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Shimmy Shimmy Shrink
Featuring Star Nine

A Clara Bow inspired giantess clip.

You've weaseled your way into my dressing room & are ready to have a good time. I dance for you, all the boys want to see my shimmy. As the strands of my dress shake back and forth over my body a strange feeling washes over you. You find yourself frozen in place, yet somehow growing gradually smaller. I continue to wiggle and shake, waving my ass in front of your face. Finally you've shrunk down to eye level with my sparkling high heels. I pluck you up & invite you to stay for a cocktail - that's what you were really after weren't you? I like my cocktails with a little man in them, a little kick. The kick is the dance you'll be doing in my mouth before I swallow you down.

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Includes giantess, vore, magic control, erotic magic

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7 minutes



3 Wishes
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star pretends to be a genie & grants Ashley Lane three wishes. First Ashley wishes for Star to perform a strip tease & Star sexily gets naked. Ashley decides to join her & removes her clothing as well. For her second wish, Ashley wishes for a tickle fight and the naked girls roll around the living room giggling. With her final wish, Ashley asks to make out & so they sensually kiss and caress each other.

Star says that since Ashley got her three wishes that it's time for her to go. She nods her head and magically disappears into thin air! Ashley is shocked, she thought they were just role playing! Her shock turns to laughter as invisible hands begin to tickle her all over.

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Tickling, Erotic Magic, Blondes, Kissing, Sensual Tickling, Strip Tease

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10 minutes



Super Taboo
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Super Mom & Super Son go up against Dr. Pervo, tracking him to his lab & aiming to put an end to his nefarious plans. The family super duo have him cornered as mother and son trade off taking blows at the evil scientist. It's all going according to plan until Dr. Pervo reveals the device he's been hiding behind his back. He takes aim at Super Mom first, and then points his ray at Super Son. The duo look at each other in confusion, the ray didn't do anything! Or did it?

Mother & Son find themselves growing very aroused, an uncontrollable urge pushes them into each others' arms. They curse Dr. Pervo as they lock lips, quickly stripping down and pressing their bodies together. Dr. Pervo looks on as Super Mom & Super Son, at the mercy of his sexray, incestuously enjoy each others' bodies in every position imaginable. By the time Super Son has popped and the effects of the sexray begin to wear off, Dr. Pervo is long gone.

Shell shocked and shamed from their incestuous rutting the family super duo cover their bodies & swear revenge.

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Superheroines, Magic Control, Erotic Magic, Taboo, SoftCore, Cosplay

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16 minutes



Temporary Position
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

The job sounded perfect, but Sinn is unnerved during the interview. The pale blonde tosses her resume away and asks her questions about food, commenting on her scent. Sinn starts to leave but the woman leans in and with intense eye contact, suggests that Sinn would do anything for the job.

Glamoured, Sinn becomes compliant and eager to please. Eager to feed the woman's appetites.

The vampire resists as long as she can, growing hungrier and hungrier as she has her meal strip, dance, and arouse herself first.

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Vampire, Mesmerize, Erotic Magic, Woman Following Orders, Magic Control, Lesbian Domination

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13 minutes



Hypnotherapy Lezdom
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie Comet's therapist has referred her to me for help treating her sex addiction. Traditional treatments haven't worked & I'm renowned for my successes treating difficult patients with clinical hypnotherapy.

I ask Dixie to explain her situation. She describes her overwhelming urge, no - need, to get fucked & have every cock she comes across in her mouth.

I induce her & amuse myself by having her service my foot like a cock. Impressed by her mouth I check her chart to make sure she's clean before strapping on my cock. As I fuck her, I imprint her, transfer her desire from dirty fleshy cock to clean silicone. Now instead of avoiding male coworkers, she'll only need to avoid walking past sex shops.

When I bring her fully out, she feels . . . satiated & wants to schedule another appointment

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Lesbian Domination, Female Training, Erotic Magic, Medical Clinic, Strap-On, Lesbian

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26 minutes



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