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Underwater Bondage Escape
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine awakens rope bound underwater and is confused how she ended up in the bottom of a pool. Screams for help sounds like gag talking without the gag. Bubbles float to the top of the water as she's yelling underwater.

Her pink toenails flutter as she struggles in her ankle binds. The wet jeans limit movements almost as much as her wrist binds. Her open eyes look around for an escape route or another swimmer, but she's alone. She maneuvers the ropes to her mouth and uses her teeth to untie the wet bondage.

Coming to the surface, she's smiling, confident that she would win the bondage escape challenge! The struggling damsel was just for show. Stepping out of the pool, she's showing off the wet clothes clinging to her firm body, and cocky about her win!

Includes underwater fetish, bondage, escaping, wet look, challenges

OTHER KEYWORDS - rope bondage rope damsel in distress struggling toe wiggling toes foot fetish barefoot play bubbles jeans fetish kink escaping fetish escape fetish wet t-shirt DID blondes tall woman tall women

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11 minutes



Star Bound on Newsprint
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine struggles on newspapers in a strict hogtie and a big red ballgag. The rustling news papers crinkle beneath her as she tries rolling to her side. The strict bondage immobilizes movement so she's not traveling far despite her bound struggling.

Her big drooly ballgag muffles her mmmphs as her helpless fingers try reaching for the ankle binds, but there's no escaping this intricate hogtie. There's no reaching her wrinkled soles!

Revealing her bondage slut side, she giggles at the impossible predicament. Exhausted, her bondage struggling slows and she's gag talking about the drool puddle beneath her! Star is not getting out of this bedroom bondage!

Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, submissive sluts, struggling

OTHER KEYWORDS - bondage rope damsel in distress DID ballgags ballgagged woman ball gagged woman drool fetish drooling fetish newspaper fetish bra and panties bra & panties blondes tall woman kink

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20 minutes



Super Kicks
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

Barbara Gordon (Star Nine) is snooping when Tim Woodman sneaks up and grabs her leg high in the air. Hopping on one leg, Star's indignant to be caught and accuses him of being a supervillain even though she broke into his house.

Giving a chance to explain her situation, he releases her leg only to have her swing it toward his face. She does one leg hops in frustration and bouncing on her nylon tiptoes.

He humiliates her one superheroine trick of high kicks that are never effective. Whining for release, he obliges only to catch her over and over.

Stripping black pantyhose, she's confident she can overpower him with her bare legs. He grabs her long leg and starts leg sniffing as she's one leg hopping. It's arousing when she gives upskirt shots with pussy flashing.

He drags her to the kitchen and she hops on one leg. Seeing her escape, she runs to the door and climbs through the window, only to get stuck. That barefoot needs foot tickling and he gives it foot worship as she's laughing and struggling. Escaping, she vows to come back.

Later, she returns in her Batgirl uniform, only to be caught in leg holding again. He gropes and sniffs her shiny legs, only to recognize the aroma. Unmasking and revealing her true identity, Star laughs at him until she's caught and gets a thorough foot tickling.

Realizing his foot perversion, she taunts him as he's worshiping feet. Moaning in pleasure, she doesn't mind the foot play and gives a foot tease and denial by turning around so he has to chase after her. She likes the hopping games and can do it all fucking day!

Includes superheroine, kicking, legs, male domination, struggling

OTHER KEYWORDS - leg fetish superheroines super heroines supervillains super villains cosplaying costumes costume fetish unitards mask fetish masks confrontation flashing groping smell fetish foot worship foot fetish foot humiliation pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink stuck fetish brat girls

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12 minutes



Bound Thief
Featuring Sam Solo & Star Nine

Burglar Sam Solo sneaks in to rob my warehouse. Later, he finds himself stripped and cleavegagged in standing bondage, rope bound to a pole.

Confronting him, I know he's after my pendant, but I want to know who hired him. I will release him if confesses, but will continue interrogating until answered.

His hard cock tells me he must love being helplessly bound by a beautiful woman. My long fingernails caress his hard dick before turning around and ass grinding.

Unwilling to talk, I leave him to his bound struggling, which he manages to escape. After untying bondage, he touches his hard member. Wishing he could have cum with me, he stoically continues his mission, but I catch him again.

A bondage table pulls his body taut and I'm scolding him. Just reveal the intel. Jerking him off will get what I want, but it's fun to play tease and denial games before I leave.

Horny and alone, he does rough bondage struggling to get relief from his blue balls. He should have squealed!

Includes female domination, male bondage, handjobs, tease & denial, orgasm denial

OTHER KEYWORDS - hand jobs femdom sensual domination interrogation confrontation cock tease cocktease orgasm control men in bondage male bondage device escaping fetish cleavegagged men cleave gagged men cleave gagged man cleavegagged man lingerie

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11 minutes



Barefoot Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane does a foot cam show and giggles while stripping her ankle socks and revealing her large feet. Toe pointing and showing off her wrinkled soles and French pedicure, she gives a dirty talking foot JOI.

I, Star Nine, walk in and humiliate her for making a barefoot fetish video for her fans. She ghosted me for a session and I'm here for revenge, starting with handgagging. She's surprised by the HOM gagging and as I wrap my long legs over hers to prevent struggling, I'm excited to have her pretty bare feet all to myself.

Fast forward and she's rope bound at the wrists, knees, ankles and even toe bound. Toe bondage makes bondage struggling so much harder! The black ball gag muffles her mmmphs and moans. There's no escaping for her bound wiggling feet as she shimmies from her couch bondage to floor bondage.

I return to rope bind her more (on screen tying). Hogtied and helpless, I love her exposed footsies.

Includes bondage, foot fetish, rope bondage, damsel in distress, female domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - bondage rope DID struggling ballgagged woman ballgagged women ballgags moaning fetish barefeet joi pov foot worship wrinkled soles toe wiggling toes cock tease camshows jeans fetish femdom confrontation blondes tall woman tall women kink

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21 minutes



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