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Sailors Encased & Transformed
Featuring Lola Fae, Serena Blair & Star Nine

Sailor Mercury (Serena Blair) confronts Silk (Star Nine) about her missing Scout. A slow seduction ensues as Silk traces fingers along Mercury's legs, blowing kisses repeatedly with her long gloves. Mercury is mesmerized and Silk sensually kisses her.

Silk observes that the scouts wear pantyhose and short skirts. It doesn't help fighting and seems like a hidden desire. Mercury confesses it feels sexy. Silk convinces Mercury to give into their pantyhose desires with leg worship.

Silk has Mercury in a nylon cocoon, caressing and kissing her, then leaves her alone in the nylon web. Sailor Mars (Lola Fae) discovers the lightly squirming and weakened Mercury. Mars loses herself the nylon encasement and starts caressing it, lap sitting and slowly kissing Mercury before she snaps free and helps Mercury escape.

When Mercury is out, she seems different - amorous toward Mars. Blowing slow seductive kisses, they start tongue kissing, legs intertwined.

Silk enters, suggesting they relax and give in to their feelings. Mars succumbs, and they give pantyhose worship as their mindless transformation becomes permanent. Both girls are in nylon cocoons and helpless to their new Mistress.

Now submissive slaves, the scouts are in ladybug uniforms kneeling before their Pantyhose Goddess. They won't be saving the universe anymore!

Includes cosplay, super villain, mesmerize, submissive/slave training, nylon encasement

Sailor Venus' Submission
Sailor Doom

anime costumes witch fetish superheroines super heroines supervillains super villains mental domination female training woman following orders mind fuck erotic magic control transformation fantasies transformation fantasy transformation fetish female domination femdom sensual domination lesbian domination lesbians girl-girl girl girl girlgirl GG submissive/slave training submissive sluts slut training moaning fetish kissing pantyhose/stockings pantyhose domination nylon worship boots boot fetish legs leg fetish gloves glove fetish

35 minutes


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Supergirl Defeated
Featuring Star Nine

Supergirl (Star Nine) is giving self muscle worship and flexing biceps when she notices a mysterious box. She's instantly weakened when finding a giant chained kryptonite! Who knows her secret identity?

With hindered superpowers, she struggles through the pain. Finally able to put it down, she tries to convince herself that she's stronger than any man. Determined to get justice, she flexes, but it's not confident or strong like before.

Lying on the sofa, she's exhausted. Looking down at her debooted bare feet, she realizes her red toenails are exposed and she has kryptonite toe rings! Who did the debooting and put them on her?

She's convinced an antidote is in that creepy box and slowly crawls with her tight ass in the air to open it. If only she was strong enough to open it!

Without a cure, she tries to remove the magic toerings but to no avail. Humiliated, she crouches and admits defeat and her alias. Begging for help with fluttering eyes, shocked at her downfall!

Includes superheroines, damsel in distress, erotic magic, struggling, magic control

KEYWORDS - super heroines costumes cosplaying boots boot fetish leotard fetish leotards foot fetish barefoot DID flexing fetish crawling fetish confessions embarrassment humiliation blondes tall woman tall women

"K" is for Kryptonite
Super Pony

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20 minutes


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Candle Imprisoned in Tight Bondage
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Rigging By Damon Pierce!

I'm arresting Candle Boxxx and read her Miranda Rights while putting on handcuffs. In jail, she's been processed in the prisoner uniform of an orange catsuit and strict bondage. The thin rope digs into her flesh with chest bondage, waist bondage, and a cruel crotch rope.

Obeying orders for the pat down, she spreads her legs in leg shackles. Sitting on the floor, I want to see her bondage struggling to test the bondage ropes. Microfoam tape gloves are applied to her hands to prevent escape.

She starts screaming about being innocent, so I do hand over mouth domination to shut her up. The big black ballgag does a better job than the HOM gagging, and multiple strips of microfoam tape gags shows off her big lips and the big ball gag. It looks good but a wraparound tape gagging looks better.

Chaining her in place, I leave her to struggle alone. Her mmphs lessen as she becomes exhausted. When I return she's obedient and docile as I'm massaging the crotch rope against her clit.

Removing the tape gag and ballgag, I replace it with mouth packing and a wraparound microfoam gag. She's left in solitary to repent her crimes.

Includes bondage, gagged women, prison play, female domination, tapegagged

KEYWORDS - Star Nine crotch rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID handcuffs and shackles struggling mouth stuffing mouthpacking humiliation ballgagged women ball gagged woman tapegagged moaning fetish femdom submissive/slave training submissive sluts woman following orders costumes cosplay police uniforms police play shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothes shiny clothing MILF blondes tall woman kink

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28 minutes


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Preemptively Cuffed
Featuring Star Nine

Get on your knees, even if you don't think you did anything wrong, Prisoner. you're getting handcuffed and locked up. Put your hands behind your back, so I can attach them nice and tight.

men always get in trouble and you don't want to find out the punishment when that happens, so we preemptively put you in metal bondage. you will never be able to escape the tight metal bracelets digging into your skin.

The guards will look the other way if you imbibe in gay sex, but you will have to be very flexible to make it work when handcuffed.

There are some prison rules that will make you subservient to all Female guards. you will be tongue cleaning your cell and provide oral servitude of the guards.

Get ready for your life sentence!

Includes handcuff fetish, humiliation, prison play, female domination, female supremacy

KEYWORDS - Star Nine police play prison fetish submissive/slave training verbal humiliation pov femdom pov powerful woman powerful women authority figures cosplay costumes costume fetish roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy kink blondes tall woman tall women

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6 minutes


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Bat Trap 2
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

Batman (JJ Graves) is snooping in my lair and I (Star Nine as CatWoman) use my whip to subdue him, pressing him next to my firm body. How can he resist a sexy Villainess like Me? Whipping him with the lasso, he steps in my Bat Trap - a giant encasement!

His hard cock escaped his uniform and I'm cock grinding with my tight body. I will release him once his erection goes down OR make him beg for the most intense orgasm! Unfortunately he can't see me as I'm cock teasing his hard dick inches away with my tongue, never quite touching.

As I give him a tease and denial handjob, he's so desperate to cum and promises a hard fucking. Too bad I enjoy ruining orgasms! I leave him alone to embrace his new role as my slave toy!

Includes super villain, handjobs, tease & denial, female domination, ruined orgasms

KEYWORDS - Superheros super heros super villains supervillains hand jobs verbal humiliation femdom sensual domination orgasm denial orgasm control cock tease cocktease edging games submissive/slave training nylon encasement cosplay costumes fetish clothing fetish leotards masks mask fetish gloves glove fetish belt fetish belts kink blondes tall woman tall women

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15 minutes


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