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Cuckqueen 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is late for her session and strips down with apologies. Scolding her for wearing sexy lace panties, I'm hair pulling, and pussy slapping. I remind her that she chooses to be cuckolded and dominated by her Mistress because she's obsessed with a man she will never fuck again.

I'm face squeezing her chipmunk cheeks while informing her that sub training involves tease and denial and she will never have orgasms again. She's to use the sybian and can't cum. If she can't practice cunt control, I'll kick her out and she'll never see her boyfriend again.

With the vibrations on, I'm throat grabbing her delicate neck and accuse her of having fantasies about getting banged. Thigh slapping and tit slapping, she moans as I'm telling her about fucking her boyfriend and she will never have him again.

She won't need boobs anymore, so I should cut them off. Raising the vibration, she sounds desperate for release, but I alternate the speed while slapping pussy. She's about to sneak an orgasm, so I give her a ruined orgasm.

Shoving my tight ass in her face, I demand ass worship. It looks like she's smiling, so I crank it up to 11.

If she cums, I'm going to sew her wet pussy shut. The pussy torment secretly arouses her and I give her masturbation humiliation for being a dirty slut. Her creamy pussy messes up MY things.

Disciplining her, I expect tits forward and when she doesn't comply, I start nipple flicking to get proper slave posture. My hands press her G-spot externally and she begs for the pressure to stop so I start high heel slapping her with the stilettos she bought me.

With her clit piercing grinding, she's still not done until I say. There's new slave rules. She must keep 5 feet from her Mistress and boyfriend at all times.

Turning off the device, I'm done with her and send her to the corner until her boyfriend comes home.

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Includes cuckqueen, cuckolding, femdom, submissive/slave training, lesbian domination

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21 minutes



Nylon Toe Session
Featuring Star Nine

you are addicted to my nylon toes and I foot tease by dangling ballet flats that are hiding my pantyhose feet.

As the shoe dangles off, revealing my nylon soles, I encourage you to start foot smelling. Inhale as the shoe dangles from my big toe. We're going to prove your nylon foot addiction.

With just one shoe on, you don't get both nylon feet yet. The pink toenail polish peeks through the tan stockings and you're drooling.

I go over the Rules when both shoes are off and I give a pointed toe cocktease with toe wiggling. Just because these pantyhose toes are in your face, doesn't mean you can taste.

you're so mesmerized over my wiggling toes, that it doesn't matter that you will never see my nylon legs. Pantyhose under pants is all you get! you don't need to see my face or hear my voice. Whispering cock tease edges you closer as you are toe mesmerized.

There is nothing I love more than denying your hard on. Feel the sensation and let it go, coming back to this moment because there is no dick stroking. There are no distractions from your servitude and your session ends with toe kissing.

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Includes Goddess Worship, toe fetish, foot worship, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

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14 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

Poor boy wants to be released from the Powerful Femdom? Do you think if you ever had any power, you would be on your knees begging for release?

Crossing and uncrossing legs, my hands caress my classic black pumps as I humiliate your weakness. you serve your Mistress because your place is beneath my shiny stilettos. Dangling high heels proves my power and your love addiction.

I will release you from servitude with a simple game where you look at your Femdom Goddess and refrain from masturbating. Can you abstain from cock stroking as I'm caressing my long fingernails up my long legs?

Foot smelling no longer makes you hard or desperate for pov foot worship. My wiggling toes and pantyhose soles are not triggers anymore. The foot play, toe wiggling and wrinkled soles doesn't make you desperate for orgasm.

This is the one time you don't need permission because you are the one with orgasm control. Do you really want to go back to the mundane life before your Pantyhose Goddess?

Have you ever fantasized about fucking me? Femdom sex starts at my nylon toes and goes up my nylon legs as you body worship.

Laughing, I knew you would fail at orgasm denial. you want something you will never have and there's no resisting your true self. It's time to up your service to your Latex Goddess.

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Includes Goddess worship, female domination, orgasm control, pantyhose domination, submissive/slave training

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13 minutes



Give Up your Balls
Featuring Star Nine

I can't believe you are still carrying those dangling balls around. I was clear how repulsive those ugly balls are. Considering your love addiction to your Mistress, I'm surprised you haven't done the ball chopping yet.

My long fingernails graze my long legs as I indicate my approval of your financial domination obedience, but disappointment in your CBT servitude.

Giving a pussy flashing, I show you how flat and perfect my pussy is in comparison to your nasty balls. Crossing legs and dangling high heels, I theorize about female superiority. My red lips, big eyes, long legs and long blonde hair manipulate you because you are a weak man.

I'm disappointed that you would bring that ugly ball sac in my presence. Breeding is not in your future. Either you cut balls or you never see your Pantyhose Goddess again.

Do it in front of me and let me see the blade cutting through the pouch, and pulling away from your flesh. Roll it around your hands before you throw it in the trash where it belongs.

I didn't think you had it in you. Listen to my mantra, "breathe and cut" and be mesmerized.

you are never reattaching that and I'm impressed that you mutilated your disgusting body because I asked you to cut yourself.

I'm guessing it would be disappointing if you lost both of your balls and me, so you have to do a very good job at satisfying me with your slave tasks.

Now you won't have to worry about that pesky testosterone coursing through your veins. There will be no more ballbusting, but I will be kicking you elsewhere.

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Includes cbt instruction, gelding, femdom pov, goddess worship, submissive/slave training

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OTHER KEYWORDS- castration chastity orgasm control orgasm denial female domination pov femdom sensual domination female supremacy brat girls verbal humiliation pantyhose domination pantyhose fetish sexual rejection pantyhose/stockings crossed leg fetish scolding fetish kink blondes

8 minutes



Pumped Dry
Featuring Star Nine

you've really taken to your anal training. In fact, you've been enjoying it a little too much. Taking cock isn't supposed to be for your pleasure. As My slave you are just a hole to be used. you've been cumming without permission every single time and cum eating doesn't seem to be an effective deterrent. We'll see how much you love being a little anal slut after I've pumped you dry, sliding My cock deeper and deeper into your ass after every impertinent orgasm. Every drop of cum is drained out of your balls and into the toe of My worn pantyhose. Do you still fucking love it when there's nothing left to squirt? When your balls have completely deflated and your orgasmic spasms are completely dry? Not quite as pleasurable now is it? Draining your balls completely has the added bonus of making this hard metal ring so much easier to squeeze your balls through. The rest of your training will be in chastity, with that cummy pantyhose crammed in your mouth and taped tightly in place.

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Includes ruined orgasms, femdom pov, female domination, slave training, pantyhose domination, orgasm control, pov strap-on, cum eating, chastity

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23 minutes



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