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Catwoman's Gas Trap
Featuring Star Nine

you caught CatWoman, but now what are you going to do with Me? Are you going to lock me up and put me in jail? Silly boy! you chased me into your own Doom.

This is an air tight gas chamber which I am impervious to. Clapping gloved hands, I command the gas to begin. I bet you would love some of this oxygen tank and gas mask I am putting on. Do you want a taste of air? Just fucking kidding. Cat Woman doesn't share.

your lungs are burning and you can either do shallow breathing, which pulls the toxic gas deeper inside or you can try breath holding.

you tried to disrupt my Goddess lifestyle, and now you will suffer while I watch. Look into my green eyes as you expire.

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Includes executrix, super villain, breath control, gas mask, extreme domination

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10 minutes



2 Woman Gas Chamber
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie and Ashley Lane are doing clinical trials for Scientist Star Nine and giggle when they learn they're testing aphrodisiacs.

They're bound together on a couch with remote control vibrators on their clits. The test subjects are excited but confused about being rope bound. It's a precaution for the drug that Star injects in them. Winces are replaced with moans and the Doctor excuses herself to watch behind the glass.

As the door closes, both vibrators roar to life and the women are writhing in pleasure. They're turned on and start kissing as their bound nylon legs rub in the ropes. Pussy grinding their vibes makes the sensation play stronger.

Getting close to cumming, Star talks over the speaker. She admits that the study involves the feeding method of a new life form. Star explains that her creatures feed off female orgasms and death. They are locked in a gas chamber and once they climax, the room will fill with poison gas and they will both slowly and painfully die.

The shocked girls can't control their orgasms and scream as they're cumming. The electric massagers turn off and they slump. Panic turns to laughter as they suspect it was a practical joke.

A creature, born from their orgasms, stands behind them. It gropes and slaps them causing them to scream in terror. They're crying from belly punching, face slapping and a cunt busting for extra humiliation. The futile sound of classic black pumps clawing for release, won't help them from their bondage peril.

He's hair pulling to keep their heads up as the gas chamber starts its mission. Trying to use breath control, they're gasping and sucking in the poison when the sex toys start buzzing. Screams of pain emit until they're slumped on top of each other and both have come out of their classic black high heels.

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Includes death fetish, aliens & monsters, forced orgasms, bondage, damsel in distress

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20 minutes



Neighborhood Catfight
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is bitch talking about what I'm (Star Nine) wearing and starts slut shaming. She boasts that if we ever confronted each other, there would be catfighting.

When she notices your hard dick, she cock teases you with the idea of her hair pulling, face slapping, and tit squeezing before telling you, it won't happen.

Later, you're at my house after doing some odd jobs but won't take money. Stripping my robe down to my bra and panties and wet hair, I take naughty selfies on your phone but you can't show your bitchy housewife. When you tell me her cat fighting threats, I'm ready to strip her down and do tit clawing, tit biting and face sitting. I see your hard cock and send the dirty picture to your cunty wife.

She calls immediately and the fight is on! When she arrives, I have rope ready to tie you up so you can't interfere.

We start with hair yanking and peeling her clothes off, limbs intertwined for a floor grapple.

She pushes me against the wall and body presses me before we do mutual choking.

On the floor, she's lapsitting and neck squeezing as I verbally taunt her about fucking her man. If only she satisfied her man, you would have never come to my house.

Catballing, we're throat squeezing and scissor holding each other into submission. I must have said the wrong thing because I'm weakened and close to being knocked out.

She grabs my beaten body and flaunts how she won by tit slapping me, but she didn't expect my sneak attack. Grunting and alternating with wrestling pins?, I'm ready for this bitch to get KO'ed and seeing the white of her eyes.

Now that she's limp, I untie you and put her in rope bondage. Is this how the frigid bitch fucks you? Is your big your cock ready for a POV blowjob? It's not cheating if she isn't giving what you need at home.

Ashley awakens angrily with me chest sitting on her while giving a handjob! Facesitting with my wet pussy juices will shut her up better than any gags! Your loser wife is going to make me cum from her pussy eating.

Give me your big cum shot on my tits so I can rub it on your angry wife. It's time for her to pass out so I can do my victory pose. Get her the fuck out of my house!

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Includes choking, female fighting, homewrecker, female wrestling, limp fetish

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34 minutes



Space Walk
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine are putting on their space suits and helping each other with the hoses. Pressing their bodies against each other, it's more sensual than NASA protocols. The silent flirting continues as the hose goes into the tight holes like a cock fucking a pussy.

French kissing, they vow to continue their makeout session after their Mission, but Star mutters under her breath that Ashley won't be making it back.

With helmets on, Star depressurizes the airlock. Ashley confirms that the oxygen is good and the hatch to outer space opens.

Just as Ashley is about to step forward, Star starts tit grabbing as a distraction claiming the spacesuit turns her on, but Ashley tries to be professional even though she craves the breast play.

Ashley wonders why Star wants to distract her and is shocked when her air hose is yanked out. Thinking it is a risky breathplay game, she's turned on by the perilous pleasure and trusts Star completely. Masturbating her clit over her uniform, she's edging toward cumming as Star pulls out each hose.

