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Catwoman's Gas Trap
Featuring Star Nine

you caught CatWoman, but now what are you going to do with Me? Are you going to lock me up and put me in jail? Silly boy! you chased me into your own Doom.

This is an air tight gas chamber which I am impervious to. Clapping gloved hands, I command the gas to begin. I bet you would love some of this oxygen tank and gas mask I am putting on. Do you want a taste of air? Just fucking kidding. Cat Woman doesn't share.

your lungs are burning and you can either do shallow breathing, which pulls the toxic gas deeper inside or you can try breath holding.

you tried to disrupt my Goddess lifestyle, and now you will suffer while I watch. Look into my green eyes as you expire.

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Includes executrix, super villain, breath control, gas mask, extreme domination

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10 minutes



Suck My...
Featuring Star Nine

you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you don't mind looking up at my nylon feet and pantyhose under pants. My leather gloves graze my shiny yoga pants. Is my blonde hair or pretty face distracting you? No, it's the pink toenails peeking through the tan stocking feet.

you need to be afraid because you interrupted and saw my face. you were getting hard before, but now you are really aroused by my power. Does terror turn you on? I'm not sure you're afraid enough and you need to beg me. Tell your Mistress how badly you want it.

I'm going to do a quick little cock grinding to make your member twitch and get harder. Use your mouth for blowjob sucking.

Show your deepthroating skills and the whites of your eyes while giving eye contact. you like deep throating metal? Don't get me too excited or something may go off by accident. There's no safety.

Unfortunately I don't have time for this so open up wide and my big green eyes are the last things you see.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, gun fetish, extreme domination

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6 minutes



Pound of Flesh
Featuring Star Nine

you are proud that you have laid a $100 bill at my feet? It's your last tribute because it is all you have left and you thought your Findom Mistress would be pleased?

Putting your last bill in my cleavage, I humiliate you for being a pathetic loser. you have given me everything of value and non-value after working like a slave for your Findom Goddess.

Are you tired of serving Me with your slave tasks? I have no use for broke slaves. you've destroyed our entire relationship because you have to pay me to be in my presence.

Standing, my long pantyhose legs give a cock tease as you look up helplessly. I sit down with crossed legs and berate your stupidity as you're fixated on my classic black pumps.

you wanted to show how broken and depraved you have become. There's no use begging unless you come with a pile of cash laid at my feet.

you destroyed yourself as a man and your financial security, all because I snapped my long fingernails. you have no value and are worthless because I'm a skilled manipulatrix.

you are selfish in having no responsibilities or attachments. There is one final way to contribute and fill your craving for nothingness.

I make a phone call and an associate will give a medical examination, snout to tail like livestock, and we sell your organs. your balls are worth more detached from your body, but we also can use lungs, heart, etc. The butcher will write me a check after you give your entire body to me and then you get to check out of this world.

A Goddess sacrifice is romantic because you will never live a day without me. If your desire to serve is strong enough you can be my slave outside this reality. Remember me as my black high heels saunter away forever.

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Includes executrix, financial domination, femdom pov, goddess worship, extreme domination

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19 minutes



Grand Grimoire: A Triology of Twisted Tales
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

These are a series of vignettes.

Commissioner Ashley Lane is a formidable force as she enters in her white blouse and tight pants. Her red lips are yelling into the phone and her aviator sunglasses hide the anger in her blue eyes. Her twin sister was demoted and the captive "Ghost" is being processed on a lesser charge.

She hangs up and answers the knock at the front door only to find a box with a necklace and a note, "whatever you desire shall be yours". Confused, she looks at the pendant and is immediately dizzy from the self induction and entranced in a deep sleep.

Later, Ashley's tight ass is showcased in a microkini as she talks about tactical training. Her recruit, Star Nine, is in a military stance with her arms behind her back. The low slung pants and crop top expose her flat belly, revealing her lean body made for fighting.

Ashley's in a karate stance and encourages Star to attack. When given the green light, Star starts stomach punching, causing Ashley to start ass jiggling with each impact and causing erotic moans. The belly punches drill her tight stomach and she bends over with gasps.

Removing her hat and shaking her long hair, Ashley tries to take all of the ab punches despite her exposed tits and gasping for air. Star uses both fists when aiming for her belly button. It appears that this combat expert likes getting a belly beat down and having her breath control in the hands of someone else.

The butt jiggling from each stomach jabbing stops when she falls to the floor in pain, but Star climbs on top for more belly punching. Drool falls out of Ashley's crimson lips and into her flowing hair until she's knocked out from the bare-fisted fighting.

