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Stinky Sneaker Bondage
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Your StepMother Candle Boxxx comes home from work and knows she's forgetting something. Her red nails unlace her Princess Reeboks to reveal her white ankle socks.

She starts folding laundry and when you arrive, she realizes she forgot your birthday. Since she didn't get you a gift, you guys can celebrate with whatever you want! She's excited when you hand her a roll of duct tape for bondage games!

Laughing like a bondage bunny, she's impressed with the elbows together bondage. She can't even touch her white sports socks because it's such tight bondage!

She does playful bondage struggles before suggesting that you put on a wraparound vet wrap gag and blindfold. When you put her smelly sneakers on her face, she laughs at having a shoe gag.

Happy Birthday!

Includes tape bondage, gagged women, MILF, struggling, bondage

KEYWORDS - MILF bondage tape fetish duct tape fetish submissive sluts blindfolds vetwrap gagged women tapegagged woman tapegagged women moaning fetish gag talking taboo roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies skimpy shirts jeans bondage older woman/younger woman redheads with big tits

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9 minutes



Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx agrees to act out her dreams in therapy. Lying down for a countdown, her eyelashes flutter and she fantasizes about being a stripper. Wearing a blonde wig, magic glasses, leather opera gloves, crotchless panties and a catsuit, she asks if you want a dance while giving jerk off encouragement. Given a dildo, she shows off her blowjob skills before masturbating.

In reality, the real sweet Candle is writhing in ecstasy as her mind imagines her naughty fantasies. Her red nails are tit squeezing and rubbing between her legs. In dreamland, she's cumming hard, becoming dazed and hungry for cock. With spread legs, she climaxes hard from your virtual fucking.

Back in the Doctor's office, her red hair has been replaced with blonde, while she wears the stripper platform shoes and the magic eyeglasses. She masturbates while repeating mantras, oblivious that her worlds have combined.

Includes mesmerize, slut training, joi, mental domination, virtual sex

KEYWORDS - female training woman following orders erotic magic control mind fuck submissive sluts masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction jerk off instruction submissive/slave training cock tease dirty talking dirty erotic dancing exotic dancing erotic dancers exotic dancers dildos dildo fucking solo female masturbation solo masturbation moaning fetish female orgasms highly arched shoes high heels catsuits wigs fetish clothing fetish clothes eyeglasses eye glasses redheads big tits

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15 minutes



Candle's Gag-Talk Challenge Gone Wrong
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine and Candle Boxxx are doing a Gag Talk Challenge on their social media channel. A game of rock scissors paper decides who will start the handgagging challenge. Candle chatters through the HOM gagging and Star wads a hanky inside Candle's mouth before hand gagging again. She continues chattering as Star pulls out the soggy mouthstuffing.

Candle presents Star with a sock stuffing, but Star says they have to play the roshambo to see who's next. Annoyed at losing, Candle's red nails shove in the self gagging. Star adds three pieces of duct tape for muffled speech, so Candle tries to pantomime her words. That's cheating in the Gag Talk challenge and she's rope bound!

Star has rigged the game,and starts teasing Candle's duct tape gagging off, only to leave it on. As Candle gets more frustrated, Star pulls the silver gag off and runs off for a surprise panty stuffing. Candle spits them out before Star secures them with vet wrapping.

They have a butt shaking contest to get viewers engaged. Star pulls Candle's thong down under the guise that it's the fans want. Pussy spreading is humiliating, but the pussy play makes her moan until she's begging for the Hitachi Magic Wand! Her wrinkled soles alternate with her pointed toes as she's bucking in orgasms.

As Star removes the vet wrap gag, Candle tells people to subscribe to their channel!

Includes gagged women, gag talk, hand over mouth, bondage, bound orgasms

KEYWORDS - tapegagged woman tape gagged women tapegag talking mouth stuffing pantystuffing duct tape fetish rope bondage rope made to cum imposed orgasms lesbian domination lesbians girl-girl girl/girl girlgirl GG vibrators electric massagers female orgasms female domination femdom sensual domination redheads big tits challenges humor humour t-shirt and panties humiliation embarrassment blondes tall woman tall women kink submissive sluts

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23 minutes



A Very Fembot Xmas
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx 990 prototype fembot designed to be the perfect woman and as realistic as possible, but like all 990 series her emotional response can be overloaded. Star Nine 3000 is her sexbot girlfriend. Made by another manufacturer, she is utterly convinced of her own perfection, a fact that can cause problems when she is confronted with evidence to the contrary.

Star thinks it is strange that Candle loves human holidays and also expresses her frustration with Candle's "stepmother". Androids do not have stepparents, but rather creators. When Candle admits that her stepmother invited Star's creator to Christmas dinner, Star is livid and tries to shut down and reprogram Candle. Struggling to prevent the shutdown, Candle convinces her to start fucking and they're edging each other's systems to the limits, bordering on malfunctioning until they're cumming.

In the afterglow, Star shuts Candle off and tries to reprogram her, but needs the password. Rebooting her girlfriend, Candle is robotic in her responses and refuses to cooperate. Star overrides her by connecting their systems, but Candle defends herself by sending a power surge.

As Star is overloading, her systems shut down and Candle is able to restart her girlfriend. However, something is not right, and Star freezes alternating with stiff movements. Every time Candle asks if there is a problem, Star doubles down, insisting that her model is manufactured to be perfect.

When it becomes clear that she can't remain online, Star asks for help, and Candle gleefully offers to call her Stepmother for help!

Includes robots, lesbian, fembots, orgasms, struggling

KEYWORDS - robot fetish real doll sexbots sci-fi science fiction girl-girl girl/girl girlgirl gg lesbian domination body worship roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies redheads red hair big tits blondes kink female orgasms humor humour lesbians female training woman following orders

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29 minutes



Candle Spread and Cumming
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx is bound spread eagle with a Hitachi Magic Wand crotchroped on her sensitive clit. She gasps with pointed toes as it edges her closer to cumming. A rope noose limits her movement as she tries to look down to see the crotch rope digging in. She arches her back emphasizing her ribcage and large breasts. It isn't long before she's grunting and having screaming orgasms in her barefoot bondage!

She tries to control the multiple orgasms and lifts her leg in the air, showing off her wrinkled soles and red toenails. The neck bondage adds sensation play as she's arm flexing and feeling her bondage cuffs digging into her flesh.

Becoming spent, she slows down but twitches as her body surprises her with more orgasms!

This was shot full body per the customer's request.

Includes bondage, vibrators, orgasms, bound orgasms, breath play

KEYWORDS - MILF bondage rope bondage restraints bondage cuffs bound bellies bound belly bound made to cum imposed orgasms encouraged orgasms breath control hands free orgasms electric massagers moaning fetish female orgasms redheads with big tits

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12 minutes



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