Ashley stops Star from pulling the last hose because it's too dangerous of breath control, but cums as Star yanks it out. Riding the climax, she has trouble breathing but autoerotica enahances the sensation.

Joking that she thought she was in danger, Star ignores her requests for the hose. Ashley's eyes widen as Star gives her a cunt busting and she realizes her girlfriend is killing her!

Gasping and sliding to her knees, she's overstimulated from her orgasm and shortness of air. She cums again, moaning hard as her rolling eyes are crossed and she collapses to her back.

With panicked choking, she's confused and suffocating before making a silent sob, going limp with a blank stare. Star kicks her prey with her booted foot and uses her long distance radio to call her benefactor. A dead astronaut should shut the missions down for a while and she will await her funds.

Confused, she realizes that her life support system is venting her oxygen. Double crossed, A remote device was triggered and she's losing air. Lapsitting on Ashley, she tries to use the rest of Ashley's air tank but it's futile as she squirms while throat clutching. Collapsing to the side, she suffocates until her eyes cross and she's staring blankly.

The dead women are on their backs looking up in horror and betrayal.

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Includes executrix, breath control, death fetish, costume, lesbian domination

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12 minutes



Grand Grimoire: A Triology of Twisted Tales
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

These are a series of vignettes.

Commissioner Ashley Lane is a formidable force as she enters in her white blouse and tight pants. Her red lips are yelling into the phone and her aviator sunglasses hide the anger in her blue eyes. Her twin sister was demoted and the captive "Ghost" is being processed on a lesser charge.

She hangs up and answers the knock at the front door only to find a box with a necklace and a note, "whatever you desire shall be yours". Confused, she looks at the pendant and is immediately dizzy from the self induction and entranced in a deep sleep.

Later, Ashley's tight ass is showcased in a microkini as she talks about tactical training. Her recruit, Star Nine, is in a military stance with her arms behind her back. The low slung pants and crop top expose her flat belly, revealing her lean body made for fighting.

Ashley's in a karate stance and encourages Star to attack. When given the green light, Star starts stomach punching, causing Ashley to start ass jiggling with each impact and causing erotic moans. The belly punches drill her tight stomach and she bends over with gasps.

Removing her hat and shaking her long hair, Ashley tries to take all of the ab punches despite her exposed tits and gasping for air. Star uses both fists when aiming for her belly button. It appears that this combat expert likes getting a belly beat down and having her breath control in the hands of someone else.

The butt jiggling from each stomach jabbing stops when she falls to the floor in pain, but Star climbs on top for more belly punching. Drool falls out of Ashley's crimson lips and into her flowing hair until she's knocked out from the bare-fisted fighting.

Montage 2 - Ashley's in bed with her hair in a towel, micro bikini and a silky robe while talking to her lover. They pulled off the murder of her late husband, but they don't realize that he had a contingency plan to take her out if he died of mysterious causes. She's cocky that nobody would suspect the police Commissioner to be an executrixxx and hangs up to masturbate. Wearing her favorite strap-on, she puts on headphones and starts tit grabbing and cock stroking.

She doesn't hear the click clack of Star's black high heels, or the red ribbon that she uses as a garrote around Ashley's slender neck. The breath games are slow and sexy as Ashley writhes and gyrates. At first it appears that she's fighting her attacker, but she's actually assisting in her own demise. Her hands grasp the choking ribbon and over Star's hands. Star is groping her prey while she chokes Ashley and loves when a wardrobe malfunction reveals Ashley's perky tits.

Ashley struggles to be on top but still has the ribbon around her neck as she reaches for her gun, but pushes it out of reach. Star inserts a poisonous syringe in her round ass and the coroner will suspect it to be a heart attack. Ashley's movements slow down until she's limp on her executioner.

Star repositions her conquest face down for some ass grabbing. Giving an ass kissing and ass smacking before leaving, she laments that it's too bad she was a dirty cop!

Montage 3 - Ashley is an undercover agent posing as a stripper in a cop costume trying to take down Kingpin who has the Mayor in her pocket. Star is a mid level dealer and Ashley is trying to interrogate information by using a sexy lap dance. This striptease would be more fun with party favors and Star asks for something in return. French kissing, Ashley is pleased when Star pulls out a small plastic bag, but tries to deflect when Star confronts her as Officer. It's just a police costume.

Star says she looks like the Commissioner and stands to reveal her big strap-on. Ashley doesn't miss a beat and presses her gun against the dildo shaft, threatening to blow off her dick. Star's hair pulling Ashley's ponytail and says that she's in control despite the weapon. A needle in the ass relaxes the undercover cop's throat as Star shoves a rose down her mouth. Ashley's eyes widen as she's deepthroating the thorny plant and her gun lowers as she gags on the stem until Star removes the offending phallic plant. Down on her knees, she's face to face with the dildo and gives a blow job in her humiliated state.

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Includes lesbian domination, belly punching, peril, sensual domination, extreme domination

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18 minutes



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