Montage 2 - Ashley's in bed with her hair in a towel, micro bikini and a silky robe while talking to her lover. They pulled off the murder of her late husband, but they don't realize that he had a contingency plan to take her out if he died of mysterious causes. She's cocky that nobody would suspect the police Commissioner to be an executrixxx and hangs up to masturbate. Wearing her favorite strap-on, she puts on headphones and starts tit grabbing and cock stroking.

She doesn't hear the click clack of Star's black high heels, or the red ribbon that she uses as a garrote around Ashley's slender neck. The breath games are slow and sexy as Ashley writhes and gyrates. At first it appears that she's fighting her attacker, but she's actually assisting in her own demise. Her hands grasp the choking ribbon and over Star's hands. Star is groping her prey while she chokes Ashley and loves when a wardrobe malfunction reveals Ashley's perky tits.

Ashley struggles to be on top but still has the ribbon around her neck as she reaches for her gun, but pushes it out of reach. Star inserts a poisonous syringe in her round ass and the coroner will suspect it to be a heart attack. Ashley's movements slow down until she's limp on her executioner.

Star repositions her conquest face down for some ass grabbing. Giving an ass kissing and ass smacking before leaving, she laments that it's too bad she was a dirty cop!

Montage 3 - Ashley is an undercover agent posing as a stripper in a cop costume trying to take down Kingpin who has the Mayor in her pocket. Star is a mid level dealer and Ashley is trying to interrogate information by using a sexy lap dance. This striptease would be more fun with party favors and Star asks for something in return. French kissing, Ashley is pleased when Star pulls out a small plastic bag, but tries to deflect when Star confronts her as Officer. It's just a police costume.

Star says she looks like the Commissioner and stands to reveal her big strap-on. Ashley doesn't miss a beat and presses her gun against the dildo shaft, threatening to blow off her dick. Star's hair pulling Ashley's ponytail and says that she's in control despite the weapon. A needle in the ass relaxes the undercover cop's throat as Star shoves a rose down her mouth. Ashley's eyes widen as she's deepthroating the thorny plant and her gun lowers as she gags on the stem until Star removes the offending phallic plant. Down on her knees, she's face to face with the dildo and gives a blow job in her humiliated state.

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Includes lesbian domination, belly punching, peril, sensual domination, extreme domination

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18 minutes



Melody Mark's Lethal Injection
Featuring Melody Marks & Star Nine

Melody Marks waits for the elevator and chats on the phone with her coworker Ashley Lane. She's had a long day and can't wait to strip off her tight skirt, button down blouse, nude pantyhose, and closed toed pumps.

She gasps when she hears a crash and runs off only to awaken in chair bondage next to Dr. Star Nine in her laboratory. Panicing and struggling in her rope binds, she assumes it is a prank show and fear becomes anger.

The doctor asks Melody to recount what happened. Melody remembers seeing a trembling girl soaked in green goo, then getting grabbed and chloroformed after she ran away.

Star explains that the building is overrun by creatures that feed off fear, female orgasms and death. These gremlins were raping the girl with finger fucking and giving her imposed orgasms before the elevator turned into a gas chamber. She would slowly suffocate with their green cum all over her but it crashed before they finished.

Star plays a video of Melody's friend, Ashley choking to death. Melody's horrified and crying to see Ashley slowly suffocating and offers to die in her place.

Grabbing a vibrating wand, the scientist masturbates and encourages Melody to watch her dying friend. A verbal step by step breakdown of the painful torture edges Star closer to cumming and she cums when Ashley dies.

Melody begs for mercy and Star Nine gropes her helpless body while telling her that the building is in lockdown. The monsters are attacking women and giving imposed orgasms. Besides the creatures raping women and killing women, Melody should worry about the IV in her arm. It's a lethal injection that maximizes suffering if she climaxes.

Melody insists she has pussy control and won't cum, but Star injects an aphrodisiac and unbuttons her blouse revealing her perky tits.

Star removes her prey's eye glasses and Melody feels the drug hitting her system as Star's fondling her perfect breasts. Grabbing the electric massager and pushing it against Melody's clit, Star gives her a bound orgasm, while explaining the death process. Every nerve in her body will be screaming and her organs will shut down.

This damsel screams and cries as the poison hits her and she cums hard in her ropes. The mad scientst gets off on this innocent girl dying and she did nothing to deserve it.

As Melody is burning inside her skin, Star orgasms as Melody's twitches, perishes and goes limp. During her struggle, one shoe falls off of her pantyhose foot and she lies still with a glassy stare.

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Includes necro fetish, damsel in distress, lesbian domination, bound orgasms, made to cum

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24 minutes



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