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Underwater Bondage Escape
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine awakens rope bound underwater and is confused how she ended up in the bottom of a pool. Screams for help sounds like gag talking without the gag. Bubbles float to the top of the water as she's yelling underwater.

Her pink toenails flutter as she struggles in her ankle binds. The wet jeans limit movements almost as much as her wrist binds. Her open eyes look around for an escape route or another swimmer, but she's alone. She maneuvers the ropes to her mouth and uses her teeth to untie the wet bondage.

Coming to the surface, she's smiling, confident that she would win the bondage escape challenge! The struggling damsel was just for show. Stepping out of the pool, she's showing off the wet clothes clinging to her firm body, and cocky about her win!

Includes underwater fetish, bondage, escaping, wet look, challenges

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11 minutes



Candle's Inflation Fetish
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is about to walk out the door when she notices Star Nine inflating balloons for the party. Instead of helping, she squishes the balloon so the air smooshes into Star's mouth. Humiliated, Star shoves Candle's head down on the helium tank causing inflated chipmunk cheeks and a bloated stomach. As she releases, Candle gasps and her engorged tummy flattens as the air flows out.

Instead of being embarrassed, Candle recounts her body inflation stories and is ready for more belly expansion using a compressor hose.

They decide to do an inflation game to get big distended bellies, hold it as long as possible and then release, returning to concave bellies. Star loves the idea of body expansion and her normally taut abs bulge out in her white tank top and daisy dukes. It's fun to look like they have pregnant bellies and push for the maximum inflation.

Candle strips down to her thong and lies flat so her pronounced ribcage and flat belly distended to a pregnant belly. Her long red fingernails caress her big belly bulge. Star's worried that she's going to have a belly popping from the air pressure! Star presses the hard stomach and is amazed as the air releases down to a concave tummy.

Doing a standing inflation, Candle does 3 pumps so Star can do a belly comparison.

As Star's lying down, her face reddens from the exertion of keeping the air contained. Candle pulls out a bicycle pump, fireplace pump and hand pump because she wants to replicate a cartoon compression and then reanimate.

In a practical joke, Candle inflates Star when she doesn't expect it. Star's so mad that she shoves Candle, causing her to accidentally land with her butthole on the active helium tank. She's stuck as her body inflates and apologizes for the pranking before Star will help her escape.

They have a race to inflate and have a breath holding contest before Candle tries having the helium on her asshole AND the compressor in her mouth.

Star does mouth to mouth inflation and holds her lips shut so none of the air can escape and Candle returns the favor.

Unfortunately, Star falls face first on the helium tank and starts filling up until she pops into thin air. Without remorse, Candle starts laughing at her clumsiness. Realizing that she won't get a good parking spot at the party, she does self inflation so she can look like she has a full term pregnancy.

Includes behind the scenes footage as we tried balloon inflation before the shoot.

Includes body inflation, expansion, muscle control, belly fetish, bloated belly

OTHER KEYWORDS - bloated bellies abs games challenges humour humor body part comparison size comparison redheads big tits skinny woman thin woman blondes tall woman tall women kink

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39 minutes



Women's Viagra Challenge
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx accepts the Women's Viagra Challenge because she doesn't think it works as a female aphrodisiac. She's taking two doses of the medicine to prove that it doesn't cause female arousal and films the process so she can win a bet.

Shoe dangling pumps, she claims to feel nothing. Readjusting in her seat, she can't get comfy and removes her blazer. Feeling hot, she unbuttons her button up blouse forgetting the camera is filming.

Lightheaded, she strips her blouse and feels better until her suede skirt overheats her and she peels it down her nylon legs. Sweating in only lingerie and full fashioned stockings, she's still convinced the meds don't work.

Her skin becomes itchy and her long red fingernails dig into her flesh for scratching. As her hands dart beneath her lace panties, she's shocked by her wet pussy! Realizing that the camera is rolling, she begs for it to stop as she removes her panties to blot her forehead. It's embarrassing and humiliating, but she's shoving her hands down her vintage nylons and undoing one garterbelt strap. One of the suntan stockings rolls down her legs.

With erect nipples, she tries nipple licking and rubbing every inch of her body because she's so horny. Removing the garter belt, she does stocking worship and shoe worship while masturbating. High heel sucking and shoe smelling makes her more aroused as she's clit rubbing. Toe pointing her reinforced toe stockings, she gets more turned on, but she pulls one off and caresses her body, using it as a RHT stocking glove.

