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The Vampire Layer
Featuring Star Nine

This is an AUDIO ONLY story. NO VIDEO.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is going undercover to stop a vampire and teases her boyfriend that she will stake him and definitely not kiss him. The minidress, black hose and high heels will seduce him as much as the fawning.

After the date she gives a rundown about how the hookah bar had a mesmerizing smoke. There was no hope to resist the slow, deep breaths.

Locking eyes with the vampire, he's pleased with her mind control and is confident that she will succumb to his male domination. His sexy confidence and eye contact makes it easy for her submission.

She complies dreamily as he tells her to look into his eyes and relax while caressing softly. As the date progresses, she's emphasizing her nylons because of his pantyhose fetish. He leads her away for a passionate, slow hookup and she cums so many times before they cum together.

Buffy's boyfriend is shocked by being cuckolded and that she didn't slay the vampire. She's confused because she said that she wanted to be a vampire layer and encourages him to fantasize about her homewrecking fantasies.

She still wants to be with her boyfriend, but cheating with the Vampire was so erotic!

Includes audio only, erotic audio, vampire, cuckolding, cheating

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33 minutes



Magic Cum
Featuring Star Nine

I know this cucky thing has been hard on you and I want to offer you a chance to be a more exciting and attractive man. My other Man creampied me and it made me so more sexual. He has magic cum and if you did some cum swallowing it might help your humiliating cucking problem.

Does sucking cold cum turn your stomach? It can't hurt you to eat another man's cum. Either the magic happens or you remain a loser. This is your chance to have something that was inside me, inside of you. Don't you miss intimacy?

I want to watch your cum slurping. Be grateful to be given His cum and wait for the magic as I go on my date.

Later I ask if you feel different, but you still seem pathetic. I did some research and you may need his cum inside your ass. you would like my fingers in your ass and will do anything for my affections.

Bend over and enjoy the anal fingering. I knew you would cum from this prostate milking. Clean up this mess as we'll see if your life improves or you become a cum guzzling pervert!

Includes cum eating instruction, humiliation, joi, CEI, cuckolding

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12 minutes



Foot Worship Cucky
Featuring Star Nine

you're waiting like a good pantyhose foot slave as I'm dangling black pumps off my nylon toes. you love hearing about my dirty feet adventures. Too bad you work so hard and miss out on the fun.

Start foot licking my sweaty feet and guess what I did. Do you taste anything different? My nylon soles and wiggling toes cocktease as I tell you about my cheating conquests.

We weren't fucking but I did give him a blowjob, and he gave pantyhose worship. I was so aggressive by deepthroating his big hard cock. I couldn't taste cum because he shot a big load at the back of my throat.

At least you can taste my smelly feet and your tongue feels good on my pantyhose feet. This is where you belong.

Includes cuckolding, foot fetish, foot worship, pantyhose domination, female domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine Goddess Worship pov femdom pov foot worship foot domination foot humiliation foot slave training wrinkled soles cock tease pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish nylon worship verbal humiliation dirty talking pussy denial cheating fetish homewreckers home wreckers home wrecking homewrecking sensual domination blondes tall woman kink

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6 minutes



Cucked By My Foot Slave
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

you would give anything to foot worship My Goddess feet. High heel dangling cockteases, but you're a broke coward.

Imagine lying naked like my foot slave as my nylon soles are inches from your hard dick. Imagine the foot smelling as my dangling shoes waft the foot aroma. If you were able to afford buying my used pantyhose, you may have inhaled my pantyhose feet scent.

Poor broke useless foot boy. you will never have a pantyhose sole fucking. you want to masturbate to my divine feet, but you need to start begging your foot Mistress.

Deny jacking off and deny your orgasm. you're just going to watch in this game of foot tease and denial as I'm cuckolding you with this well trained submissive. He gives me foot a foot massage and shows you how a well trained man fucks feet.

Even though you're jealous of this foot fucking, you're not masturbating because you want to be good obedient boy. He gets to have a nylon footjob orgasm and you're a denied foot bitch.

you can only imagine cum eating these dirty pantyhose since you can't afford to buy them.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, cuckold, footjob, pantyhose domination

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13 minutes



Condoms Are For Cuckies
Featuring Star Nine

Holding a wrapped condom, I ask if you have ever seen one since you're probably a virgin. It's a trick question because it gives access to something you don't have the courage to get.

Shoe dangling, I humiliate you for not being man enough to get fucked. you worship your Mistress despite the tease and denial games we play.

After my high heels are stripped, My nylon soles flex and point in your face as you submit on your knees. This prophylactic is a delivery vehicle for cucky needs.

Putting the rubber over my hands, the condom glove demonstrates how it would fuck a wet pussy. With cum on the outside and pussy juices on the outside, it becomes a tasty treat that you crave like a dirty cuckold cum eater.

It's the only way you will get close to your Femdom Goddess.

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Includes cum eating instruction, female domination, CEI, humiliation, cuckold

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine Goddess worship pov femdom pov female supremacy love addiction sensual domination verbal humiliation virgin humiliation pussy denial sexual rejection tease & denial pantyhose domination pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish roleplaying fantasies role playing fantasy blondes tall women cuckolding tall woman submissive/slave training slut training

13 minutes



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