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Melody Mark's Lethal Injection
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Melody Marks waits for the elevator and chats on the phone with her coworker Ashley Lane. She's had a long day and can't wait to strip off her tight skirt, button down blouse, nude pantyhose, and closed toed pumps.

She gasps when she hears a crash and runs off only to awaken in chair bondage next to Dr. Star Nine in her laboratory. Panicing and struggling in her rope binds, she assumes it is a prank show and fear becomes anger.

The doctor asks Melody to recount what happened. Melody remembers seeing a trembling girl soaked in green goo, then getting grabbed and chloroformed after she ran away.

Star explains that the building is overrun by creatures that feed off fear, female orgasms and death. These gremlins were raping the girl with finger fucking and giving her imposed orgasms before the elevator turned into a gas chamber. She would slowly suffocate with their green cum all over her but it crashed before they finished.

Star plays a video of Melody's friend, Ashley choking to death. Melody's horrified and crying to see Ashley slowly suffocating and offers to die in her place.

Grabbing a vibrating wand, the scientist masturbates and encourages Melody to watch her dying friend. A verbal step by step breakdown of the painful torture edges Star closer to cumming and she cums when Ashley dies.

Melody begs for mercy and Star Nine gropes her helpless body while telling her that the building is in lockdown. The monsters are attacking women and giving imposed orgasms. Besides the creatures raping women and killing women, Melody should worry about the IV in her arm. It's a lethal injection that maximizes suffering if she climaxes.

Melody insists she has pussy control and won't cum, but Star injects an aphrodisiac and unbuttons her blouse revealing her perky tits.

Star removes her prey's eye glasses and Melody feels the drug hitting her system as Star's fondling her perfect breasts. Grabbing the electric massager and pushing it against Melody's clit, Star gives her a bound orgasm, while explaining the death process. Every nerve in her body will be screaming and her organs will shut down.

This damsel screams and cries as the poison hits her and she cums hard in her ropes. The mad scientst gets off on this innocent girl dying and she did nothing to deserve it.

As Melody is burning inside her skin, Star orgasms as Melody's twitches, perishes and goes limp. During her struggle, one shoe falls off of her pantyhose foot and she lies still with a glassy stare.

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Includes necro fetish, damsel in distress, lesbian domination, bound orgasms, made to cum

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24 minutes



Rogue Agent 00
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Assassin Star Nine has a dream sequence about another femme fatale, Ashley Lane killing her. Napping in her tube top, yoga pants, high heels and oversized sunglasses, her lesbian killing fantasies come to life.

Star talks to her boss on the phone as Ashley enters in a microkini and dominates her with forced kissing that mesmerizes Star. She secretly enjoys receiving butt grabbing and belly punching from this tall blonde.

Gasping as the belly punches land on her flat belly, she tries scolding the newbie, but is distracted by her perfect tits hanging out of the micro bikini. She's helpless as Ashley is pussy fingering her under her spandex leggings and is helpless to stop the gun from being pointed at her head by Star's own hands. It's like she's in a state of mind control.

Roused and startled, she drinks a glass of water and tries to block the image of the sexy young recruit before the lesbian dreams resume.

As Star is working, Ashley comes in and starts neck kissing. Reaching for her gun, Ashley stops her and continues tongue kissing while pointing the weapon at her prey. Star's red fingernails grab on to the dominant woman as the barrel grazes her flesh.

Plunging the gun barrel in her belly button, Star gasps at the pulled trigger and she's belly shot. Despite the belly pain, she continues ass spreading her murderer. Ashley pushes her neck back with the gun and the elongated throat causes breathing difficulties.

Waking again, Star is horrified that she's sweating from arousal. Why can't she get this tall vixen out of her head? Is she secretly mind fucking her?

The phone rings, and Star answers the phone from her Chief.

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Includes executrix, lesbian domination, female domination, kissing, belly fetish

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10 minutes



The Accused
Featuring Star Nine

Intrigue and espionage. You've blown my cover as a high end jeweler, but I play dumb until the end, pretending to fangirl over your spy lifestyle.

As I brush off your interesting theories about me I pretend to have discovered a run in my stocking. I seductively peel the vintage nylons off my long legs and replace them with a fresh pair, taking the opportunity to give you a close peek at my tight ass and bare pussy under the guise of having you fasten the backs of my garters.

I toy with the discarded stocking as I ask you about your sexual escapades as a spy. Is it really like all those bond movies? Getting close to female villains and spies? I wrap one silky stocking first around your neck, then around your cock. Pulling and teasing.

As we fuck I play with the stocking around your neck. At no point does it dawn on you that this might become a problem.

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Includes executrix, virtual sex, femdom pov, femdom sex, vintage stockings

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20 minutes



Chrissy Marie Watches
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Ashley Lane

Chrissy Marie in her office and looks like an innocent secretary in her tight button down blouse, short skirt, nude pantyhose, and closed toe high heels. She calls an employee, Ashley Lane, to her office. She's in charge of the elevators and has a live camera feed of the pretty girl getting stuck in the elevator cage.

Aroused, she rubs her long legs as she watches and mocks Ashley for her futile struggling. Spreading legs, Chrissy begins masturbating as gas pumps into the elevator, creating a gas chamber.

She's horny watching Ashley suffer from the torture, and unbuttons her blouse for tit massaging. Her tight skirt is yanked up and she uses a vibrator to masturbate her swollen clit. Cumming hard as Ashley dies, her sexy feet are popping out of her classic black pumps.

The elevator feed goes dark, and Chrissy is blissful from her orgasm. Shaking her long hair, she gets re-dressed and gets back to work calling the next number on her list.

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Includes executrix, death fetish, solo female, solo masturbation, extreme domination

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11 minutes



Hitwoman 2
Featuring Star Nine

An erotic executrix clip - bonus if your name is "Chad"

Look at you, all tied up on your knees, eagerly awaiting your domination session. The anticipation builds as I sit across from you in my waist cincher and stockings, toying with a riding crop. you're already anticipating the first harsh strokes on your bare ass when I abruptly trade out the riding crop for a different kind of implement. See, I'm not really a dominatrix, I'm a hit woman, and I really really love my job. I'm so good at it, but you've made it even easier for me, putting yourself in such a defenseless and compromising situation. Has your anticipation turned to terror? Or is that just more excitement pumping through your veins? I spread my legs exposing my pussy and begin to tell you all about how hot my job makes me. The power, the control, literally holding your life in my hands. I cum as I take the first shot.

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Includes executrix, femme fatale, femdom pov, extreme domination

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16 minutes



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