Just as she's about to cum, she has a ruined orgasm. In a stroke of genius, she rubs the stiletto on her clit and it pushes her over the edge to a mind blowing orgasm in one shoe. With kicking legs, her body bucks and then she realizes that was the most amazing sexual experience she ever had.

She's so glad that she lost this orgasm challenge!

Includes masturbation, pantyhose/stockings, embarrassed naked female, humor, struggling

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23 minutes



Toilet Sitting Desperation
Featuring Star Nine

I pull down my tight jeans and sit on the toilet. When I see you staring at me, I tell you to get out. Of course I take longer because I'm a girl and you're a stinky boy.

Fine, I will show you what a spread pussy and spread asshole looks like if you'll leave. Now scoot, so I can go to the bathroom. When you are sitting down, your body wants to pee.

you can piss outside but you think I should do bladder holding? Look at my bloated belly from my full bladder. It feels like it's about to dribble out.

If I urinate now, you will never leave me alone again? you want me to do a 10 minute pee challenge? I've already been sitting here forever.

Can I stand up? I don't think I have bladder control. Rocking back and forth, I'm annoyed that you're such a brat. Stop talking about water.

Right now, I would go in a dirty public restroom for some privacy. And I never use public bathrooms because public toilets are disgusting.

Maybe I should just do some bed wetting in your bed if you won't let me start pissing.

Counting down from 10, I relieve myself with a big stream of urine. Toilet paper wiping needs privacy and I'm irritated as I'm toilet flushing.

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Includes desperation, taboo, female desperation, challenges, pee

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine games toilet fetish struggling embarrassment humiliation blondes kink tall women tall woman

11 minutes



Newspaper Gag Challenge
Featuring Casey Calvert , Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Casey Calvert and I, Star Nine, are girlfriends looking for new ways to spice things up in the bedroom. We're wearing sexy bra and panties and our favorite necklaces that caress our cleavage.

I suggest playing a game of mouth stuffing with cut newsprint. The winner is whoever can do the most mouthpacking and their prize is dominating the loser.

She suggests a game of rock paper scissors to see who goes first. The paper crackling is so erotic as each page is pushed into our mouths and our cheeks widen. Lips pursing around the mouth bulge, we are competitive to get filled up.

Holding my long blonde hair back, Casey carefully wraps clear tape around my face and neck, pressing it down with her long blue fingernails. Patting the translucent tape down with my long fingernails, it feels good to keep it securely mouth packed.

She writes my tally with bright red lipstick on my forehead and puts on my dangling earrings as I'm mmmphing. My gagged mouth kisses her ungagged mouth, and she's itching to get her stuffed mouth.

Closing eyes and opening wide, she crams it in her mouth adjusting for her perfect teeth. With her full chipmunk cheeks, the paper stuffing is visible between her rosy lips as I apply the clear tape gagging.

Our taped lips kissing before I use the crimson lipstick to write her score on her forehead and add hoop earrings to frame her beautiful gagged face.

She sits for chair bondage and we're both making gag moans as I do on screen tying. Her bare feet are arched as she anticipates the newspaper blindfold that provides sexy sensual deprivation.

She loves when I'm pinching noses for the breath play alternated with tit slapping and breast squeezing.

The sound of the Hitachi magic wand excites her but we are stopped by burglar Ashley Lane. The masked intruder is stronger than my struggling, and I end up chair bound.

Our muffled gag cries aren't going to alert anyone to our peril but she adds another tape layer for extra security. Un-blindfolding Casey is sensory shock to her system, but we're humiliated when she nose pinched and is grabbing tits, stealing our sensual games.

Stripping our diamond rings, bracelets, pearls and sparkling earrings, we feel naked without our jewels. She's intrigued by our newspaper gags and starts feeding paper into her mouth till she has cheek bulges and is caressing lean body in pleasure.

Turned on, she puts the hitachi magic wand on Casey's sensitive clit before vibing me.

Removing her used gag and placingspitty pieces between each of our breasts, she leaves us alone to escape. Casey frees herself first and removes her paper gagging.

I'm still bound and helpless but Casey is turned on from our frightening bondage experience. Using the vibrating wand, I go from scared to horny and my flat belly arches and flexes while cumming.

In behind the scenes footage, I'm untying my bondage ropes and pulling out the gag, laughing that it stuck to my teeth!

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Includes gag talk, lesbian domination, bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress

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29 minutes



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