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Imprinted For Release
Featuring Stella Liberty Star Nine

All these years of training, on your knees at My divine nylon feet. It's so easy for you to drop in now, to melt into this perfectly relaxed state where nothing matters, not even your erection. you're there now, kneeling before Me & Stella, transfixed by our dangling heels and nylon toes. Thoughtless, needless, selfless. Bliss. If only it were so easy to drop into this space on a normal day. What a priceless gift. The ability to turn off your mind and transform every pesky erection into instant blissful release. A gift you will happily pay endlessly for.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, double domination, orgasm control

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18 minutes



Locked Up By Teacher & Stepmom
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

You know you're fucked. Your teacher and your stepmom sit across from you, both wearing short skirts and high heels with pantyhose covering their long legs. Your teacher has developed some theories as to why you're always looking down at the floor in class, unable to make eye-contact. Along with your budding obsession with nylon feet in high heels, you've recently employed a little trick taught to you by a classmate - cutting the pockets out of your pants to access your ever throbbing erection.

Your hands creeps into your pocket now, even as your stepmom is detailing her discovery of your crudely altered pants in the laundry, you just can't help yourself as you watch their high heels dangling delicately off their nylon toes as they devise your punishment.

Your stepmother shows teacher the device. A stainless steel cage that will keep you focused in class. Focused and obedient. She orders you to drop your pants and slides the cold metal over your throbbing cock, securing it in place with a locking ring over your balls. Teacher & stepmom agree to trade the key back and forth, ensuring your total obedience in class & at home.

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Includes pantyhose domination, femdom pov, double domination, taboo, chastity

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10 minutes



Stocking Assassins
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

This isn't the first time you've been in debt. Not the first time that you've taken a large loan from an unscrupulous lender to fund some get rich quick scheme. This isn't the first time you've missed a payment either, but usually they just send some big thug to extract it. What kind of trick is this, these two sexy women in vintage stockings? At first you don't recognize the threat. As your cock hardens you keep your eyes on their long legs, their dangling high heels, trying to tell yourself that they couldn't really be who they say they are. Perhaps they just got wind of the money, are here to trick you out of it.

You refuse to accept that they are professionals, sent as a very final message. Even as they remove their vintage stockings, demonstrating how durable, how unbreakable they are, remember how nylon was rationed in war time. You eagerly drop your pants as Stella approaches, wielding one nylon stocking between her hands. Tour cock throbs as she reaches down to demonstrate how tight and unforgiving nylon is, tying her removed stocking tight around your balls. They bulge and change color as she pulls hard with the nylon, a foreshadowing of what's to come when Star tightly wraps her stocking around your neck.

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Includes executrix, femdom pov, vintage stockings, double domination, female domination

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19 minutes



The Encasement Suit
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is excited to receive her new remote control encasement suit in the mail. She quickly slips it on and tests it out. She relaxes as the suit gentle pulsates in massage mode & then tries out the vibrate mode. She moans in pleasure as the suit targets the most sensitive parts of her body. Suddenly the vibration gets more intense, too intense. She tries to turn it down, but the suit just tightens up, continuing the vibrate her sensitive pussy.

Star desperately tries to remove the suit, but the zipper has disappeared. Suddenly the suit wraps around her wrists and then her ankles, restraining her. She cries out, but the suit quickly gags her & then the mask tightens. Star struggles to breathe as the suit takes over.

Possessed by the encasement suit, Star enters her roommate's bedroom. She searches through the draws and finds worn pantyhose and a strap-on dildo. She waits for her roommate, Ashley Lane, to get home & surprises her. She struggles with Ashley on the bed. Once she's gained control, Star has her way with her.

As she removes Ashley's white panties the possessed Star is delighted to discover a hole already cut in her pantyhose. She worships Ashley's nylon legs and feet, her tongue pressed up against her mask. Flipping Ashley over onto her stomach, she binds her wrists with worn nylon before sliding her cock deep inside of her.

As Ashley begins to resist, Star shoves more worn nylon in her mouth and continues to thrust away. She flips Ashley over onto her back and licks her breasts through her nylon mask. She handgags Ashley as her thrusting picks up speed.

While Star is cumming, Ashley manages to free her hands. She tries to make her escape, but Star wrestles her back down onto the bed and pulls pantyhose over her head to subdue her. The phone rings and the encasement possessed Star gleeful invites Ashley's friend over anticipating a new encasement victim.

You may enjoy the more deadly version available at nicheclips.

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Includes struggling, nylon encasement, sleepy fetish, limp fetish, lesbian domination

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28 minutes



Bound & Gagged With Nylon
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is surprised by an intruder in her living room! She's bound with her own worn pantyhose on the couch. Star pleads with the intruder to just let her go, but instead he stuffs more pantyhose into her mouth and secures the stuffing with a cleave gag. She struggles, falling to the floor, as he ransacks her home. She begs and pleads through her gag, but he leaves her bound & gagged on the floor.

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Includes struggling, bondage, pantyhose bondage, gag talk, gagged women

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11 minutes



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