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Diaper Humiliation
Featuring Arielle Lane & Star Nine

Stepsisters Star & Arielle find something surprising when they're searching through your room - to your horror they're sitting on the couch with your diaper stash when you get home! Your humiliation turns to arousal as your sisters pretend to be open minded, even trying the diapers on & posing for you. You can't believe how well this is going, how hot your sisters look in your diapers, but then the mood changes. They drop the act & begin to humiliate you, demanding that you put a diaper on over your hard cock, teasing you until you cum.

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Includes diaper fetish, diaper humiliation, verbal humiliation, double domination

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12 minutes



Foster Care 2
Featuring Cupcake SinClair & Star Nine

Cupcake seeks refuge from the chaos of her group home in the quiet garage. Kicking her feet in the air, she reads comic books while eating from a package of cookies. Her solitude is interrupted by her foster mom, Star, who swiftly punishes Cupcake for sneaking around, hiding, and pilfering cookies. Star draws Cupcake over her knee for a hard spanking, pulling her panties down midway through.

As Cupcake rubs her sore bottom, Star devises further punishment. Spreading a diaper out on the floor, she orders Cupcake to chew and spit the pilfered cookies into it before fastening it tight over her sore bottom. Cupcake is ordered back inside without her skirt, humiliated that all of her foster siblings will see her in her messy diaper.

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Includes otk spanking, schoolgirl, f/f spanking, diaper humiliation

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