutes



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