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Debt Trophy
Featuring Star Nine

It's been so reassuring lately, how every penny of your paycheck is spent before it hits your bank account. So soothing to know exactly where your money is going before you even earn it. you've been racking up a tab, constantly adding to the amount you owe so that, unlike your bank account, the balance never hits zero. Years into your financial servitude & there are always more ways to feel deeply owned.

Racking up the tab, add $500 to it for these heels, an idol to worship. My iconic black stilettos have drained you over and over again, featuring in many of My most devastating videos. Listen carefully and this trophy will become the centerpiece of your altar. A place to kneel, worship, and chant in devotion to Me.

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Includes financial domination, slave training, femdom pov, high heels, dangling, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes



Power of Regression
Featuring Star Nine

Do you think My skirt is short enough for this meeting? Just you and Me and all the little boys in their big boy suits, faking competence while they drool over My long legs and dangling high heels. We're all dressed for success, but in a room full of men I'm always the one in control. My sexy pantyhose, tight skirt, silk blouse and high heels keep all the suits distracted and eating out of the palm of my hand.

you're no different than the rest of them of course, just a little boy playing dress up, trying to "fake it until you make it". Even now, when you should be focused on preparing for this important meeting, you're gazing hungrily at My slender nylon foot as My expensive high heel dangles off of it. Practically drooling. Desperate to satisfy your deeply ingrained oral fixation you kneel at My feet, sucking each exquisite manicured nylon toe at My instruction.

So easy to pacify. With your mouth trained to seek and suck I remove My toes from your mouth and pop in a binky. All the excitement has led you to make an unfortunate mess in your big boy pants, but don't worry - Mommy will take care of it. I lay you down on My desk and use your big boy underwear to mop up the cum. Tossing them aside I slide a baby blue diaper under you. you're hard again already so I jerk you off with My spit & then diaper you up. Time to put your big boy pants back on & watch Me dominate this meeting.

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Includes age regression, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, office domination, foot worship

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11 minutes



Imprinted For Release
Featuring Stella Liberty Star Nine

All these years of training, on your knees at My divine nylon feet. It's so easy for you to drop in now, to melt into this perfectly relaxed state where nothing matters, not even your erection. you're there now, kneeling before Me & Stella, transfixed by our dangling heels and nylon toes. Thoughtless, needless, selfless. Bliss. If only it were so easy to drop into this space on a normal day. What a priceless gift. The ability to turn off your mind and transform every pesky erection into instant blissful release. A gift you will happily pay endlessly for.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, double domination, orgasm control

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18 minutes



Nylon Cocoon
Featuring Star Nine

It's unconventional therapy, that's what you were told, but you really aren't sure what to expect. You're still really not sure what you're in for, is this a normal therapy session? The woman sitting across from you is a little sexy to be a regular therapist, her skirt is tight, black, leather like. Her top fits like a glove and is extremely sheer. Your eyes mostly go to her long pantyhose legs though.

Whatever this is, she's good. She knows exactly what you're going through, senses your frustration, your exhaustion. She tells you that you need to learn how to ask for what you want. As you try to come up with an answer your eyes keep going back to her long nylon legs. She crosses her legs, strokes them with her manicured hands, dangles her high heels. You begin to wonder if this is a massage parlour version of therapy.

Apparently it's not. She assures you that fucking her in her pantyhose is not going to solve any of your problems, but she does have another nylon based solution. Totally encased in a nylon cocoon with no way to free yourself . . . just breathe.

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Includes nylon encasement, femdom pov, pantyhose domination, dangling, female domination

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17 minutes



Locked Up By Teacher & Stepmom
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

You know you're fucked. Your teacher and your stepmom sit across from you, both wearing short skirts and high heels with pantyhose covering their long legs. Your teacher has developed some theories as to why you're always looking down at the floor in class, unable to make eye-contact. Along with your budding obsession with nylon feet in high heels, you've recently employed a little trick taught to you by a classmate - cutting the pockets out of your pants to access your ever throbbing erection.

Your hands creeps into your pocket now, even as your stepmom is detailing her discovery of your crudely altered pants in the laundry, you just can't help yourself as you watch their high heels dangling delicately off their nylon toes as they devise your punishment.

Your stepmother shows teacher the device. A stainless steel cage that will keep you focused in class. Focused and obedient. She orders you to drop your pants and slides the cold metal over your throbbing cock, securing it in place with a locking ring over your balls. Teacher & stepmom agree to trade the key back and forth, ensuring your total obedience in class & at home.

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Includes pantyhose domination, femdom pov, double domination, taboo, chastity

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10 minutes



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