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Leather Executrix
Featuring Star Nine

What did you really do, you got to go on adventure, you got to watch My hot ass crawling through those vents, and then what did you do after I cracked the safe? That's right, your fat ass almost got us caught.

No, you didn't earn a penny of this money, you're just extra weight, a liability, and it's time to jettison the extra baggage. Now get on your fucking knees.

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Includes executrix, verbal humiliation, leather, femdom pov, extreme domination

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11 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

I think it's about time that you stop pretending you could deny Me anything. you know you want My attention, just a moment ago you were begging for it.

If you want Me to come over there and be more intimate with you, you're going to have to agree to knock those last two petty restrictions off the list & then you can proudly say you'll do anything for Me.

I can sit here all day, I'm not going to come over there or unchain you until you give these two final little things to Me.

Of course you give in, you can't deny Me anything. your heart pounds as I bring a metal tray over, you strain to see what it contains - the box of latex gloves blocks your view. I wouldn't want to get My sexy, unique, fingerprints all over anything incriminating.

Now whatever you do, don't panic. There's just one last itty bitty thing that I want to do before I'm done with you.

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Includes executrix, femdom pov, extreme domination

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17 minutes



A Deadly Combination
Featuring Luna

Your fetish, her specialty. Your need to take things further, always further, seeking the thrill of that edge. Luna has no qualms taking you there. It's her specialty.

Your session progresses along a dangerous trajectory, first her hands over your mouth, then her ass squishing your face, smothering you. You beg to have your hands cuffed. Luna takes you right to the edge, pushes you over the line, laughs in your face as you expire.

Includes executrix, extreme domination, hand over mouth

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10 minutes



Conference Toilet
Featuring Star Nine

You're too well trained now. What started as a punishment, a humiliation, has turned into a special treat.

I can't believe you left that presentation to follow me to the bathroom - do you have any idea how much money you've cost us?

You're on your knees begging for it, but I'm already mid-stream & you certainly don't deserve any special "treats". I can see you salivating as you hear my little pellets plop into the toilet.

Degenerate. You beg to eat from the bowl. You can't tell how furious I am. I stand and tease you with my dirty asshole. No you may not lick it clean. I would never allow you actual contact with my body.

I sit back down and stare at your little groveling shit pig face. I've devised a punishment . . .

Includes toilet slavery, extreme domination

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9 minutes



Breathplay Protocol
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

It's your first visit to the dungeon. To this dungeon. You've been all over the city looking for a woman to give you what you crave. Mistress Nyssa arches her eyebrow at your request. You know that breathplay is very dangerous. Most dungeons don't allow it. Nyssa consults with the dungeon owner, Goddess Star.

Star explains that it's something they usually allow only for dedicated slaves, never on a first visit. She taunts you, asking for the details of your fantasy. She supposes you'd like breathing holes cut in the plastic bag? You catch a glint in her eye as you say no. Star looks up and instructs Nyssa to grab her strongest duct tape.

Soon your fantasy is come true. Two Goddesses stand before you as you peer out at them, sucking the plastic in with each breath. They taunt and tease you as your face turns red, blue, purple. Would you like those air holes now? Would you like that duct tape cut off? You're unable to answer, unable to produce a sound with your airless lungs. Nyssa and Star laugh as you suffocate and expire.

Includes: executrix, smother, double domination, extreme domination

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15 minutes



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