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Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is an obedient slave and sits in the submissive position with her hands on her knees while kneeling. The dental gag prevents speaking but allows drool to drip down on her small tits. You expect your desires to be fulfilled and are testing her will while giving her submissive training.

A metal butt plug is thrown to her and she turns around with her firm ass in the air. Her long white fingernails are ass spreading her tight asshole before inserting the anal toy.

The metal of her unbound bondage cuffs clink as she turns around for her next command. Her big blue eyes process your command for a leg spreading leg teases. Lying on her back, her long legs spread wide with her bare soles exposed. She's alternating toe pointing and toe spreading to emphasize the sole wrinkles of her big feet.

Sighing at her fate, she's pleased that she's pleased you. It's her turn to please herself by dildo fucking in frog pose. You throw a dildo to her and she eases onto the cock, feeling the double penetration of an ass plug and pussy dildo. Moaning, she can't help but cum from the g-spot orgasm.

Panting and drooling through the ring gag, she looks for your approval before reverting back to submissive pose. She passed her submissive training and attaches the dog leash to the slave collar. With outstretched arms, she hands it to you, ready for her next slave task.

Includes submissive sluts, submissive/slave training, butt plug, gagged women, humiliation

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Captive Fuck Toy
Slave Training

11 minutes


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Sissy Secret Exposed
Featuring Star Nine

I discovered your cache of sissy clothing, chastity & cuckold porn & now I'm revealing My own secrets and taking control of our marriage as I instruct you on how to dress, walk, and cum like a woman. This is actually perfect, I've been fucking all of my hot girlfriends behind your back and now I don't even have to pretend I liked to fuck you anymore. I make you dress up and put on a little fashion show for me as I record it. I give you tips on how to walk, how to move your body to really feel like a woman. Then I hand you your vibrating butt plug to loosen up & instruct you on how to properly cum like a girl. Of course once I'm done ordering you around I put you right back in chastity. I'll be holding the key and you will be my chaste little sissy slut at all times unless I decide to let you out for my amusement.

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Includes cuckolding, sissy training, femdom pov, chastity, masturbation instruction, pantyhose domination

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24 minutes


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Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

When Casey Calvert calls her husband's mistress (Star Nine) to confront her, Star suggests a winner takes all sex flight. Casey agrees and masks her nerves with an intimidating dominatrix outfit. Star packs her toys and arrives early to greet Casey's husband (pov) who has been invited to watch. She lays out her implements, a double ended dildo, regular dildo, nipple clamps & butt plug vowing to use them all to make his frigid wife cum.

Star strips out of her bikini and waits on their marriage bed for the battle to begin.

Casey walks in, towering over Star in her dominatrix boots. She puts her hands on her hips, intimidating Star. Casey quickly takes control, pushing Star back on the bed and going right for her pussy. Star is willing to cum first, to give Casey one token point before destroying her pussy, but Casey pulls back denying Star her orgasm. She pulls Star back up to a kneeling position, squeezing her nipples between her extra-long french manicured nails. She orders Star to worship her boots & Star agrees to lick them like she licks her husband's cock.

Star licks up Casey's boots to her tight shaved pussy and that's when Casey's downfall begins. Star pulls orgasm after orgasm out of the frigid wife, using every single toy she brought until Casey is left drained, defeated, and stripped of her costume.

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Includes lesbian domination, sexfight, lesbian, female fighting , pussy eating, double dildo, nipple clamps, butt plug, dildo fucking

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25 minutes


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Brutal Sybian
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Mistress Star has her slave Ashley butt plugged and tied up on the sybian. She forces orgasm after orgasm out of her slave, only allowing her to stand up one time to stick her ass out and vibrate her plug. Ashley begs and pleads for relief as her pussy grows more and more sensitive, but Star only increases the vibration & slaps her tits to distract her.

Star offers her a break if she verbally degrades herself, but poor Ashley is too cum drink to string a sentence together and can only repeat Star's degrading phrases. Instead of relief, Star increases the vibration & pins her clit down with another vibrator. She doesn't stop until Ashley is a drooling, quivering, mess.

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Includes sybian, forced orgasms, lesbian domination, butt plug, tit torture

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32 minutes


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Panties & Plugs Encouragement
Featuring Star Nine

The inevitable conclusion to Susceptible While Stroking.

You must have had such a feeling in the pit of your stomach when you placed that order. Satin panties are one thing but that trio of metal but plugs , well that gives you a pause doesn't it? You never thought you'd do this but you've always been so curious. You've been thinking about it a lot this last month haven't you? My legs, My voice, those silky satin panties warming up as you rub them on your cock.

It's so new and it feels so good. Stroking to My nylon legs, you're still not sure whether you'll be able to pull it off. You don't realize that it was inevitable, the second you hit buy you were put on the path to this moment. Stroking with warm silk, overcome with desire, following My lead you warm lube in your other hand, you massage your virgin hole. Stroke, stroke, gentle pressure and that tiny little metal plug is inside you, pushing up against you, a new experience, a new pressure as your orgasm builds.

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Butt Plug, Pantyhose Domination, Mental Domination, Anal Masturbation, JOI, Masturbation Encouragement

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20 minutes


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