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Comic Nerd Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

I was looking to see what kind of porn you have, but what I found is much worse. Are these yours? Comic books? I'm just now realizing exactly how pathetic you are. Watch me destroy your precious collection. Ripping them apart, trampling them under my heels, spitting on them. What's wrong, oh, were those valuable? Were they your favorites? Well, they're nothing but trash all crumbled and wet under my heels now. Just as worthless as you.

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Includes verbal humiliation, humiliation, trampling, spit, brat girls

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17 minutes



Taboo 4th Pool Tease
Featuring Star Nine

I can't resist teasing you by the pool. I told you to stop by early for the 4th of July BBQ just so I could watch you squirm. Some things you just don't grow out of, like teasing a little brother.

Remember when we were kids and you always perved on me when I would lay out? You were always too chicken to do anything about it. Of course I knew. Of course I noticed. It amused me, it still does. I bet you always wished I was sunbathing nude. Then you'd really get an eyeful.

I'm going for a dip. You should join me, you uhhhh look like you need to cool off.

Once in the pool I tease and torment you, stripping underwater, daring you to skinny dip, making you go under with me. Remember that game we used to play, were we'd sit on the bottom of the pool. So innocent.

Lucky you I swim away so you can focus on hiding that boner. Happy 4th of July, brother, listen, the fireworks are starting.

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Taboo, Wet Look, Bikini, Tease & Denial, Brat Girls, Underwater Fetish

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13 minutes



The New Girl
Featuring Veruca James & Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie & Star give the new girl the chance of a lifetime - the opportunity to be in with them, the popular girls.

Sitting on Star's bed they grill Veruca about her old school, whether she was popular there, why she moved, how much money her dad makes. It's pretty clear Veruca is not going to fit in . . . there were only 7 girls in her grade at her old school! Still, Star pretends it's going to work out. Of course they'll have to dye her hair red since Star's the blonde & Dixie's the brunette and their Asian friend has black hair . . . Veruca protests, she doesn't think her mom would like that. Star rolls her eyes and reaches in her bedside drawer. She pins Veruca down and begins to tickle her as she tosses the bottle to Dixie.

Dixie soaks her panties with chloroform and schoolgirl pins the struggling Veruca, sitting on her face. Veruca continues to struggle until her eyes flutter shut.

The mean girls begin to strip their prey, flopping her limp limbs around as they remove her clothing. They're doing her a favor really, it's obvious she wouldn't be able to handle their antics so they should just put her in her place now. Dixie comments on her bra and Star says she should take it. Veruca wakes and tries to cover herself, she doesn't want to give up her bra. Star clamps a chloroform soaked rag right over her protesting mouth and knocks her back out.They decide to write on Veruca's naked body with lipstick. Free Whore. Fuck Hole. They leave to take pictures, planning to release them after the weekend's party with a gang bang rumor. Veruca runs home screaming for mommy.

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Limp Fetish, Humiliation, School Uniform, Face Sitting, Brat Girls, Lesbian Domination

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11 minutes



Forced Bi By Schoolgirl Crush
Featuring Star Nine

Bratty Schoolgirl Star is sitting on the bench outside class. It's the beginning of the school year. You've been dreaming of her all summer. You manage to spit out the line you've rehearsed - can you take her to the local amusement park? It's the last weekend of the season.

Star laughs at you - really, how long have you been practicing that? Oh, and I see you brought your little buddy along for moral support. Would he come along on our date too? You know, most guys have the courage to ask me on their own.

You two do seem to do everything together though, I suppose girls should be no different.

Star gets a wicked grin on her face. I bet you really DO EVERYTHING together huh? I bet you've sucked each other's cocks. Oh don't lie to me - we all experiment, I mean, I have, with girls. It's nothing to be ashamed of - actually, I think it's quite hot. Watching two guys I mean.

I'll make you a deal, you suck your buddies cock & I'll let you take me to the amusement park. We can even ride on the ferris wheel as it gets dark.

No, I'm serious. I will totally go on a date with you. Yes, here. Yes, now! You're not going to get caught, everyone's at that stupid welcome back assembly.

Go ahead, unzip his pants. Make it hard. Now wrap your lips around it, show off for me.

Yeah that's it, OMG that's so fucking hot.

Star reaches for her phone, you don't notice, you and your buddy both have your eyes closed, pretending.

She records you - your friend cums fast. You look up at the phone in her hand & protest.

Star waves the video in your face - hahah did you really think I would ever be seen in public with you. I knew you were a total fag!

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Forced Bi, Brat Girls, Pantyhose/Stockings, Humiliation, Female Domination, Femdom POV

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5 minutes



Sock Tease
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Kendra James & Star Nine

My hot friends & I kick you off the couch to watch a movie. You can play your video games later. You slide to the floor by our feet. I explain how I'm pretty sure you have a foot fetish as we shove our sweaty socks in your face, how you got hard rubbing my feet on the couch last week.

We begin to rub them all over your face, forcing you to smell our feet, making fun of the boner poking up in your pants. Eventually you start to look worried and I let you go to your room before you cum in your pants, embarrass yourself in front of your sister & her friends.

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Socks, Foot Domination, Foot Fetish, Taboo, Brat Girls, Humiliation

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6 minutes



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